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  1. Install new springs in your mags. Preferably some extra-power ones. As soon as they wear a little, the rounds can bounce downward into the mag slightly before the slide begins to strip a round. (But this happens only when a mag is slammed in hard.) If youe gun will autoforward and fail to strip a round or if it jams? Immediately change your mag springs before proceeding to diagnose other issues. Most of us are far too lax in replacing them in a timely fashion anyway.
  2. Open the topic...? I don’t know. Honestly I don’t use that feature. My Enos bookmark is set to take me to the newest hottest posts thingy that appears when you click the icon in the upper right, and I usually review what’s listed in there, then move on with my day.
  3. Implying, therefore, that internal safeties can? Have you had your gun function tested by those DNROI-trained staff dudes at a major match? I understand how you arrived at your interpretation of things, but in this case clearly USPSA goes with “ALL safeties must work. Not just externals.” In the case of this gun yes he’s legal. The gun (serialized frame) did not come with a FPB.
  4. @mattx if you’re the RO and you notice it in time? It has happend a few times where I was actually able to focus on the target in time to observe where the new holes got punched. Breaking the rule down? This is a common sense one: If you can accurately determine the score the shooter earned with certainty, you score it as shot. It doesn’t matter how that comes to pass: different sized holes, you remember where the previous hits were, or you saw the current shooter’s hits arrive. If you have even a bit of doubt, you do the fair and decent thing, and order a r
  5. @mrd this does indeed seem strange. CZ shooters are delighted with the similarly-balanced Shadow 2, and many would be delighted to add the Tanfo’s bull barrel. Tanfo guys on the other hand are pickier about balance. I agree than an IFG limited pro or a Stock 2 would make more sense than lightening this one.
  6. Grip it all you want. Just don’t rip it. Even a little bit.
  7. You only have 6,000 rounds through them? Definitey shoot more, and type less. Most of the guys around here soured on STI because they won’t hold up longterm. Your guns are barely broken in. 5,000 rounds is just a few months of ownership for someone shooting competitively and practicing hard: 20-50k per year is not uncommon. That is why STI fled this market, and began selling as Staccato to people who shoot less.
  8. The only use he mentioned was hunting. Second scentence. A situation where you don’t want an over-the-ear muff, given the stock you’ll need to cheekweld against. You’re not wrong about ROing Open guys, where doubling up on hearing protection is vital... but I’m pretty sure nobody’s throwing dozens of popple-holed spaceblaster shots at a deer. If they are, I want video. ”Today on Shooting USA? Christian Sailer goes hunting with Team Infinity Outfitters!”
  9. @Stafford search for ‘Travis Tomasie Shot Calling’ on youtube. The demonstrated process is the same with a dot, it’s just even easier to see than with his irons in the video.
  10. The seear isn’t moving sufficently to clear the half-cock notch on the hammer as it swing past. Start with the easiest thing to check: Remove the overtravel setscrew from your trigger and tell us if it changed anything.
  11. If you’re calling your shots based off where the dot or front sight lifts into recoil from, you should never be surprised by the locations of the holes in the targets. If you aren’t doing that, and you attempt to go fast? The final scentence in your post is what happens, and you didn’t know it was occuring.
  12. Plan for roughly a year as the shortest likely answer. It was longer when Obama entered office and everyone lost their minds. We went 2-3 years without ever seeing 22LR ammo on the shelves in a store, too. Even when supply returns, many of you who are freshly learning this lesson will stock up on a 2-3 year supply, extending how long it takes for inventory to return to normal by several months. I have somewhere over 30k in my safe... because I learned during the previous shortage. I’d consider myself “out of primers” when I hit 25-30,000 and reorder like nor
  13. The #1 real-life useful thing I learned from my years working up to A in production was to shoot everything inside of 10-15 yards or so with a target focus through the sights. Optics are slower to acquire than a dot - up close one can use irons to land hits with everything misaligned well beyond the dot’s presence in the window. Irons are also always faster inside of about 7 yards, in my opinion. Irons work in the rain, when covered in blood, and most shooters have had an optic fail if they’ve been running CO regularly and shoot a high volume of rounds. Dot
  14. A coil spring should never be the element that determines a slide or bolt’s travel length. It can only do so by reaching full coil bind, which is less than ideal for the spring. We use the 308 and/or rifle springs for more spring weight, not to reduce travel. In an AR, the buffer is sandwiched between the bolt and the bottom of the buffer tube and it is what stops rearward travel. That’s exactly why people stack quarters in them - to reduce travel length since you cannot do so by swapping springs.
  15. $100 ProChono Digital for the win. Mine’s at least 10 years old and still running great. Shoot through the top of the screens and lower your POA slightly if needed in order to get a reading. Remember, there are no bonus points awarded for getting your bullets as close to the sensor as possible. Shoot through the top half as long as it’ll read it - and the prochrono will read damn near anything
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