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  1. blindmarksman

    Scammers on Armslist

    Had another one this morning while looking for a czechmate. He had pictures and everything but when I tried to get him to call me he's suddenly deaf and can't speak on the phone. As soon as I called him out he deleted the post and no response. Forever sticking to Brian Enos classifieds.
  2. blindmarksman

    Pine Tar

    Anyone use pine tar? I use chalk (pro grip) but was thinking about adding something else would help even more.
  3. blindmarksman

    9 Major: Reloading vs Buying Ammo

    Given the high PF needed to run open guns how many of you reload versus buying ammo from a manufacturer (i.e. Atlanta Arms). When talking to people in local matches basically everyone reloads their own due to high costs. Just curious what you all do, especially fellow 9mm major guys. I used the search but most of the threads were from before 2012 before a lot of companies even offered major power factor rounds.
  4. blindmarksman

    9 major or 38 super comp for open?

    try ammoseek. some places sell it for $0.02/round cleaned and processed
  5. blindmarksman

    Improving reloads...

    thanks I often forget people actually care about those
  6. blindmarksman

    Glock 35 Feed Problem

    recently had the same problem with my 24. I was using blue bullets also thanks for clearing it up
  7. blindmarksman

    Glock to CZ back to Glock!!!!!

    I knew someone would take the bait... I love glocks. people say that all the time but then coley comes through every time
  8. blindmarksman

    Buzzer dumb...

    absolutely true. took a class with JJ and he explained it all
  9. blindmarksman

    Halo Neuroscience?

    my tin foil hat works just as well
  10. blindmarksman

    Another dry fire tool!

    these are cool thanks man. perfect for my garage
  11. blindmarksman

    Pulling the trigger faster

    you can only shoot as fast as your front sight or in your case your dot. as soon as it falls onto the target again pull the trigger. better recoil control (tighter grip) will get you on target faster therefore allowing you to shoot faster. trying to time your second shot without watching your sights is only good for under 10 yds
  12. blindmarksman

    No more gun magazines at Kroger

    lmao I didn't know kroger sold magazines
  13. blindmarksman

    Ex wife

  14. blindmarksman

    I dont shoot comptition, but is it true?

    I've shot both. all I took from it is uspsa is a lot more fun
  15. blindmarksman

    G19 graduated to a G34, Striker question

    did you actually notice a difference from the stock striker?