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  1. do you know EDC use PPQ m1 or m2 mags? thanks
  2. I only have the Walther Q5 not sf, but here is what it looks like with tp9 18 rounds mag inside.
  3. Nice, could you upload a picture or so to show how you get the Apex fit for the Q5sf? thanks a lot
  4. yup. if you shoot Co, still need basepad for canik mags to make 23 rounds. maybe you have them already...
  5. In this video, it seems, TTI CZ basepad on Canik mags is not legal in Tp9sfx for USPSA. So I guess they are legel in Q5sf too..
  6. the bushing looks very nice, how you made it? thanks a lot
  7. Sorry, there is a typo error in the title. I mean the 18 rounds mags made by Mec-Gar...not 15+2 (17 rounds) short mags
  8. haha, let me know if you want to sell the SF....LOL
  9. looks nice, but not work for production and co, right?
  10. As "Xav91"'s post, that the the mag lateral play in Q5SF may be the reason for some malfunction. My friend tried the Canix Tp9sfx mags (made by Mec-Gar ) in the Q5sf, and result in way less lateral play. He shot about 300 rounds fmj ammo with no malfuction so far. Hope the Canix mags can solve the issues/malfunction of Q5sf..
  11. Broke mine once too, Walther replaced it with no charge...
  12. Thanks for the video, will be curious how Walther fixes this
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