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  1. Tragic story. Here's a link to the story https://www.whec.com/rochester-new-york-news/man-dies-after-shooting-accident-on-old-penfield-road/5918095/?fbclid=IwAR34dCCxQ33IB6hzuODdk5dtTxJ_MTHvGGUq6DWlMKa5VLH4eRIQ_eZRkBQ
  2. I have both the polymer and the aluminum C-more. The only difference is the weight. For steel challenge, I would do a 12moa or 16 moa dot. Click or switch? Honestly, whatever is cheaper. You can adjust either one to your liking. Learn the shot pattern on the dot for steel challenge. Meaning how much of the dot and where it is on the plate to hit the plate. Not all of the dot needs to cover the plate for the shot to hit the plate.
  3. I carry two or three CMMG firing pins and springs. I've bent and broken more springs than I have firing pins. With that said, I change them when they break or when I clean them and I notice the actual firing pin mushrooming. I change both the spring and the pin at the same time. Also, the CMMG firing pins work well with both the Taccom and PSA bots.
  4. I only ever used the banners. But I used them outside.
  5. Link the news article or news release. I can't find it.
  6. Do you really need a charge master to do pistol loads? Depending on the powder, the normal variation is .01gr on my Dillon. Are you doing some sort of ultra precise pistol competition? Even if your developing loads, the charge master is not needed. 22 seconds to dispense one load is ridiculous for USPSA/IDPA loads.
  7. Yeah. and they should be arrested for price gouging. The asking prices for primers are Ludacris.
  8. I also started with a mini on my 650. I really liked the ease of use. Turning the magazine after each stack of bullets gets old after a while. Then...I got the MBF and life was good. If you like the mini, then you'll love the MBF.
  9. This is exactly why I use a Cam-lock bullet puller. Especially for picked up or loaded rounds that might have a primer strike.
  10. A couple of things. Learn the terminology and watch youtube videos for the machine you are purchasing. Being new, make sure you use a high volume powder (powder that fills the case) and go very slow and ensure you don't double charge a case.
  11. I was just looking at Everglades Ammo. They had 147gr FMJ in stock in their 250 packs. They have the majority of their bullets out of stock, but they do have some available.
  12. Titegroup meters extremely well and it's a low volume powder, but it's dirty! It's all I use for 9mm.
  13. Straight across from MBF to casefeeder is roughly 19" Measuring from the MBF to the deepest part of the casefeeder is roughly 21" Sorry, I was doing it one handed.
  14. Two mag holders. One for loading the PCC and a back up for issues or classifiers.
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