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  1. B585

    p320 slide slack

    He has always responded very quickly to my questions. Mr Burke has done work for me twice and both experiences were great.
  2. B585

    p320 slide slack

    The Sig Armorer does that I am pretty sure.
  3. TLR 7 works on mine. If you want to picture call Ma p.m. May your cell or email and I will send you one because I can’t get the picture to upload
  4. 2 seasons with a Legion and zero malfunctions of any type. All brands can have issues….for me 2 Legions and 100% reliability. Obviously YMMV
  5. By adding silicon carbide and grip tape I got it close but an add-on would have really been nice
  6. I feel the same way. I would love to see one
  7. I tried to send you a PM, but I am not sure if went through. Send me a PM if you didn’t get it.
  8. The one thing there is you don’t learn how to cut corners and learn what you can get away with. I would definitely want to doubles/practical accuracy at the minimum. YMMV
  9. Agreed, my Legion is reasonably accurate but not as much as my X5
  10. “Should be okay”... I think those have been more than one person’s last words With your experience you will be fine and I suspect quite happy with your decision. Good luck
  11. Great article. It was spot on and something that I am working on right now.
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