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  1. Any one know how to remove this device and still work?
  2. Switched to bullets forward after 3 years for both CO and Prodution.....Feel more natural for the first 3 pouches (which are used most of the time in the two divisions) . Either way will work, but try both and find which way is better for you.
  3. I am interested in the Gen5 Glock trigger job too....long time no shoot Glock... LOL
  4. Thanks, can the slide move maximum distance with the round wire?
  5. Totally agree, "Shooting can be a sort of meditation: that moment when you are only aware of things that affect hitting the target."
  6. Thanks a lot. I will practise meditation too..
  7. Does that meditation work? Can you see the difference?
  8. I cut 3 or 4 coils from Q5sf factory recoil spring and put back in. It feels like 13-15lb. Don't need to buy a after market recoil system, good enough for me.
  9. Very nice build 1911 at that price. only need to change fiber front sight and recoil spring add a nice magwell, you are good to go
  10. I got the same issues, tried to shape the point of pin, no luck. still got 1 in 200
  11. very nice gun...silly flat....
  12. looks very aggressive.....
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