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  1. highhope

    Made a dryfire stage at home...

    NIce, I dry fire in stages all the time. think it's more effective way to improve field course
  2. highhope

    magnetospeed v3 for pistol ?

    Nice, thanks a lot
  3. highhope

    DIY Dry fire swinger

    very nice, like it. Will make one too
  4. Hello, can you use magnetospeed v3 for pistol? is there any adpter for that? thanks a lot
  5. highhope

    Blazer brass okay for 9 major?

    Nice brass, good to go
  6. good to know this. Thanks a lot
  7. Any one has experience with xtreme 9mm-135 RNFP (Round nose flat point) bullets, want to ask how long can I load for my Walther Q5, thanks a lot.
  8. Hope Sig will make steel frame for X5, it's way easier for a modular gun
  9. hope to shoot a steel frame Q5 soon, I am very insterested in it...
  10. highhope

    Holoson 510c problem

    Just checked my sight. the sn is on pic rail mount, yeah that's weird...
  11. highhope

    Best 3 gun scope?

    Vortex Razor gen2-E Jm1. Kahles K16i , Swarovski 1-6, 1-8
  12. highhope

    Absolute BEST 3 gun scope under 1k?

    Vortex Razor Gen 2 JM1 or Vortex Razor Gen 2-E JM1
  13. highhope

    AA5 for 9 Major??

    I like AA7 and hs6
  14. highhope

    Scope mount question

    Choose a " useable" mount as low as possible. First of all, you need to know your base is a 0moa or 20moa. Besiclly, you want a 20moa or 30moa total (base + mount) cant angle depend on your normally long range shooting distance. If it's 20moa base already, you can just choose a pair of 0moa scope rings, like "TPS, Seekins Precision, nightforce etc". If you want one piece mount, depend on your optics, need to know 1. Objective lens size. 2. Erector Housing to main tube distance. MPA is very good choice https://masterpiecearms.com/shop/mpa-ba-bolt-action-mount/ and you can check these mounts too https://precisionrifleblog.com/2018/12/25/best-scope-mount/