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  1. These plus the Xtreme steel cases that are also brass washed.
  2. The two clubs I regularly shoot at, one is public and one is private. The public club has a Range Master on staff who handles the setup and take down. The private club I shoot at gives free match fees for setup (setup is day before the match) and take down is the responsibility of the squad on their last stage.
  3. Visualization is definitely the key! I once took a class with Mike Seeklander and he stated that you are not ready to shoot a stage until you can turn your back to the stage and shoot the stage in your mind. You need to practice visualizing. Complete your walk through numbering each target as you develop your plan to shoot the stage. When your the on deck shooter, go through the stage as many times as possible Remember your target counting. Being a new shooter, you might need to shoot the stage counting targets. If you can't remember the total count, you can always break down each array into groups. (Example first array has 4 targets, second has two etc.) It will get easier with time!
  4. 10/14/19 From the last couple of videos I've posted, one can see I've been having some issues lately with both of my PCC's. Both have had loading issues. Both are PSA lowers. One is a Gen1 forged lower and the other is a Gen3 Billet lower. Frustrated, I ordered a Foxtrot Mike lower tonight. I'll update once I get it assembled and tested out.
  5. I asked a similar question to Troy about PCC and USPSA. Here was his response While a PCC *can* be uncased at the line, muzzle downrange (pointing at the backstop) under RO supervision, there is no requirement in the rules for it, and there is no allowance for an MD or RM to require it be done that way. Casing/uncasing is covered in several sections of the rules, and specifically addressed with regards to direction and distance from the berm/backstop. You can carry the PCC muzzle down, as long as you aren't sweeping yourself with it when you walk. We prefer muzzle up, but muzzle down isn't specifically prohibited. You do not have to wait until the RO calls you up to uncase, but you must do it safely and within the rules. Troy Here was question to Troy.
  6. To play the part, you have to look the part! I wear the same jersey to each match. It has one logo on it. I wear it because I believe in the product on the shirt. As for the other pieces...Salomons, Tactical pants/shorts, Hat, knife. why yes I wear those also.
  7. Spray the inside of a large Ziplock bag with your favorite lube. Dump in cases, zip up the bag, and roll the cases around inside the bag. Dump into the casefeeder and load em up.
  8. I had an appointment for the Electrophysiologist on Wednesday. The doctor is happy with the results and he has called me "cured" I've had a very unmotivated month. I haven't felt the urge or need for that matter to practice. I'm in a funk with training! I had a USPSA match on Saturday. I was looking forward to getting out and having some fun. The stages didn't cooperate. Our squad had range issues the first three stages that hampered the match. It was impossible to get into a rhythm. Couple that with only 5 shooters on our squad, It was rough having to RO, Setup, Paste and score! I guess I just wasn't motivated to shoot. I ended up placing 6th. While 6th isn't a bad place, We only had 30 shooters total. It's probably the smallest turnout of the year. Enough of the rambling! Here's the unimpressive video of the match.
  9. I do. At matches, I pick up brass and all the live ammo I can find. I use a Hornaday cam lock bullet puller and I pull all the live ammo. I'll dump all the powder and re-use the case and primer if it's not damaged. The heads go into a bin by weight. I'll use the heads if they are the same type I'm loading on XL650. or If by chance the Dillon spits out an upside down primer or if the Bullet feeder drops an upside down bullet. I'll pull it an re-use it.
  10. someone should have brought it to the attention of the MD. WSB should be read word for word. The WSB doesn't say anything about "then"
  11. I finally got out to shoot another match today. It didn't go as expected with my performance. I finished 21st out of 71 overall and 8th out of 13 in PCC. I had two stages just totally wreck my score. One stage I had a gun malfunction and another I took 20 seconds in penalties. Oh well! At least I was finally able to shoot a match. After watching the videos, I now know what I have to practice for the next match. On a side note, I did test 10 rounds in the M&P core (3.8gr Titegroup & 124gr Everglades RN) The gun cycled fine and I think the load is going to work well for the ported barrel and slide. Here's the video of today's match
  12. I would take a step back to make sure your fundamentals are sound. Dryfire is not just about running around doing mock stages. Dryfire is all about fundamentals. live fire and matches are the confirmation that dryfire is working correctly. I would work on specific drills in dryfire to ensure your fundamentals don't suffer. Speed comes with time. Don't try to go faster than you actually can. If I were you, I would work on: 1) The Wall Drill for the sights bouncing around. 2) Use a door threshold for a fault line to ensure you stay within the shooting area. 3) manipulation skills (Draws, reloads, gun presentation etc) both at 1/4 speed, 1/2 speed and full speed to see where the disconnect is happening. Unfortunately Time is what it takes to fix the problems you are suffering from! If you fumble your fundamentals now, it will be worse later. Fix your fundamentals FIRST! Dryfiring is not really fun, you need to embrace the suck!
  13. Shannon puts on a hell of a match. Frostproof is in the middle of nowhere. It's probably a good 35-40 minute drive from the hotels to the match. So plan accordingly. Most of the bays run parallel to each other from east to west. Depending on the time of the year, some of the bays can be a bit of pain from the glare of the rising sun.
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