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  1. I have handled the SSI grip and it is definitely good for big hands. The biggest thing that kept me out of the X5 was the small grip. The SSI grip made me a convert back to the X5.
  2. B585


    Do the doubles drill and Kim’s measurement drill and then correct accordingly would be my suggestion in my non-expert opinion. Maybe you are actively pushing the gun down because you used to have to do that with a non-compensated gun?
  3. Mine did too. They did have me send my entire gun in. Dropped it off at 5:50 PM on a Friday and by late day Monday I already had a tracking # for its ride back home. I couldn’t have asked for any better service!!!!
  4. Isn’t seated depth being consistent rather the OAL being consistent what we really want. That will give the most accurate ammo and the least variation in velocity, correct? I don’t reload for precession rifle, but that’s always the impression I got from guys who do. It seems they go to great lengths to figure out the seated depth. In any case, I love the Redding Comp seating die. I tried a few different ones and this has worked the best for me. I have reloaded about 10k rounds of .40 and about 15k rounds of 9mm, all of which were coated bullets and never had an issue. I recently have been changing my OAL as I have switched guns and found it to be very consistent. I won’t use any other seating die. Just my 2 cents.
  5. B585

    Reloading question

    I forgot to mention that I am shooting 125 RN.
  6. B585

    Reloading question

    My Legion with the LCI had 2 malfunctions and they were with my shorter 1.125. I had made loads of 0.005 increments from 1.125 to 1.145. I had no other malfunctions. This was the first 100 rounds through the gun so this may have been a coincidence. Like you, I sent mine back for a new barrel after the first 100 rounds.
  7. That didn’t require any fitting, right?
  8. Thanks. That’s what I shoot so glad to hear it.
  9. Interesting. You aren’t the first to comment that the Legion’s out of the box accuracy is a little disappointing. Has anyone checked the accuracy of the non-LCI factory barrel. If so, please note the bullets used during testing. Thanks
  10. B585

    P320 X5 Thread

    Ok, thanks. Will do.
  11. B585

    P320 X5 Thread

    Is that because the sights are dropping below the original POA or just the extra weight up front, extra weight slowing transitions. I ask only because I was planning to switch to a tungsten GR
  12. B585

    P320 X5 Thread

    That’s not too surprising. Unless you are the very best thing n the sport (disclaimer: I am not), you got to get used to gun before you are going to see improvement. To me, doubles drills and quicker splits on medium to far range distances is where you would most likely see improvement assuming you already have decent recoil control. You may have to alter your grip/tension to take advantage of the flatter recoil. Then you have to get used to shooting quicker. That’s my 2 cents having just changed platforms (there wasn’t an immediate improvement but rather the more I figured out to best handle the gun and visualized a flatter shooting gun, the better I have started to shoot it).
  13. B585

    Romeo 1 Pro

    Has anyone weighed one of these? If so, please share as I can’t find the weight of this listed on Sig’s website.
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