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  1. Pretty much any pistol I have that has a mechanical thumb safety, I have become accustom to riding the safety. For me it's a natural spot to place the thumb once I draw the pistol. But I will say that the stock safety on the Shadow 2 is the perfect size.
  2. Multigun: STI DVC 3 gun 9mm USPSA Limited: CZ Tac Sport .40 USPSA Production: Glock 17 Carry: Glock 19 or Shield 9mm (I'm limited by the damn CA roster)
  3. I have been running a D60 as my primary mag for about a year now. I have only had one issue with it not feeding properly. When I pulled the mag out of the mag well, I got to witness the "fountain of gold" when the mag unloaded by itself while I was making ready. I will agree, loading it takes a while and is something best done right after your run and not while you are on deck or in the whole.
  4. I went from a CR Speed to the Carbon Arms set up and never looked back. Having the ability to adjust the ratchet on the fly ,1 click one way or the other, makes a functional belt comfortable.
  5. I can't speak to the D60, but I have been running the Surefire for a little over a year now with no issues. It has been my primary mag on damn near every multigun stage I have shot over the last year with good success. I will say that I load it at 55 rounds, not for any specific reason other than I usually never have to worry about getting to round 60 on a stage and it's just a habit from loading aluminum 30s for so long.
  6. I just signed up for the match Friday night. Looking forward to it, it will be my first major match. Still waiting on the confirmation email.
  7. I run Aguila 124g out of my S2 and like them very much. Recoil is very manageable and they cycle flawlessly. I would say I have close to 8K rounds with maybe 1 FTF. And honestly, I can't remember if that was the Aguila or if it was some other ammo I was trying out.
  8. I'll be there this Thursday. Looking forward to the stages.
  9. Unloaded starts from the bench, from both surrender and hands at sides. If your indoor range allows holster work, there are many options for unloaded start, loaded starts, drawing from surrender while incorporating the dot torture target. If your range allows rapid fire, you can practice Bill drills. And usually using a target with 6 8" circles on it, you can work on transitions.
  10. I started out with the Invictus Practical and I kept losing rounds or having them pop half way out. I went on to the Safariland quads and Double 8 and I am a fan. I have been lucky to have not lost a round while running the Safariland caddies. This would happen a lot, a round would hit the ground, the second round would dangle, then hit the ground. (Pics below).
  11. Like most have already stated. Don't go out and buy all the gear right away. Run what you have, borrow what you would like to try out. Most 3 gunners are happy to let you try their gear (most, not all). And as Kellyn said, zero your rifle and no your holds.
  12. Did you try running 1145s with the stock springs? Since I have unboxed my M2 (3Gun model, which from what I have read, has the same springs as a standard model) I have ran nothing but the cheap Wally World AAs and Federal 1145 shells with no hicups. I have only put approx. 600 rounds through it of the 1145s with no issues, but I'm just curious on why you went directly to upgrading springs before running the stock springs first?
  13. I went with the +9. And honestly, being able to quad load from the start position, when most times you start with movement and not shooting, helps out. Running Tacops
  14. Welcome to the world of shooting. As stated above, if you are looking to get sponsored there are pretty much three ways of accomplishing this. 1) Start competing in USPSA, IDPA and Steel challenge events. As you continue to compete and gain classifications in divisions along with either winning or consistency scoring high in local and not so local matches, vendors/sponsors will notice you and may approach you to sponsor you with certain items that you may need or use. If they are going to have you be a walking billboard for their products, they are going to want you to show off the items
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