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  1. Back in the days of IDPA, I had a guy who on the load and make ready command, stove pipe his gun trying to Barney a round. As I watched him struggle to clear the jam, I noticed he was getting close to the 180. I Yelled stop and as we were taught in SO class, I went to swing his forearm back to a safer downrange position, he backed up and BANG! I immediately looked down at my hand for a bullet hole while counting all five fingers. Thankfully I was still intact with no bullet holes.
  2. I'm not sure how long this has been out, but I noticed it. FINALLY! DAA has come out with a "Adaptor Plate" (their spelling) to let you mount DAA mag pouches to ELS Belts. Now I can use my ELS belt for USPSA, PCC and 3gun.
  3. When I first made the switch, The hardest part was not being told how or what to shoot. Welcome to a whole new world of fun. Oh yeah, forget about reload with retention and cover. Slidelock is bad in USPSA. Plan your shots!
  4. One of the clubs I shoot at has a lot of shooters wanting to shoot. In the winter, they have morning and afternoon squads. They usually let you sign up for both sessions. They get twice the money.
  5. Move to Florida. We have a natural brass dyer built into the state 9 months out of the year.
  6. Most clubs have regular shooters with some new faces showing up from time to time. The MD usually has a pretty good idea of the shooters on the squad. He/she can usually quickly determine who will RO.
  7. For stiffness, I like the ELS. I also have a CR Speed, but the ELS is definitely stiffer
  8. I too just put the strips only at the end.
  9. I have left my powder in the hopper since I started reloading.. I can tell you that Titegroup stains the hopper. It doesn't affect anything and since Titegroup is such a small load, I don't even worry about it. I just fill it and forget it.
  10. I have two PSA lowers (Gen 1 for USPSA & Gen 3 for Steel Challenge). My daughter has a gen 2. What started out as PSA has evolved into more. All three sport different Taccom Barrels, Uppers, Triggers Etc. I've had no problem with any of them.
  11. No. Here's a link to the thread explaining the ratchet. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/265626-rachet-for-els-belt/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-3088015
  12. You might be putting in too much brass into the casefeeder, or you're running your casefeeder on high. According to Dillon, the most you should put into your casfeeder is a quart sized amount of brass and run the casefeeder on low for pistol.
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