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  1. andrewt556

    3D Printed PCC Magwell Designs Online?

    FYI 3d printed stuff isnt like a solid piece of aluminum. Internally imagine it has a honey combish structure so sanding may not be the best option.
  2. andrewt556

    3D Printed PCC Magwell Designs Online?

    probably will have to design something from the ground up major PITA, but kinda fun depending on the way you see it. Made one for my palmetto lower took 4 tries to get it right.
  3. andrewt556

    Buffer tube is loose

    stake the castle nut ?
  4. andrewt556

    PSA PCC extrator issue

    ANyone know where I can buy an extra ejector
  5. andrewt556

    My PCC comparison, JP is worth it.

    I was going to turn my BA barrel down as well but I might just stick with ULW. Not sure what I want to do.
  6. andrewt556

    My PCC comparison, JP is worth it.

    I wanna know too. With certain loads, buffer and extra weight seems goood to me... could allways be better though. Working on a mlok weight to add some weight.
  7. andrewt556

    Extended mag release

    I wondered that too but I never found it to be an issue
  8. andrewt556

    best factory ammo for 9mm PCC competition

    federal champion the stuff that comes in red boxes at walmart I shot around 4k without ammo issues. Also the softest shooting in my pcc of all factory bulk i tested.
  9. andrewt556

    Best budget lower

    I shot maybe 5k ish without many malfunctions maybe 3 fte
  10. andrewt556

    Best budget lower

    Really? I never noticed I allways go cheap on the lower care to explain? sounds sarcastic but im actually curious
  11. andrewt556

    Best budget lower

    palmetto is cheapppppp
  12. andrewt556

    Belt Magnet OK in PCC?

    good to know !
  13. andrewt556

    Production scope

    I guess i keep getting bad apples. Ill look for the new gen ones.
  14. andrewt556

    Production scope

    How was the tracking ? I had one too and it kept breaking... good warranty but a PITA
  15. andrewt556

    Shooting bags

    If you only had one bag which one and why?