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  1. Wow, that's how these triggers should be coming from CZC! Kinda tempted to get one for my S2 now...
  2. Just came across this as I got the email for the DAA powder check. Is there going to be any difference between the Hornady Taper Crimp die and this? I could not figure out the Hornady combo die to save my life.
  3. I doubt your shorts are a factor. Try adjusting holster angle maybe, otherwise learn to draw with the angle it's set to now.
  4. I never noticed any difference. If they're already accurate, I wouldn't bother trying to develop a new load.
  5. I will sometimes shoot with one eye closed when standing in a static position shooting lots of small steel. I already cover up my left eye when I shoot both eyes open and I'm right eye dominant and right handed but otherwise I'll see two front dots when I shoot. I think it has to do with my right contact being in between two prescriptions while my left eye prescription is good.
  6. I got the Odin Works Zulu. Liked it a lot my last match, but it needs to be tested more.
  7. Can't imagine not using a ratchet. So much more secure. Get a snowboard ratchet if you just want to modify your existing belt. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  8. Shot a 3 gun match today. Had some rifle issues. Stage 1 - used a MFT mag, some people report bad issues with them, they've worked fine for me. I shot the stage without a hiccup. Stage 2 - used my 20 rd G3 PMAG w/ a new Strike Industries +5 extension. Out of 8 rounds, only one round fired. The first shot did not fire so I stripped it and reloaded. Repeated a couple more times, and then it fired one. Then the problem repeated, and I just called the stage. All rounds seemed to have light primer strikes. Stage 3 - used the MFT mag again, no problems. Stage 4 - used my 4
  9. Everything I shoot is up close so accuracy has never been a big factor to me. I really should have just bought a boatload of Hornady 55gr. I'm just using up my remaining stock of PRVI. I have about 1000 Hornady 68gr bullets that I'm switching to afterwards, but I think I am going to switch back to 55gr once I run through that. I just don't shoot at distances that necessitate heavier ammo. I usually didn't have too much issue hitting steel plates at 2/300 yards with the 55gr XBR load. My 55gr load had 24.5gr of XBR and chrono'd at 2770 fps. I have tested loads with better groups usi
  10. Developed some new 223 loads using a new 62gr PRVI bullet. I am leaning towards using 23.5gr of XBR8208, but my PF is well above the minimum. Most of our targets are half size targets in the 25-50 yard range. It was a pretty windy day, and the target was flopping around quite a bit at 50 yards, and I know my POA was more consistent on the 23.5gr target. I also had a good bit of trouble shooting the 23.0gr target due to the wind. Anyone else shooting well above minimum PF? I should note that the 22gr load didn't hold the bolt back on last round, but it would probably be resolved eas
  11. Anyone know if I can use TTI +4 base plates on my 16rd CZ factory mags? I accidentally bought two Grams spring + follower kits for 16rd mags not realizing there was a different kit for MG 17rd mags. Able to fit 22 in the mag, 23rd is just too tough. Otherwise I might just return the kits and get the correct MG follower.
  12. Hah, I am definitely thinking about it now. SLR sent me a replacement gas block, and I saw that the original gas adjustment screw got damaged. Somehow the metal like sheared so the screw can't completely close. That said, the gas tube appears to be pretty clear on the outside, no clue if there's a blockage on the inside, but that seems pretty unlikely doesn't it? I want to build a replacement upper, but I think I'd still be looking around $300 for a complete upper. I really want to keep the same handguard to keep the same feel, but I don't think it's possible since the SLR Helix co
  13. Oof okay. I took off my gas block, and the gas port looked alright, but I have no clue about the tube since I couldn't take off my comp to pull the tube out. Might look to buy a new tube as well. SLR is sending me a new gas block, but I'll try the rifle again next week now that I've removed and replace the block. Maybe it dislodged some stuff? I did see that the gas blast circle thingy wasn't perfectly centered on the gas port, but it wasn't that far off. My friends were looking forward to shooting the rifle fast, but I let them down At least they got to shoot a comp'
  14. Dang had no clue it would lead up that quickly!!! Every other time I've shot 22 it was with Federal Automatch which is pretty clean I believe. Is compressed gas going to be enough to clear it out? Should I do more intensive cleaning? I have some Gunslick foam bore cleaner I can use. I have extremely limited experience with AR15 gunsmithing so I don't really know all the troubleshooting steps.
  15. Oh dang, I didn't think about that. Normally w/ my .22LR, I use copper plated rounds. I flew down to FL so I just used my friend's 22LR, but he had Remington Thunderbolts. We only shot maybe 100 or so 22 anyways, and I closed the adjustment screw (as far as I could, it might have been caked in so much carbon that it was stuck partially open). I only have about 11 adjustments out of 15 so it'd make sense that the 22LR might have messed it up. I think Home Depot sells rubber/silicone plugs so I'll pay a visit to the store today.
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