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  1. dot height wont be an issue after practice enough to master the index... maybe takes 1-2 months dry fire
  2. Q4 sf and Q4 sf Optics Ready.. The q4 sf rear sight is very interesting!
  3. Thank you sir, I have put an angle on the pin but still not 100%, maybe I did not dry them totally. Will try oven too.
  4. yes sir, I wet tumbling with the primer still in. It makes sense then..
  5. Using Dillon 1050, mark7 and Dillon 9mm decapping dies, and wet tumbiling set up. I always have the issues that primer sticking to the pin and pull back, and have tried many solutions like different dies (lee, rcbs, redding), polish the tip and shape the pin to an angle, but still cannot get 100%, until a friend told me the wet tumbiling may casue the problem. So I tried to reload with 800-1000 "dirty brass" which I picked up in the indoor range, and didn't get any problem so far. For we tumbling, I am using Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler and folloing Frankford Arsenal Platinum Brass Dryer 2 hours plus dry, still don't know what I did wrong. But if you have same issue with, may worth to try dry tumbiling for brass preparation.
  6. I am selling a like new1450..... haha. there are still 1cm room on both left and right sides.
  7. Any one know how to remove this device and still work?
  8. Switched to bullets forward after 3 years for both CO and Prodution.....Feel more natural for the first 3 pouches (which are used most of the time in the two divisions) . Either way will work, but try both and find which way is better for you.
  9. I am interested in the Gen5 Glock trigger job too....long time no shoot Glock... LOL
  10. Thanks, can the slide move maximum distance with the round wire?
  11. Totally agree, "Shooting can be a sort of meditation: that moment when you are only aware of things that affect hitting the target."
  12. Thanks a lot. I will practise meditation too..
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