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  1. HA. Similar experience. Lesson well learned. I bought some match ammo from Freedom for a 3-gun match and decided to switch to it the morning the match started. Rounds were too long for my pistol barrel and it became a single shot disaster stage. I immediately got my daughter to run grab my duty ammo from my car and switched it out. Needless to say, I will never do that again. I guess matches are not the place to test ammo and gear. SMH. Lesson learned!
  2. Excellent observations. And yes, I ask myself that all the time. "Wait, I ask for this!" This sport is the most gratifying and frustrating sport but it is still an awesome hobby. Great job!
  3. Welcome! Congrats on your first match. Keep at it. This is definitely a place to gather information on just about anything. Good luck!
  4. I am not master blaster, but it looks like you have a multiple step draw. 1 hand goes to gun, 2 hands come together, 3 gun comes up. get yourself a shot timer and work on your reaction time. just use the beep with no pars at first. work on getting your hands in place simultaneously. your strong hand should immediately mount the gun, your support hand should also be moving into position to meet the other hand. once the hands come together, then establish grip as the hands/gun move up into position with the sights aligned to break the shot as soon as you have an acceptable sight picture. if that
  5. Primary competition gun: Tanfo Stock 2. Started with an M&P pro in .40. Main carry gun is a Shield for now. Looking at some others but I am super happy with it.
  6. I do load my ammo. 147's, 130PF, CCI is usually what I use.
  7. New'ish to the forum in theory. I purchased a used Stock 2 that was production ready off Enos. I am not too sure what springs are in there but I believe that Bodkin did the internals. I am in the offseason for a month and was wondering what needs to be changed out to give it a tune up or refresh it for the upcoming season. As far as springs, #'s, etc. I am good with the gunsmithing but was just wondering if anyone has any leads on websites, information, etc. Any help is appreciated.
  8. I really didn't notice it when I would reference the sight. I shoot target focus up to about 20-25 yards so I just index the gun and reference the sight if need be. It really stuck out to me in live fire verification but I may just be overthinking it. I can tell when I establish my grip, the gun feels thin in my hands compared to my 2011 and my thumb is able to ride the safety lever pretty well. I will just try to figure it out and then try some LOK grips if the problem persists. They appear to add a little "girth" to the grip so well see what happens. I don't appear to be overgrip
  9. They appear to be EGD, black and look really thin to me. I may be overthinking it a bunch but I just noticed that it was very consistent to the right hand side of the "A" & "C" zone. I didn't notice anything off with my grip, support hand, strong hand, etc. I was pushing speed and would notice the front sight over to the right when I would verify on the gun. I shoot target focus most of the time but it was bugging me because the group was to the right on both targets. I will try working on my index in dry fire to see if that helps. Not sure what the heck else to do at this point.
  10. Weird question but I want to try to get some help resolving this issue ASAP. I recently switched over to run Production this coming year. Going from a 2011 setup to a Tanfoglio Stock 2. I have been dry firing and working with it for about a month. Haven't had much time for live fire until today. I immediately noticed that my shots at 15 yards at speed seem to ride the A/C section to the right when pushing hard with a timer. I cleared out and went to some dry fire and notice that the gun is aimed to the right when I draw out every time. The gun seems to feel a little smaller in my h
  11. No real preference. I am looking either picking up one from BSPS that is ready to go with the boss hanger or picking up one from Red Hill and mounting on the BOSS. No real preference other than color choice. Does looking awesome and color coordinating add marksmanship points or anything extra?
  12. Lots of awesome responses from various viewpoints. I try to not dwell on things when they happen during the match itself. Try to get good videos as much as possible. Especially during dry fire or practice on the range. Look at your performance/movements/draws, etc. Then dissect it and figure out what priorities you need to focus on. Break everything up into chunks and work on them until they are stored into your subconscious and can happen without much thought or effort. Then move onto the next item. I think we then tend to focus on the easy stuff and not want to actually figure out what help
  13. Planning on switching to Production from Limited in a few months. Already picked up a Stock II ready to run with mags, etc. Just started looking into belts, holsters, etc. Anybody have any input if it is better to go with RHT, Stoeger Pro Shop, build a holster, or what? The possibilities seem endless and everywhere. I was pricing them out and it looks to be comparable to pick up a RHT and add parts or just get a BOSS one on Stoeger and go from there. Any input? Possible setups that people may be looking to sell? Any input/advice is appreciated.
  14. Welcome and you are correct. Any and all necessary information is either on here or there is someone that can answer any of your questions. Good luck in your future endeavors!
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