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  1. I have this in my Limited Gun and have had no issues
  2. Do what’s comfortable I tried both ways and ended with bullets forward.
  3. The PM9 was my first 1911, loved the gun from the day I started breaking it in
  4. Look at Phoenix Trinity that’s what I switched to its widest I found
  5. I loaded 147 FMJ 1.125 OAL with Sport Pistol at 3.3 Grains and made 141 PF, coated from my experience usually take less I am going to 3.0 Grains next on FMJ
  6. I use the load data on Sport Pistol web site for a starting point. But I chrono all of them some of my loads change a lot from what you read or get recommended to do. I am doing the same with 9mm that I just started loading, I normally just load 40
  7. All of the CZ’s I had to load at 1.12 or I couldn’t run them
  8. I got Berrys from Precision Reloading last week
  9. All you have to do is let them contact them and they will tell you. They custom fit my SVI for me
  10. I have 3 and all work great I have them for 1911's and 2011's
  11. I have three and all are great fit my 1911’s and 2011’s perfect
  12. King Glock from what they told me they have just been released you will need the adaptor . Mine dropped right in, I also ordered several springs as well they have to be the Wolff Springs to fit, Good service got in two days.
  13. It’s already out I got one last week for my G45
  14. Did you use the adaptor that is needed? I just put one in my G45 Gen 5 with no problem, I used a Jentra with 14 lb spring
  15. Right now where I shoot at least 90% shoot .22, works good. I switched several month back and there are lot of good .22 guns and accessories available
  16. I just got the new Hogue Wraptor and put on mine fit was great and can't tell the difference from the SC application
  17. If you regret it you can sell as easy as you bought it, and somebody won't have to be on a wait list. That's how I got mine and never looked back just enjoy every time I shoot it
  18. So far I have TTI Sights installed, Trigger Work ,SLR Magwell coming, Vickers Tactical Slide Lock and Mag Release coming. Next we see what it likes for ammo
  19. Just got one myself first Glock, sights with a tune-up already set up.
  20. I have tried Wolff 12# as well as Wolff 14#. I switched recently to ISMI 12.5 as so far this has been better for the loads I run.
  21. I tried CGW, CZ Custom as well as CZ's. Ended up with Henning's on every CZ I owned.
  22. I looked for weeks last year and what you did find was to big as well as overpriced. The WRB that Eric posted is nice and reasonably priced and nicer that the one I have.
  23. Lotion tried spray didn’t like as much. I use Shooters Connection and get a bottle or two when I place orders
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