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  1. Hey guys, did some shooting today and notice the take down lever is loose like I can almost push it out to one side. wondering if anyone has ran into this and is there some parts I may need to order to fix this issue.
  2. Failed! got my dpp back and it’s the same old circuit board. oh well.
  3. Got email Wednesday from Leupold saying it’ll take 18 days. today I already got tracking number sight has been shipped
  4. Just got a email from luepold about my dpp. It’s going to take 18 days. They received it on July 8th. hope I get the new board
  5. I gotta find me some new hardware. Picked up some vibra tite
  6. Just wanted to share maybe it’ll be helpful for some people that shoot dots. I figured this out a few years ago when my RMR screws on my Glock got stripped. (Note: I bought this as is) 1. Pretty much carefully drill it slightly. 2. Find a torx bit that is a bit oversize from the hole you drilled. 3. Slightly hammer the bit into it. 4. Remove with 1/4” ratchet for best leverage.
  7. This is concerning. I’ll be getting my p10f tomorrow and I mainly load 147 flat nose. ill have to see how long or short I need to load them. Really don’t want to mess with my dies and load different loads of 9mm every time.
  8. My dpp are 2.5 never had a issue picking up the dot. Just ordered a sro 2.5 so we’ll see
  9. I just might I have 3 with 2.5 dot might sell one to try out the sro
  10. I just sent a dpp back to Leupold for repair. im curious to see if I’ll get the new circuit board when I get it back.
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