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  1. I've found Extreme brass lately to be brass covered steel cases. Stepped cases are never good for any load.
  2. Looks like scratches caused by steel cases. I use a magnet (Franklin Arsenal) to quickly run over my sorted brass. Xtreme is notorious for using brass covered steel cases.
  3. I've been using Titegroup for years. Like many have said, Sport Pistol is the new hotness. I wish I could find some locally.
  4. I deprime and re-size on a single stage. I use my Franklin Trimmer if they need to be trimmed. Then into the XL650 for loading. My setup is simple Universal decapping die in station 1, powder in station 2, station 3 is empty, station 4 is bullet seating die and station 5 is factory crimp die. I haven't converted my MBF for rifle yet.
  5. Thank you to all of you ammo dumpers. I pick up every loaded round I find. I pull the head and dump the powder. I then load the case with my head and powder. I just got a free case and primer and for that I thank you. I do have quite a collection of pulled bullets.
  6. How are you lubing the cases? I spray the lube into a large bag, wait a few seconds, then add the cases to the bag. I do the same with rifle. I've never had that problem. How much lube are you using?
  7. No income tax, sun, sand, sea and year round nice weather
  8. If you have safety concerns about your equipment, you shouldn't shoot it. Jitters are normal after a problem like the one you experienced. It's normal to feel that way, the fear of it happening again is what worries you. If you trust its fixed take it one shot at a time. Fire only one shot out of it, then go from there.
  9. As many have said, Dryfire if the key. If not a mirror with tape, use the wall drill with tape.
  10. Shooting season ending? Heck it's just getting nice down here in Florida. Want to continue improving? Move to Florida
  11. I pretty much carry everything but the kitchen sink. I carry a lot of parts not only for me, but for other shooters as well. Let me See...Firing pins/firing pin springs, batteries for every optic I have, allen wrenches, a F.A.T. Wrench, 30 piece adapters for the F.A.T. wrench, a hammer, a squib rod, Various pics, punch set, oil, extra fiber optics, lighter, various screws, CED7000 timer, stapler, staples, loc-tite and grip tape to name a few things without looking. Nothing worse than going to a match and having something break or come loose and not have what you need to fix it. How many times has someone needed a part and not had it? I'm trying to fix that.
  12. You've got to love this forum. Nothing like reviving a post from 18 years ago.
  13. I learned it from Ken Verderame.
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