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  1. Wow, that's great. what brand 1911 spring are you using? So the inner diameter large enough for factory guide rod? Is that flat wire? Thanks a lot
  2. how this Foam rolling help shooting? or motion?
  3. Dot do teach lot of things for a mid or low level shooter. But do not change platform, no PCC, that's waste of time. Just shoot the same gun in CO/Production or 2011 in Limted/Open....
  4. Can you really tell the differnce in shooting for 2oz
  5. Nice, grip strengh is always important, stronger is better.
  6. The balance is good enough with SS guide rod, why tungsten...
  7. When mentally rehearsing a stage, now I will visualize or realize the most important details : the aming zone (not brown not A zone) for each targets, see (visualize) the magwell at the reload, visualize which targets are diffucult may get a mike or no shoot, rehearse more careful trigger press on these targets.
  8. I have the same issue, suck on first stages....
  9. Red Hill Tactical's Q5sf holster is very nice. And you can even choose suppressor height sights, if you want to use high front sight as backup of the reddot..
  10. I have both Q5 and Q5 steel frame, there is no huge differnce between them. You should work on your grip for sure.
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