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  1. andrewt556

    Faster reloading?

    I was just gonna download the reload mag
  2. andrewt556

    Interesting malfunction

    I know that pocket you are talking about it wasn’t their. It was behind the bolt catch but infront of the hammer in the cocked position. I ended up opening the upper to get that case out. I got the charging handle out I just hit it harder. The roll pin that bolts in the latch walked out and caused it to get stuck. I think that’ may have caused the original malfunction and me pounding it further caused the buffer retainer to break. I still had a lot of fun. Cause my gun broke I went to the truck got my 2 gun setup and shot the rest of the stages in very good times and one stage win (if I was scored)
  3. I shot a run and gun today and it was quite wet about ankle deep where I fell and got my gun mucked up (no ejection cover ... fail) I got to stage one and cleaned the bolt and ejection port as best I could. The gun fine till the third target 1 for 1 so like 3rd round and then not sure exactly what happened might have been a double feed. But I drop the mag and pull the charging handle kick atleast one live round out but here the kicker a whole brass casing got stuck underneath the bolt inbetween the bolt catch and hammer. (for future reference how should I fix this ?). So i probably didn't do this the right way but I was on the clock so I just moartered the gun till I got the bolt back and that little piece of brass out. Heres where my day ended the buffer retaing knob thing broke off after some vigorous striking... and now the charging handle is stuck in the upper. ended up doing a fun run with my ar and glock afterwards tried getting the charging handle out by putting a 2x4 on the latch and hitting it with a hammer.. Its really stuck any other solutions besides a bigger hammer? so this is probably incoherent didnt sleep after the night part Ill fix it in the morning lol
  4. andrewt556

    Motivation (Race to A Class :)

    Andrew Ta A112442 PCC C Production U
  5. andrewt556

    AR 9 nightmare

    I did polish it a little and got it down to 5.5-6.5 still sucks but slightly better.
  6. andrewt556

    AR 9 nightmare

    Whats wrong with the cheaper triggers besides pull weight? I just want the reliability of the 24c but I cant afford one right now.
  7. andrewt556

    Faster reloading?

    Yup it was area 59 down in Rosenberg.
  8. andrewt556

    Faster reloading?

    So you can download mags for classifers? I shot "can you count" very very slowly counting lol and they told me i couldn't have downloaded them before I shot...
  9. andrewt556

    AR 9 nightmare

    At the smith today he noticed right above the firing pin a groove was formed by the hammer and he suspected that if the hammer missed that groove the hammer lost enough energy that I didnt get a strike. What hiperfire do you have im thinking about getting the under 100$ ones not sure of the model just the low end ones. This guns already cost me to much haha.
  10. andrewt556

    AR 9 nightmare

    So I just dropped mine of at the smith didn't mention anything about the dirtyness, but what kind of cleaning are you doing ? I used a wire brush, nylon after. Chemicals were hopps and brake cleaner.
  11. andrewt556

    AR 9 nightmare

    I want to take the hole thing apart and dump in an ultrasonic. but I Cleaned it up and its pretty much a new gun <1k thru it so not much dirtyness.
  12. andrewt556

    AR 9 nightmare

    Did you ever have any problems when using the standard psa buffer?
  13. andrewt556

    AR 9 nightmare

    I’m looking for reliability I don’t care about recoil impulse or any of that. Just trying to make it work.
  14. andrewt556

    AR 9 nightmare

    No dude blew me off found someone who would pay way more. Using just factory ammo federal 115 brass, Winchester white box 115, Winchester NATO 124, federal 115 aluminum, brass blazer 115, 147 freedom munitions and even some hot plus p Hornady something. They all causes the same malfunction but especially 115 federal brass. nope just my taccom bolt, I’ve been looking around to see if any local guys will sell me a bolt or taccom 3 stage buffer.
  15. andrewt556

    AR 9 nightmare

    So I think its somehow the buffer not returing the bolt to the full forward position but because this has only happend on the clock i've never stopped to see. I dont think its the trigger because I still get the "plink" noise of the hammer falling (same noise as when you dryfire ) If you want to see a video I can post it to youtube and send a link. EDIT I added a link to a video of the problem I was describing. I will change out to the stock trigger.