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  1. SlvrDragon50

    SLR Sentry Gas Block

    Oh dang, I didn't think about that. Normally w/ my .22LR, I use copper plated rounds. I flew down to FL so I just used my friend's 22LR, but he had Remington Thunderbolts. We only shot maybe 100 or so 22 anyways, and I closed the adjustment screw (as far as I could, it might have been caked in so much carbon that it was stuck partially open). I only have about 11 adjustments out of 15 so it'd make sense that the 22LR might have messed it up. I think Home Depot sells rubber/silicone plugs so I'll pay a visit to the store today.
  2. SlvrDragon50

    SLR Sentry Gas Block

    Alright, I'll give that a shot. Unfortunately don't know if I'll be able to test it before I fly out to Houston next! I'm assuming I should just take out the BCG and charging handle, plug the feed ramp side and wrap the brake with like a cloth or something? I figured shooting 30-40 rounds of 223 through the rifle should have been enough to clear out any blockages. Thanks
  3. SlvrDragon50

    SLR Sentry Gas Block

    It's less than a year. I plan on contacting SLR tomorrow, was just trying to see if there's anything I can do before I call them so I don't sound like a fool. Worst case, I'll drive over to SLR and have them look at it. Fewer than 1k rounds total.
  4. SlvrDragon50

    SLR Sentry Gas Block

    Backstory: when I first built this rifle-length rifle w/ an SLR gas block, it was a single shot rifle even with the gas block opened up all the way. I rebuilt it, took it back to the range, and eventually it started working after I fired a 10-20 rounds like the bolt stopped getting stuck/broken in. Shot an entire season of 3 gun with absolutely zero problems. I recently adjusted the gas block adjustment screw just to make sure it wasn't frozen, and I took friend to the range to shoot. It shot the 22 LR absolutely no problem. I was embarrassed when my $1500 rifle was basically a single shot rifle, and I have aboslutely no clue why it stopped work. I opened up the gas all the way, and the shells were barely ejecting 4 o' clock. When I closed the gas block all the way, it didn't cycle as expected. Any suggestions on how to resolve this? The thing that really confuses me is that I didn't move the gas block, I only adjusted the screw so I can't see how the gas port could get obstructed or anything unless it knocked something loose into the port?
  5. SlvrDragon50

    New Franchi Affinity + Parts vs Used Benelli

    MOA Update on the autoload!
  6. SlvrDragon50

    Prima V metering terribly

    I will probably load up some Sport Pistol + N320 as I have 2 lbs of Sport Pistol as well!
  7. SlvrDragon50

    Prima V metering terribly

    I do empty my hopper since I use the same hopper for rifle + pistol. I have like 6lbs of N320 and only 1lb of Prima V so I'm not particularly attached to the Prima.
  8. SlvrDragon50

    Prima V metering terribly

    Okay, then that's the reason why. I don't like how you mentioned never let it get less than half full though. Ill probably try and trade this bottle for something else then as I don't want to drop 100+ times each time I load just to get consistent charges.
  9. SlvrDragon50

    New to 9MM reloading COL problem

    Any clue if a Hornady seating die is different from the seater + crimp die? I'm not using the crimp function in my combo die anymore, but honestly my OAL is pretty consistent considering mixed headstamp.
  10. SlvrDragon50

    Prima V metering terribly

    Anyone else have issues with Prima V metering terribly? I would get sometimes consistent powder drops, and then big fluctuations randomly (+/- 0.2-0.3gr). I also found it to be incredibly painful trying to lock down the powder drop since it would take several drops for it to get 3-5 drops that measured the same. I'm using a Hornady LNL with micrometer pistol insert. Didn't have this problem loading other powders.
  11. SlvrDragon50

    Franchi Affinity Matchsaver Install Location

    I haven't shot in over 1 month Gonna go great! Haha. Also have a new to me Vortex Razor HD that I'm pumped to use. Luckily I got my Affinity worked over by Tom at MOA so it's been brilliant from the start. In case you haven't seen, MOA is releasing an auto load function soon!
  12. SlvrDragon50

    Franchi Affinity Matchsaver Install Location

    This is solid. I used rubber washers underneath to help lock in the screws and give some tension. I have a 3 gun match tomorrow and will report back how it is. I still need to get used to it though because I'm catching shells on my bolt release or the lip of the ejection port.
  13. SlvrDragon50

    Franchi Affinity Matchsaver Install Location

    Didn't trim at all. The screw clears the action bar.
  14. SlvrDragon50

    Franchi Affinity Matchsaver Install Location

    8-32x 3/8" flat top screws worked like a dream!
  15. SlvrDragon50

    How to get rid of trigger take up on S2!!

    My confusion was always that I didn't quite know what part of the RRK actually gives the reduction. I thought that fitting a disco would accomplish the same as the RRK, and RRK was just a convenient kit of different parts. I'd be all over reducing DA, but I really like the S2 trigger.