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  1. Never shot open in 3gun, but I love the ELS for adaptability. DAA makes an adapter for the mags to attach to a ELS clip. I don't shoot 3gun anymore, but I still use my ELS belt for USPSA. It allows me to change from CO to PCC in seconds and I can use the same belt.
  2. I agree. I can't get the Glock mags to run for crap. I've never had a problem with ETS mags. I also don't understand the reasoning that guys need to carry 50+ rounds in a magazine? Are you missing that much that you need 50? Most stages are 20-30 rounds.
  3. Almost all of my 4 PCC"S now have mixed uppers and lowers. It's a modular platform. You can swap them or interchange them without issue most of the time. The only issue I have is with one upper fitting really tight into the lower. You need to tap out the pins with a punch.
  4. The G30 is my car pistol. If you plan on using it for self defense, leave it stock. I would change the sights and that's it.
  5. I had the same thing happen years ago at an IDPA match, except I had the lint jam the gun so bad , that I couldn't rack the slide. Needless to say, I never put mags in my pocket anymore. Who would think think that a little piece of material would totally jam a gun?
  6. Have fun and enjoy the experience. Just remember to listen to the overview from the MD. Some outlaw matches will have some different rules/shot count depending on the size and shape of steel used. I doubt their doing multiple shots on steel with the ammo shortage though.
  7. What a great way to learn. It's one thing to have a great teacher show you what you are doing wrong, but it's another thing to see it step by step in a video that can last a lifetime.
  8. Why not just run 3 racer mag pouches? The new rules allow you place the mags anywhere on your body. Pre rule change, I would carry 2 racer mags, now I just added another racer mag and carry three while moving my first mag pouch almost directly at 12 o'clock.
  9. I use them on my 223's for 3 gun, but not on my PCC's. The bolt shouldn't lock open in USPSA with a PCC with the hicap magazines.
  10. Buying from reputable sites or dealers. Buyer beware! You always take a chance when you buy and sell online. Look at the listing carefully. Look for things that don't make sense. Stock pictures, deals too good to be true, no reviews, low post count, new to the site, etc.
  11. Hiperfire trigger in all of my PCC's and AR's The 24C
  12. If you reload, you can make your own dummy rounds. I use un-primed cases and seat green painted heads. I then silicone the primer pockets. Weighted mags will mimic the actual weight of the mags which will translate over when you actually shoot a match.
  13. Is the change to appease the timmies or stop the gamers from gaming? Someone please help me understand why everyone is up in arms over a light mounted on a gun? How does that help you? I know people are going to use it as a way to game the rules by filling it with lead to control recoil...but seriously?
  14. Depends on the match and what your are trying to accomplish. I live 90 minutes from Universal Shooting Academy and 60 minutes from PRMPC where I've been a member for roughly 10 years. For me, driving 60 minutes to practice is ok, as long as I make it a day trip. 60 minutes one way to practice for 60 minutes is a waste of time and resources. As for USA, Shannon put on great matches (it's a shame to see him gone) I would drive 90 minutes to his matches anytime!
  15. It's a good idea, but don't forget to resize them when your press arrives. I use Lee dies in my Xl650
  16. It seems to me that you are not allowing yourself the proper amount of time to properly acquire the sights (dot in your case) and for it to settle on the target. The miss on the first target then forces you to rush the rest of the stage. Take the extra millisecond and focus on the dot as it settles onto the middle of the target. Another thing I would do is to practice on steel to see where my hits and misses are depending on where my dot was located on the target. This is on a 8" steel plate at 15 yards with a 16 moa dot on my C-more.
  17. It's all too common for someone to post on a topic that was 8-10 years old.
  18. If you already have a lower, I would look at Taccom. I'm not sure of his stock , Tim is a member on the forums and lurks from time to time. He makes great stuff at reasonable prices. I have 3 of his barrels for my PCC's
  19. If you have the 550 and are upgrading to the 750 you should be fine with the casefeeder and Mr bullet feeder. My MBF is in station 3 on my XL650 which is fine without the powder check die if you are experienced in reloading. If not, or you use a small volume powder (titegroup) get into the habit of looking into every case.
  20. I guess you're resurrecting a 8 year old post because you couldn't find any new content to post on?
  21. Same headstamp on the brass? I will allow .03 +/- on my XL650 will Lee dies because of mixed brass. With the same brass, I would expect much better results. As for the powder, I don't see many variations on my drops. Acceptable for me on powder drops would be .01 +/- but the powder I use on my XL650 meters extremely well.
  22. CED/DAA makes waterproof targets. $675 for 500. You're better off using bags to cover the targets.
  23. Hornaday Cam lock bullet puller.
  24. ^^This^^ One of the clubs I shoot at did this. It works great and it's easy to setup and tear down. Painted the caps red to easily identify the spots.
  25. I know a lot of people who do this. One source of primers for both rifle and pistol, nothing to mix up. Rifle primers are usually harder than pistol.
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