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  1. I have both Q5 and Q5 steel frame, there is no huge differnce between them. You should work on your grip for sure.
  2. Nice, where you bought the R3Max then? Thanks
  3. RMR is too small for competition
  4. don't understand either, Legion should mount R3Max directly witthout plate...
  5. highhope


    We can borrow this "mindfulness" idea to practical shooting, so many similarities...Be mindfulness at shooting moment, awearness to the key elements of shooting " call shots, trigger finger press, boundary of A-zone "... Train the mind in this way, live in the moment..
  6. Can not agree with this. We train to "Mindfulness" at the moment we shoot, during recoil. Train to see the A zone, call shots, call the trigger finger, train to live in that moment.
  7. Q5sf's optics plates are all aluminum which is 1oz lighter than Q5's plates(steel ). But I prefer steel plates as long as I can make the weight.
  8. wow, can't wait for it.... Awesome news
  9. Change extra power extractor spring..13lb recoil, and light trigger return spring
  10. RHT may have some q5sf holster in stock to ship immediately , check with them...
  11. Hope Apex could release a trigger for q5sf....And I guess they can just make the trigger shoe and use the factory trigger bar.
  12. yes, I tried, can not shake the case off....
  13. Got failure to extract from Q5sf (changed 13lb reoil spring), both canik and factory mags, how to fix this?...
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