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  1. I use primarily use Lee Dies in my presses. I also use RCBS dies in my single stage. If you already have 9mm dies, just use them. It's not precision rifle reloading. It's 9mm for competition and your max distance is no more than 40 yards.
  2. The small amounts of lead and copper in the liquid are not going to damage the environment. When I wet tumbled, I just dumped it outside in the grass.
  3. Tim is a good guy. I would call rather than email. He usually answers pretty quickly.
  4. Usually too much crimp will make the bullets keyhole. Do you know what your crimp is? Here's how to measure crimp. "With a caliper measure the thickness of the brass at the case mouth, multiply times two and add the bullet diameter. That's your zero. After running your rounds through the crimp die, measure the loaded round at the case mouth and the difference from your zero is your crimp".
  5. Never counted how many cases I dump in, but when it starts getting low, it takes 10 seconds to dump in another few hundred.
  6. Very normal for the heads to be at different speeds. That's why load work up is so fun!
  7. Are you shooting mixed brass? If you want to gauge the groups, all variables need to be the same. All the same brass, sized the same, with the same OAL, powder within .01gr and crimp the same. Different brass will change the pressure of the load due to wall thickness and size of the brass and the crimp of the bullet. You also need to support the gun with sandbags to take out the human error.
  8. I tried it a few years ago because I have long fingers and thought it would help with recoil management. I eventually ended up going back to the standard thumbs forward grip. I didn't like how it wouldn't let me lock my wrist in the position I wanted to use. FWIW if it works for you, use it!
  9. Keep it as is. If you can, learn how to operate the press with the other hand by standing along side the press. Reload what you need and keep the extra money for more components.
  10. I exclusively run TG in ALL if my 9mm loads for years. I have not seen any extra leading in the barrels. Smoke, Yes! leading No
  11. The 550 is a viable option as others have already mentioned. As for other stuff: 1) Dies for the caliber you wish to reload. 2) conversion kit unless you order the press for that caliber 3) reloading book for acceptable loads 4) calipers 5) Tumbler to clean brass 6) media for tumbler The obvious stuff: 1) Brass 2) heads 3) primers 4) powder Down the line: 1) case feeder You can do the research on the best powders for your caliber and whether you'll load minor or major. I have the 650 and absolutely love it!
  12. Never shot open in 3gun, but I love the ELS for adaptability. DAA makes an adapter for the mags to attach to a ELS clip. I don't shoot 3gun anymore, but I still use my ELS belt for USPSA. It allows me to change from CO to PCC in seconds and I can use the same belt.
  13. I agree. I can't get the Glock mags to run for crap. I've never had a problem with ETS mags. I also don't understand the reasoning that guys need to carry 50+ rounds in a magazine? Are you missing that much that you need 50? Most stages are 20-30 rounds.
  14. Almost all of my 4 PCC"S now have mixed uppers and lowers. It's a modular platform. You can swap them or interchange them without issue most of the time. The only issue I have is with one upper fitting really tight into the lower. You need to tap out the pins with a punch.
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