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  1. Broke mine once too, Walther replaced it with no charge...
  2. Thanks for the video, will be curious how Walther fixes this
  3. wow, that's sweet... I like venom better too...
  4. for Call shots in dry fire, I think it's to confirm the sight picture in your head clearly when you break/press the trigger,(just like asking yourself, "am I on A"). It includes two parts: 1 call sight picture, 2 call your trigger press. Do not track your sight during transition, just like use a mouse on computer, move your eye to next target, focus on a spot of the target, move the sight to that spot.
  5. I like Aftecs better than EGW
  6. I bought 10k Fiocchi 9mm 115gr, $0.15/rounds, and shot it from my production gun Walther PPQ and save the brass for my Open gun for major matches. Only for consistent and reliability...
  7. Nice, will try https://www.arredondoaccessories.com/product/shell-stabilizer-3/
  8. wow, the window is so large...and 6moa....Nice
  9. this is interesting
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