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  1. SRO is king no doubt there. absolutely love mine but saw a bunch of Max's too
  2. I've found the same thing as the guy above. weird but mine have lasted 3 years on a slide ride
  3. I guess you could say I'm in the industry and primers are the only thing we worry about too. The Fiocchi plant was shut down in Italy which makes primers for just about everyone.
  4. Sorry but I just don't get picking up 9mm brass. Sure you save money on reloads but think of how much time you need to invest picking it up, cleaning it, and processing it. Then you run the risk of cracked cases etc. Just not worth it in my opinion especially since I have so little time already that I can dedicate to practice itself. But I guess it is cool to brag on the internet about how much cheaper your ammo is.
  5. I've been rocking fancy brass co's 147gr 9mm subsonics. comes in at 130pf and damn it feels light. only stuff I shoot now. I've gone through 20k in my g17 without a single ammo related malfunction.
  6. I'm a match director and if you withdraw we're usually fine with it. There's always no shows it's just how it is no worries
  7. March and April are cancelled in st. augustine fl. bummer
  8. Had another one this morning while looking for a czechmate. He had pictures and everything but when I tried to get him to call me he's suddenly deaf and can't speak on the phone. As soon as I called him out he deleted the post and no response. Forever sticking to Brian Enos classifieds.
  9. thanks I often forget people actually care about those
  10. I knew someone would take the bait... I love glocks. people say that all the time but then coley comes through every time
  11. these are cool thanks man. perfect for my garage
  12. you can only shoot as fast as your front sight or in your case your dot. as soon as it falls onto the target again pull the trigger. better recoil control (tighter grip) will get you on target faster therefore allowing you to shoot faster. trying to time your second shot without watching your sights is only good for under 10 yds
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