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  1. MemphisMechanic

    Carry Optics Thread

    @DB_Cooper at $1400 a lot of guys are still going to run an X-Five. It might chip into the number of CZs and Tanfos getting milled for red dots though. The guns being run by guys who are set on heavy steel frames, plus getting a Stock 2 or Shadow2 down to legal weight will total $1400 once you factor in the gun, triggerjob, and machinework.
  2. MemphisMechanic

    What's the best trigger for Gen 5 Glock 17?

    Minus connector, trigger spring, and a whole lot of practice. Talk to your B class locals and you’ll get a litany of $200 triggerjob options. Talk to the GMs, and they’ll recommend $30 in parts, and practicing with it 30 minutes per day.
  3. MemphisMechanic

    Reporting PCC results separately

    Won’t change anything. The first thing these guys would do? Pull both match results up on practisore and see who won the whole thing. Just like before.
  4. MemphisMechanic PCC muzzle

    That’s what it’s all about. An exposed handgun or rifle, with chamber flagged or slide locked back? Subjectively it feels less safe to have the bore swung across your body than if that weapon is inside a zipped-shut case where you cannot visually confirm it’s operating state. Cleared a handgun in the safe area, hammer down, then slid it deeply inside a range bag which is zipped shut. Then pick the bag up, turn around, and wave farewell to your buddies. You just swept the muzzle across every last one of them and no one is going to bat an eye. Yup.
  5. MemphisMechanic

    IFG Stock 1 for CO Tuning and Bullet Info

    Agreed. It shoots lights out - in my PCC and all of my handguns, it is noticeably tighter than my coated and plated loads. And it’s the same price as an FMJ in sufficient quantity. You’ll have no problem with 1.125 in a barrel that Patriot has reworked.
  6. MemphisMechanic

    Carry Optics Thread

    There is absolutely no maximum handgun size for your gun when it shows up on match day covered in bolt-on widgets. But the unmodified iron-sighted gun had to fit in a box when submitted to USPSA for addition to the Production list.
  7. MemphisMechanic

    Carry Optics Thread

    Sure there is. As seen above. CO guns be on the Production list, which means they had to fit in the box when built with irons. That’s what he was saying.
  8. MemphisMechanic

    IFG Stock 1 for CO Tuning and Bullet Info

    You need to include this right up front. You will be able to run that bullet out to around 1.150” without any issues if you’d like to. 124 JHPs from PD are some of the most accurate bullets out there, and you really can’t go wrong with them if your guns feed them 100%. I personally heavily prefer a 124 in a Tanfoglio, too. They’re cheaper than 147s and the gun doesn’t feel as soft and sluggish. Ben Stoeger wins a lot of matches each year with off-the-shelf factory 124gr ammo.
  9. MemphisMechanic

    best factory ammo for 9mm PCC competition

    @Silverscooby27 if he’s running 9mm through a Titan, he’s probably a 3-gun shooter. They don’t have a PF to make.
  10. MemphisMechanic

    "show clear" round stuck

    Have your barrel reamed to fit the rounds you’re loading, load shorter ammo with that bullet, or load ammo with a more friendly profile.
  11. MemphisMechanic

    CMMG Guard tuning (9mm)

    Ahh! Never seen an FM lower - nothing is standardized in AR9’s and there are so many damn brands! Okay, that might indeed work. Although using my approach might be easier than trying to file/dremel down material inside of the magwell opening. Nonetheless, I hope my post helps the next guy looking to build a Guard on a conventional 9mm lower even though it may not apply to yours. Good luck and keep us posted on what you figure out.
  12. MemphisMechanic

    CMMG Guard tuning (9mm)

    For those who aren’t aware, a CMMG Guard bolt looks exactly like a 5.56’s. Gear teeth. Pin style ejector in the bolt face. Etc. So you have to remove the ejector from a blowback lower in order to run a Guard bolt & barrel on it. But the ejector is also your magazine stop, which keeps mags from overinserting if you load the gun with the bolt open. Here’s how I modified the ejector to ride the magazine on top of the metal feed lip and firmly set magazine height between the mag catch and this new stop. I do not recommend this with aftermarket mags. ETS and other mags have plastic feed lips which are thicker: If you set this up for Glock mags you get steel on steel. Insert an ETS mag and it won’t lock into the gun. You need to readjust ejector height, and metal riding on that brittle ETS plastic made me nervous about wear. Factory setup: nowhere near clearing the large Guard bolt, even if you do lower the ejector til it contacts the mag: Filled in the top of the window of my KE Arms ejector with a quick MIG weld: Ground the top down as thin as I dared, then removed steel from the bottom so it can ride lower in the ejector slot of the reciever: Complete. Side view: Bent sideways until it clears the gear teeth of the bolt, rides in the slot in the carrier, and also rests directly atop the steel liner of the magazine feed lips: (for this step, paint the stop with a sharpie and cycle the gun. Continue adding more bend until the sharpie isn’t scrubbed off when you cycle the bolt.) Runs flawlessly:
  13. MemphisMechanic

    CMMG Guard tuning (9mm)

    Epoxy isn’t strong enough - not for how much of the original material I removed. I had to cut ALL of the original steel off the top of the window on my ejector. Put a spacer under it? On the contrary: I had to cut 1/4” or so off of it in order to make it sit lower in the slot. I think some companies might use a solid ejector without a window in it. If so, buy one and start with that! You won’t need to weld... just file, cut, and sand. <<EDIT! Jackpot! Buy a couple of these so you have a spare, and take a dremel cutoff wheel or a hacksaw to the top and bottom as seen below. No epoxy or welding needed.>> https://www.newfrontierarmory.com/shop/ejector-c9-c45/ Carve an ejector up. They’re cheap and easy to buy and easy to replace. It’s not forged into the lower, man!
  14. MemphisMechanic

    Walther new steel frame competition Q5

    Oh that’s it? Easy enough to run any aftermarket guide rod then. Thanks!
  15. MemphisMechanic

    My PCC comparison, JP is worth it.

    https://www.targetsportsusa.com/federal-ae-9mm-luger-ammo-124-gr-fmj-ae9ap-p-659.aspx Well under 20 cents per round. Although some guns will always prefer something else, A.E. is generally pretty accurate and isn’t loaded super hot. I do 18yds I think. 25yd makes your offset up close a bit excessive, and good hits up close are important. Your shooting is 90% 15 yards and under in USPSA. Once you zero your dot at the static range, shoot groups at 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, and 7 yd. Take pics of them to refer to when dryfiring so you know where to hold on a partial target at that distance. Oh, and make sure you know where to put the dot so you land dead center A when shooting a 3yd headshot. Lots of guys give away points by shooting 2 bravos (now charlies) just below the upper A box.