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  1. B585

    Atlas Gun Works Titan

    Agreed, but at least so far, this discussion appears to be fair and without agendas.
  2. Thanks for the video. I thought it was really good.
  3. B585

    Eye exercises (Y. Lee)

    It was kinda funny. I had not heard that specific podcast when I posted the previous info. I thought you were referring to a previous interview where Yong mentioned eye exercises in much less detail. In any case, good luck
  4. B585

    P320 X5 Thread

    Did those come from an X5.
  5. B585

    Stock ll slide lightening

    OP, FYI I weighed my Stock II on a certified scale with 1 stock grip on the right and carbided slide grip on left, no front sight, Springer adapter for RDS, CZ plastic guide rod, Vortex Venom, and Henning basepad and it was 44.8 ounces.
  6. B585

    Carry Optics Thread

    Thank you. I was reading this on my phone and I think I just got confused on what division I was looking at.
  7. B585

    Carry Optics Thread

    If I am reading the rules correctly, you have to use the factory mag release. Can you put grip tape on the mag release? If so, are there any regulations on how thick the grip tape can be (I.e. could you use 2 or 3 layers)?
  8. B585

    Don't be prideful about glasses

    Make sure you practice awkward stances and ports along with transitions. You hit the nail on the head, you will have to learn to move your head and eyes differently than you did before.
  9. B585

    problem adjusting to red dot

    This^^^^ Focus on the target, not the dot. When the dot gets where you eyes are looking, make a good trigger press. Observe the dot, don’t focus on it. For a detailed explanation listen to the Firearms Nation podcast with Yong Lee (there are more than one episodes). Don’t be a “front sight focused” with the dot. Finally, understand that you will have to learn to shoot a dot just like you learned to shoot irons. IMO it can teach you a lot if you pay attention.
  10. B585

    Eye exercises (Y. Lee)

    If you are referring to saccades (changing focus from one target to the next)), it is complex. Unless you have significant issues with saccades, you may not get a bid bang for the buck, but it never hurts to try. You can start with pasting small targets on the wall (pasters work well) and force yourself to focus one one paster then the next and then the next. Change directions and height. See if you have any problems with any direction. If so, work on that direction. Once you can do that on demand start slowly incorporating shooting activities. First, no gun and moving your body (Preferably with your legs), then add a gun and aim, then add the trigger press. Determine which step gives you the most trouble and work on that till it is not a problem. For most people, the eye movements part is not what causes the problem, but rather incorporating all the activities required. For all of them, the more subconscious they are, the more efficient they will be. If you do find that the eye movements part alone gives you a lot of problems, the following is a pretty decent set of.exercises that are free. The first few are more related to shooting . http://eyecanlearn.com/tracking/saccades/
  11. B585

    Eye exercises (Y. Lee)

    One other food for thought, Ben has gone to primarily target focus because it’s faster.... and he is young enough that he doesn’t have to do it. He actually said that he feels he can call his shots better now with the target focus . Again, my posts may have sounded harsh, but my goal is to see work on things that can actually be improved and trying to change your ability to focus from target the sight without an optical device is not possible for someone who is 67. Transitions, learning what kind of sight picture is required for varying difficulty shots as well as calling shots are things that can be improved at your age. If you have questions about optical options, let me know.
  12. B585

    Eye exercises (Y. Lee)

    I hate to be a the voice of gloom, but if you are looking for exercises to improve your eye’s ability to change focus, they don’t exist for someone who is 67. Yong is 55 and also has said he hasn’t seen his front sightclearly for over a decade. The good news is you can improve your ability to perceive what is happening and you can improve your saccades (quick eye movements from one target to the next). Again, you can’t improve your eyes ability to be in focus at a distance target and then on the front sight without some form of optical aid (multifocal lenses, mono vision, etc). You can practice getting the target and then the front sightin focus with whichever optical aid you chose. Also Mr.Lee shoots with a target focus and has an excellent index so he doesn’t have to get the front sight in focus. If you understand your physical limitations, you have a better chance at being able to do eye “exercises “ that may improve your shooting. For clarification, Calling shots is a perception which can be learned. There are some computer programs that are primarily designed with perception problems that can help to some degree but they aren’t cheap. A red dot helps a lot of people learn to call shots and the beauty of it is that you conscience mind is in the same state as when you are shooting irons.
  13. B585

    P320 X5 Thread

    Thanks for the clarification.
  14. B585

    P320 X5 Thread

    That’s exactly what I thought. I asked him again if he was certain and he yes, but I still will only believe it when I see it. Do you know the exact name/model of the X5 with a larger grip than the standard X5?
  15. B585

    P320 X5 Thread

    I was at the gun shop today and asked if they had any of these in stock. I was told that Sig is discontinuing the X5. Can you elaborate on what you were referring to and what does the exact model is called?