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  1. 4.0 gn N320 with 125 gn Blues. 132 PF I personally love that combo.
  2. Yes, when I finally decided I had to fix that same thing, every time I grabbed the gun I thought about it. Using too much strong hand was the only way I had ever shot so it took months before it would happen at a match consistently… but it did eventually become subconscious with enough time and effort.
  3. B585

    New P320 Thumb rest..

    Yep. I no longer use one but shot one in Level II and Area match and no said a thing.
  4. B585

    New P320 Thumb rest..

    That’s hard to argue.
  5. B585

    New P320 Thumb rest..

    My generic thumb rest fits in my GX holster with room to spare
  6. I started doing the same thing with both thumbs. I used to apply pressure with the strong hand thumb which I found hurt trigger control at speed. I used to apply pressure with my weak hand thumb into the gun but that hurt transitions. It’s a hard habit to break.
  7. B585

    The Sig Armorer?

    The trigger is a huge improvement. Shorter pre-travel, Much more crisp break, shorter reset, and basically no over travel. I never checked the weight, but I can say after having one done, I immediately sent my other gun. I can’t comment on the barrel fitting. I will eventually get that but currently my gun is accurate enough for USPSA.
  8. B585

    p320 slide slack

    He has always responded very quickly to my questions. Mr Burke has done work for me twice and both experiences were great.
  9. B585

    p320 slide slack

    The Sig Armorer does that I am pretty sure.
  10. TLR 7 works on mine. If you want to picture call Ma p.m. May your cell or email and I will send you one because I can’t get the picture to upload
  11. 2 seasons with a Legion and zero malfunctions of any type. All brands can have issues….for me 2 Legions and 100% reliability. Obviously YMMV
  12. By adding silicon carbide and grip tape I got it close but an add-on would have really been nice
  13. I feel the same way. I would love to see one
  14. I tried to send you a PM, but I am not sure if went through. Send me a PM if you didn’t get it.
  15. The one thing there is you don’t learn how to cut corners and learn what you can get away with. I would definitely want to doubles/practical accuracy at the minimum. YMMV
  16. Agreed, my Legion is reasonably accurate but not as much as my X5
  17. “Should be okay”... I think those have been more than one person’s last words With your experience you will be fine and I suspect quite happy with your decision. Good luck
  18. Great article. It was spot on and something that I am working on right now.
  19. My vote is use the dot exclusively. It is superior sighting system and you just have to get more used to it. Perhaps you are focusing on the dot instead of the target because you are used to focusing on the front sight? Putting a piece of tape over the front of the dot will help (tape goes on the muzzle side). That makes you have to focus on the target
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