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  1. Hey guys wanted to see which red dots share the same mounting bolt patterns. Especially the luepold delta point. Found some on some forums that they share with the vortex but can’t confirm.
  2. My tan trigger is so light I got dq once cause if it lol.
  3. It’s different for sure, faster tracking. I was running the stock recoil spring. I have a 11lb ordered. But I’m confident once I get my Dillon press up and running the loads I’ll be running the gun will flat. i gotta get some dry fire reps in with the dot.
  4. Was able to hit the indoor range tonight. Ran 300 rd no issues. I was surprised the dot was pretty much zeroed from the jump. Definitely like the DPP window compared to rmr. -100 rds of fenix 147gr the slide was ridiculously soft. -200 rds of American Eagle 147gr it was a little snappier. But it felt the same with a stock s2 slide. So I’m thinking AE 147gr run hot. So far I’m pretty happy with how the gun is running. Was able to mod a mnp falkor base pad to fit the s2 mag.
  5. I got the boogies light weight palm swells. ive installed a cgw kit in a P07 but never in a shadow. I’ve been watching and reading on polishing certain areas. I’m a little Nervous but can’t be that hard
  6. Yeah I have noticed that, I’ve had multiple slides cut. Definitely tracking faster. So what’s your load spec? And what springs are you running
  7. Already have a set of lok light weight grips.
  8. Thanks I’m excited to see how it shoots
  9. Thanks! cant wait to get it out to the range and see how the lighten slide feels. It’ll most likely going to be snappier.
  10. It’s milled specifically for the DPP. Not sure if they’ll offer other optics, you’ll have to reach out to them.
  11. Pictures taken from their IG
  12. Decided to give CO a go. I found this S2 a local guy was selling for a killer deal, couldn’t pass it up. Just got the slide back from primary machine. (more pictures to come). Guys over at primary machine did a amazing job as always and the weight they took off is first of its kind. 43.8oz stock internals and optic. Whats next: 1)CGW trigger kit w/recoil spring kit 2)lok grips palm swells 3)Henning bass pads with gram followers 4)spare ddp
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