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  1. I know Ken and he's a stand up guy. I'm always asking him questions to improve my shooting.
  2. Why do you have to burst my bubble? When are we going to shoot together again? I miss the old days.
  3. You can shoot them in any order. If you're trying to get a faster time, the left to right and right to left after the reload will always be faster than making an extra transition.
  4. For very hard hard leans nothing beats a laser. You can simply hold the gun out and around and see the dot on the target and fire.
  5. The best proven method for steel challenge is using the shootsteel.com dry fire banners. They work. I made GM in steel challenge in 6 months using them. The banners are only part of it. It also takes the mental preparation and the ability to see faster.
  6. I was going to mention the same thing. Since you shoot the first string left to right, why transition all the way back to the left when you can save time by shooting it right to left after the reload.
  7. You'll have to experiment with the gun. I've loaded some pretty light Titegroup loads. Here's the load data one for a 16" PCC and the other for my M&P Pro PSA 9mm AR Bullet Brand Everglades M&P Pro Bullet Brand Everglades Bullet Type Round nose Bullet Type Round nose Bullet Weight 147gr Bullet Weight 147gr Powder Name Titegroup Powder Name Titegroup Powder Weight 2.5gr Powder Weight 2.5gr Primer Federal Primer Federal COL 1.130-1.135 COL 1.130-1.135 Average Chronograph Speed 908.7 Average Chronograph Speed 778.1 Standard Deviation 26.7 Standard Deviation 9.62 Chronograph Speed Low/High 863 961 Chronograph Speed Low/High 759 794 Power Factor 133 Power Factor 114
  8. I shot my second match of the year yesterday. Action Steel was fun and challenging. I ended up 3rd in my division and 7th overall. Take away the stupid penalties and I did rather well.
  9. It was a bonus plate to remove 5 seconds from your time. You could only shoot at it once. If you missed, you didn't get the bonus. They were 4 inch red plates.
  10. I've only run CCI through mine. I haven't had a problem with them. I do tilt it sideways to about a 25 degree angle. I also tap the side of the primers to keep them moving.
  11. 1/19/19 Here's the video from today's match
  12. 1/19/19 I can't believe it's been almost two months since I've shot a match. With moving and getting sick, the time flies by. I finally got out to shoot a match today. Action Steel was on the agenda today. I went in without any expectations and to my surprise, I took first overall out of 60 shooters. The scores are posted below. I'll upload the Go-pro video tomorrow. It's good to be back. Now just to start practicing again. Final Name Division Time Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 1 Scott, Michael PCCO 99.79 13.44 19.06 20.04 16.6 30.65 2 XXX PCCO 101.24 17.62 17.09 17.56 21.26 27.71 3 XXX PCCO 103.4 17.28 24.02 22.57 15.79 23.74 4 XXX PCCO 117.98 15.03 25.34 24.72 20.92 31.97 5 XXX PCCO 120.14 17.56 24.52 21.27 22.13 34.66 6 XXX PCCO 124.44 17.12 26.56 26.73 20.62 33.41 7 XXX CFO 125.15 24.13 24.35 21.2 25.71 29.76 8 XXX PCCO 128.34 21.58 19.86 21.79 17.52 47.59 9 XXX PCCO 131.76 19.02 25.72 26.52 19.32 41.18 10 XXX CFI 135.24 26.91 32.08 17.54 23.21 35.5
  13. The QC10 is top notch. The receiver set will be roughly 1/3 of your budget if you decide to use the QC10. I would look at Taccom for the barrel, handguard and buffer assembly.
  14. If you see the ring, then you are using too much crimp. I don't crimp 9mm at all, I just remove the flair from the case.
  15. stick

    Off season

    I live in Florida, we have no off season only summer, summer, summer and a little bit of winter.
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