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  1. MemphisMechanic

    What should be the FPS goal in reloading USPSA/IDPA

    147 X 950 = 139,650 So right now you’re at 139.7 power factor. That’s a bit excessive, yes. However, take accuracy into account as you comtinue to develop loads. Many guns will prefer a certain overall length and a certain velocity; it’s common for many guns to shoot tighter groups at 135 PF than they do at 125 PF. But that isn’t always true. Many of my guns have shot their best groups at 1.120-1.125” OAL. But that’s not always true. Either. (Some guns won’t even let you load coated bullet ammo that long because their chambers are so short.) I generally try to hit around 133-135 power factor and then I’ll play with OAL to find the most accurate length for that specific bullet and gun combination. Then I’ll tweak powder charge to finalize the load for accuracy and recoil.
  2. MemphisMechanic

    No love for the S&W M&P in USPSA

    @Mcfoto correct. There’s every reason to shoot .40 in Limited. Just not out of an M&P.
  3. MemphisMechanic

    No love for the S&W M&P in USPSA

    Agree; unless you handload there’s no reason to be shooting .40 in USPSA. And the M&P with their legendarily mediocre accuracy in 9mm fell out of favor in general around 5 years ago. Most of us diehards switched to metal guns, or back to Glock... or to a newer / ergonomically superior / more accurate plastic gun, like the Walther Q5.
  4. MemphisMechanic

    Walther PPQ sights.

    The Q5 sights definitely do not work. The front would, but the dovetail for the LPA rear is very different from a standard PPQ. As a hater of adjustable sights, I was going to go the other way and put fixed Dawsons on the Q5 if possible. What don’t you like about fixed Dawsons? (I remedied the situation by carving my PPQ up for a DeltaPoint Pro rear sight. )
  5. So that 26oz polymer kids can’t complain they’re at a disadvantage to 44oz steel ones.
  6. MemphisMechanic

    Glock 34 and coated bullets and upgrades questions

    Stock barrel is fine with coated.
  7. What John said. They came out with a Stock. Then later when the Stock II arrived, people referred to the original gun as a Stock I. Then we got a Stock III and still everything was fine and dandy. Well, their newest gun model has “Stock 1” engraved in the side instead of a far more logical “Stock 4”... and it is a very different gun from your Stock. Ugh. Thanks, Tanfo.
  8. MemphisMechanic

    Expanding mouth of shell.

    SECONDED. I saw this recommended but figured nah... the Dillon has always worked great. Wound up installing one of these when I added a MrBulletFeeder... and it actually is a massive upgrade to a traditional trumpet-style flare for hand-seating bullets.
  9. MemphisMechanic

    CZ tso Trigger delay

    Damn @skyjumper... how many times do you need to be told to back your overtravel screw out? Stop posting. Stop taking it back to the range and talking with idiots. Stop looking at your ammo. ...and go adust that set screw.
  10. MemphisMechanic

    Plated or FMJ for my new 9mm loads?

    Depends on the gun. If you have an MPX and hate cleaning the gas port, or a PCC of any sort which has a compensator installed? Don’t run FMJ. The exposed lead base gunked the comp up on my gun pretty quickly. A JHP or plated bullet doesn’t have an exposed lead base like an FMJ. It shoots ten times cleaner with Everglades plated than with FMJs or coated bullets.
  11. MemphisMechanic

    Finally a better comp! Pics!

    @Apolo I get it now. I hadn’t noticed the lack of porting in the new barrel!
  12. MemphisMechanic

    Change red dot AFTER cutting slide

    Ouch. I’m going to hope my DPP continues to prove that it was “one of the good ones” and runs for another few years. Best of luck with the new Vortex! I won’t buy anything from SIG these days. Strong internet fanboy presence, but EVERYTHING has a recall or serious issues within the first few years of it’s release, these days. They’re the worst at using their customers as beta-testers... and the fanboys still line up.
  13. MemphisMechanic

    Change red dot AFTER cutting slide

    Worthless, horrible idea. If the bottom of the dot isn’t rubbing your firing pin, your gun sucks. (My little PPQ project:) @johnbu which dot are you switching to, and from? And why?
  14. MemphisMechanic

    Finally a better comp! Pics!

    If possible, do one with the old compensator and the new one.
  15. MemphisMechanic

    Broken Firing Pins in Extreme Bolts - Anything Better?

    I’m running a JP in my Guard hybrid build now. Pretty damn happy with it, especially at half the price of all the hyperfire-ish priced units. I pulled it out of my 5.56 gun to play with in 9mm. It’s eating everything, and it’s plenty short and crisp.