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  1. I have 9 ghost mag pouches in the classifieds right now. That’ll help you with the class
  2. Got a question. So everyone shooting dot guns should always have a back up gun and or back up Dot. So lets say you’re “the shooter”. Make ready and your dot dies. Go to the safety table and swap out your dot. Here’s my Question. When this happens how do you confirm your zero after changing the dot? Are you allowed to zero your gun accompanied with a RO or MD. This is my first season shooting a dot gun.
  3. If I find one I’ll let you know. check out tacswap.com. That’s where I got all my dpp
  4. What are you looking for 2.5 or the triangle
  5. I currently have 3 DPP bought them all use $250 $260 $300 i have about 3k on one it’s been good. When I don’t use it I leave the battery lid open. Idk if that has anything to do with it. But yeah gotta have back ups SRO I’m going to wait maybe a year cause of all the kinks they need to work out. With a price of a new SRO you can get 2 DPP used and just ship it back to Leupold it lifetime warranty who cares. Have 3 and you’ll have a good cycle 2 on a gun and one at or coming back from Leupold
  6. Man that sucks, i know the feeling, I bought a gun with a rmr on it guy used red loctite. Ended up stripping the Allen so I had to drill out a bigger hole tap a torx bit into it to remove it.
  7. Why does the sro look so banged up? Im not a guy that keeps my gear all clean and etc. but that thing like like it’s been tested by sage dynamic
  8. Do you guys have one for sale cz75BULLSHADOW optic ready? I’m ready to buy
  9. Gotcha I might be getting another slide from primary for a back up. All good I’ll catch my self slacking on the grip with my support hand at times.
  10. I’m sure it shouldn’t be a problem
  11. I have a 11lb yellow spring from Cajun shooting bunny farts 147gr and it’s a little snaippier but not much I do have the rubber bushings on the recoil rod I don’t know if that really does help but it was in there when I bought it just never removed it yet. i would say just get some grips with good traction like light weight palm swells. Also the best investment some captain of crush grippers the 100lb “trainer” is a good one to start. Work negatives.
  12. I have no idea. my I have a urban gray model and would like to get it coated to black
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