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  1. since your using it for run and gun go for light weight parts... you'll end up switching them out in the end. lol
  2. For some odd reason im faster with a milspec 90 than any other <90 safety. Probably because thats what im use to.
  3. technically you should be up to date on the ATF's "rulings". Don't spread misinformation. Be informed.
  4. USPSA should allow pistol braces. I do not see a reason why not. Also paying 200 bucks to the government sucks.
  5. Ive been watching Max on IG and looks like hes trying to catch the HOA with pcc.
  6. Ive been doing doubles drill at 25 and can get 2 alpha as fast as I can pull the trigger. But I find I can not do that when actually shooting a stage. Probably has something to do with pulling the gun into my shoulder in the bay something I tend to forget when on the clock.
  7. Are there any scopes out there with a true red dot level 1x on a 1-6, 1-4 or 1-8 scope? I shot a match yesterday using a primary arms 1-6 sfp the old ones and I really noticed that slight magnification especially when shooting with both eyes open.
  8. I accidentally made some 110 pf load using 4.2 gr of tg under a eggleston 98. Went bang and cycled the action for the whole 50 rounds I made.
  9. I had the same issue and I did have to cut one coil of the spring to get 40 rounds.
  10. On the shroud. I could either cut the ports right next to the end of the actual barrel or at the end of the comp like the "new" jp..... just an idea.
  11. im gonna add some ports to my ULW (because no one will buy it lol) and see if I notice a difference...
  12. maple leaf firearms did mine for 25 bucks. came out great! fast too
  13. FYI 3d printed stuff isnt like a solid piece of aluminum. Internally imagine it has a honey combish structure so sanding may not be the best option.
  14. probably will have to design something from the ground up major PITA, but kinda fun depending on the way you see it. Made one for my palmetto lower took 4 tries to get it right.
  15. ANyone know where I can buy an extra ejector
  16. I was going to turn my BA barrel down as well but I might just stick with ULW. Not sure what I want to do.
  17. I wanna know too. With certain loads, buffer and extra weight seems goood to me... could allways be better though. Working on a mlok weight to add some weight.
  18. I wondered that too but I never found it to be an issue
  19. federal champion the stuff that comes in red boxes at walmart I shot around 4k without ammo issues. Also the softest shooting in my pcc of all factory bulk i tested.
  20. I shot maybe 5k ish without many malfunctions maybe 3 fte
  21. Really? I never noticed I allways go cheap on the lower care to explain? sounds sarcastic but im actually curious
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