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  1. coordinator

    HK P7M8 holster maker?

    When I had mine, with a kydex holster, retention was not a strong suit due to the pistols design. Milt Sparks makes a Versa Max for the P7M8, I would lean more towards that if I were to acquire another P7M8 or P7M13. Just my experience and observations with it. It did tend to run hot with extended strings of fire. However, they sure are nice pistols.
  2. coordinator


    Darn Tough socks, and they come with a lifetime guarantee. I've got one pair I've been trying to wear out for 4 years now so I can take them up on their warranty, they just will not wear out.
  3. coordinator

    Carpal Tunnel and shooting

    Well guys, had the left hand and wrist done last Thursday. It did not cause as much discomfort as I'd envisioned. I was, incorrectly, comparing it to back surgery and knee replacement as to expectations of post-op pain. It has been no where near those two for the pain after surgery. I'm a plumber/pipe fitter by trade. I'm going back to work on Monday and am going to get the right side done in two weeks. It doesn't burn anymore and just a miniscule amount of numbness remaining. Pain level is a 2 out of 10. I'm very pleased with the results. I'm using my left hand to help type this. Thank you to all who took the time to offer counsel. Regards, Wade
  4. coordinator

    Carpal Tunnel and shooting

    Grumpy One, thank you for your counsel. I'm going to pursue treatment, the burning wakes me up at night. jkrispies, thank you for your advice into the importance of therapy follow up. Gentlemen, thank you.
  5. coordinator

    Carpal Tunnel and shooting

    I too am experiencing this. Is there any chance it will just go away?
  6. coordinator

    Military vs. Commercial Brass

    I have found CCI primers to have some radius at the top, where it seats into the primer pocket. My experience is that this radius helps ease the primers into military brass. In addition, I have a Dillon depriming tool mounted on the reloading bench for those occasional pieces of brass, with a crimp, that slip through.
  7. coordinator

    Case head separation/stuck case

    I learned additional ways of removing a separated case, from the additional posts, thank you gentlemen.
  8. coordinator

    Case head separation/stuck case

    Brownell's makes broken shell extractors for rifle calibers. Perhaps they make them for pistol calibers too.
  9. coordinator

    650 primer advance

    I've had the tab on the primer indexing arm bend, and would not engage the rotary primer disk. I just bent the tab back down. Just another remedy to file away for future reference.
  10. coordinator

    Here’s a few printable dryfire targets

    Very nice, indeed. Thank you.
  11. Yes, thank you 38superman. That is a very informative article.
  12. coordinator

    Why are handguards so expensive?

    "...because prime rail estate is always desirable and is guaranteed to appreciate." Nicely played.
  13. coordinator

    Belt for daily carry

    Milt Sparks makes a very nice belt.
  14. coordinator

    Springfield Single Stack.... in the wild

    Nice pistol and cut under the trigger guard. Enjoy.