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  1. andrewt556

    Broken buffer tube

    Never seen that before.
  2. andrewt556

    PCC technique

    Thanks for all the good advice. I just tried moving the stock in toward my pec and i found it to be uncomfortable and I imagine shooting like that would be slightly painful having the stock hitting the collar bone.
  3. andrewt556

    JP jumps on the short stroke bandwagon

    Have you tried putting that wave spring spacer in front of a standard buffer and spring. I wonder how that would turn out.
  4. andrewt556

    I am diving into the PCC pool

    So youre shooting from the hip and then briging the gun up to shoot the rest of the stage?
  5. andrewt556

    PCC technique

    Do you loosely grip the pistol grip?
  6. andrewt556

    PCC technique

    I think thats why people started using 45 degree dots
  7. andrewt556

    JP jumps on the short stroke bandwagon

    So the short stroke kit kind of enchantes the 3 stage buffer system even more?
  8. andrewt556

    Cheap easy pvc target stand

    any way to make a cheap swinger target? out of pvc
  9. andrewt556

    Hiperfire Triggers

    Thank you for your response. Probably gonna pick up the elite.
  10. andrewt556

    45 degree offset optic

    Why 36 yards that seems oddly specific. I shoot 9mm and uspsa.
  11. andrewt556

    45 degree offset optic

    Do you run the same zero on 45 and normal dot?
  12. andrewt556

    45 degree offset optic

    Is the general consensus to zero both dots at the same distance ?
  13. andrewt556

    45 degree offset optic

    Does the red dot help you shoot better?
  14. andrewt556

    Hiperfire Triggers

    Is there any difference between the genesis/elite/reflex and the competition trigger besides price? Does anyone have experience with hiperfire triggers besides the 24c?
  15. andrewt556

    Too much Comp?

    Not sure it just seemed the only pcc's that had trouble had comps. I have a taccom ulw which is a 4" barrel with a 16" shroud and I expected trouble but it turned out fine.