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  1. Airsoft is an awesome way to simulate recoil for your 2 shot strings when doing dryfire around your house. It can help you work on sight/target/soft focus as well as trigger, etc. Just saw the cool fire barrels that were released earlier this year. check them out as well.
  2. All awesome posts! I think you have to find your "Red line" to know what your %100 feels like. Then work in your 80 to 90 range until you increase your 100%. Then your 110 becomes your 100 and it just keeps going. If all those numbers make sense.
  3. Awesome advice and videos! Keep them coming.
  4. Welcome! I am sure you will find all you need and more information on here. Good luck!
  5. Correct. I found it out the hard way. I took it to a local armorer and he helped me measure it and contact Dawson.
  6. Welcome to the party! I am sure you will find and be able to get all the info you're looking for. Good luck!
  7. Does anybody know off hand if the STI Dawson front sights will fit the Pantera? Front sight seemed to just break so I am trying to figure out a replacement strategy but want to make sure so I can go ahead and order 2 to keep a spare on hand. I figured it would because it is pretty much an STI clone but was just wondering. Dawson didn't give me a clear answer. Thanks in advance.
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