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  1. I really didn't notice it when I would reference the sight. I shoot target focus up to about 20-25 yards so I just index the gun and reference the sight if need be. It really stuck out to me in live fire verification but I may just be overthinking it. I can tell when I establish my grip, the gun feels thin in my hands compared to my 2011 and my thumb is able to ride the safety lever pretty well. I will just try to figure it out and then try some LOK grips if the problem persists. They appear to add a little "girth" to the grip so well see what happens. I don't appear to be overgripping with my support hand so I am eliminating that problem. Who knows. There is never an end to this nonsense.
  2. They appear to be EGD, black and look really thin to me. I may be overthinking it a bunch but I just noticed that it was very consistent to the right hand side of the "A" & "C" zone. I didn't notice anything off with my grip, support hand, strong hand, etc. I was pushing speed and would notice the front sight over to the right when I would verify on the gun. I shoot target focus most of the time but it was bugging me because the group was to the right on both targets. I will try working on my index in dry fire to see if that helps. Not sure what the heck else to do at this point.
  3. Weird question but I want to try to get some help resolving this issue ASAP. I recently switched over to run Production this coming year. Going from a 2011 setup to a Tanfoglio Stock 2. I have been dry firing and working with it for about a month. Haven't had much time for live fire until today. I immediately noticed that my shots at 15 yards at speed seem to ride the A/C section to the right when pushing hard with a timer. I cleared out and went to some dry fire and notice that the gun is aimed to the right when I draw out every time. The gun seems to feel a little smaller in my hands so I am wondering if maybe a larger set of grips may help it. I guess my options are: 1. Adjust sights. 2. Relearn the new index. 3. Try some different size grips. It just seems that no matter how fast or slow I push, my grip consistency on the gun orients the gun in the same direction. Anybody have any thoughts or advice? I am sure this is going to be a battle considering I have thousands of draws with my previous platform but any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Rob.
  4. No real preference. I am looking either picking up one from BSPS that is ready to go with the boss hanger or picking up one from Red Hill and mounting on the BOSS. No real preference other than color choice. Does looking awesome and color coordinating add marksmanship points or anything extra?
  5. Lots of awesome responses from various viewpoints. I try to not dwell on things when they happen during the match itself. Try to get good videos as much as possible. Especially during dry fire or practice on the range. Look at your performance/movements/draws, etc. Then dissect it and figure out what priorities you need to focus on. Break everything up into chunks and work on them until they are stored into your subconscious and can happen without much thought or effort. Then move onto the next item. I think we then tend to focus on the easy stuff and not want to actually figure out what help we need and where to focus our training. You will be able to see where negative time exists then work to diminish that amount of time. Identify the dwell time and work to diminish it. When we are not shooting, we are losing points. So just work on moving as fast as humanly possible through a course of fire while shooting all alphas Sounds simple right. But seriously, breaking things down and becoming proficient in micro tasks will help you work to become faster overall. Shoot me a PM if you have any questions or need anything.
  6. Planning on switching to Production from Limited in a few months. Already picked up a Stock II ready to run with mags, etc. Just started looking into belts, holsters, etc. Anybody have any input if it is better to go with RHT, Stoeger Pro Shop, build a holster, or what? The possibilities seem endless and everywhere. I was pricing them out and it looks to be comparable to pick up a RHT and add parts or just get a BOSS one on Stoeger and go from there. Any input? Possible setups that people may be looking to sell? Any input/advice is appreciated.
  7. Welcome and you are correct. Any and all necessary information is either on here or there is someone that can answer any of your questions. Good luck in your future endeavors!
  8. Welcome to the forum and gang! Plenty of info on here for anything you can possibly need. Good luck in your conquests!
  9. Other than the front sight issue, it has ran awesome! Considering it's an entry level 2011. It's that or drop 3 or 4K on a custom gun. I have done a trigger job (triangle shooting sports), stippling job, wide safety, *thumb rest [generic]* and large mag button. I also added the manny dot which is awesome. If I stick it out in limited, I may eventually add a 9mm version just to have. Put I am debating switching to production next year so i guess well see.
  10. What is this saving money voodoo that you speak of? I used to think that owning a Jeep meant emptying pockets. Sheesh!
  11. Awesome work! Pick one thing and work on it then move on to the next. I would start with the basics. Then let all the other stuff start compiling on top of your skills list. Just shoot as many alphas as fast as humanly possibly without getting dq'ed. Simple.
  12. Going to give a Brazos front sight a shot and see how it holds up. The Pantera is a great gun I just hope I can get this front sight thing nailed. Ill keep all posted.
  13. That makes sense and I will probably do the same. The 2.0 is just more fun to shoot than other guns. It seems to shoot great stock. I will definitely use it for LE type matches.
  14. Awesome post! I do enjoy shooting the 2.0 in certain disciplines (TPC, LE Matches, etc.) I will most likely stick with it for those circumstances. But, of course, as the next day there is a race ready TANFO for sale that is set up for production and of course there I go. But I do know that it will be a good gun to shoot to get me above my current level. My initial classification with 4 stages in production was about 70% or so with the 2.0. I guess it can only go up from there. Either way, i appreciate the advice and I will keep up on here and take all that I can get.
  15. Looking for some input from the masses. I started shooting Limited Major with a PRO with an Apex and magwell added before switching over to a 2011 setup. I am wanting to get into production and was kicking around the idea of running my 2.0. Does that seem like a logical idea or would I be better off going with a metal gun CZ/Tanfo, etc. I know the metal gun makes a difference when it comes to getting back on target faster, etc. Any input is appreciated.
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