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  1. Back when I shot IDPA, this rule was still in place at Arkansas State circa 2011. Every competitor before me put three rounds into the same target half-hidden behind a car at 20yds, then reloaded at slidelock. I wound up changing my plan and putting that shot into a target at 5yds because I broke the first shot early while swinging onto it. It got 2 more A’s punched into it, resulting in three closely spaced holes. I unloaded with an SO attempting to ding me for dumping... because I didn’t dump the extra round where we’re supposed to. Or something. The MD o
  2. This. The standard deviation is only something to concern yourself with if your rounds display poor accuracy, and even then it’s just one of several common variables. Not even the first one we look at. If it shoots as well or better than you run factory ammo through the same gun? Call it good.
  3. Stick it in a vest or pant pocket, or tuck it into your waistband. Those are the sum total of the competitive options available.
  4. Once you have a gun milled you’ll never go back. The optic sits so wonderfully low that all of your muscle memory with irons really helps you find the dot in funky situations. And the switch back to irons for carry is so much easier. It’s also more reliable; optic mounting is much more secure when it’s press-fit into a notch in the slide with half as many fasteners. You can sell a milled gun set up for competition here on Enos quite easily.
  5. @DirkD @Joe4d @Thomas H Are you guys aware the restrictions against frequent changing of the rules were subtly and delibrately removed, permitting the BOD and president to change and update things constantly? Check an old printed rulebook against the current one. Those sections are gone. That rules instability thing we complain about is a ‘feature’ implemented by the current administration. They went paperless specifically to allow continuous modification & improvement. On purpose. And most of us didn’t even notice. There’s no point in printi
  6. Opening up the division to 59oz custom shop DA/SA raceguns which 80% of the divison shoots REALLY chased off the 5% of the field who want the division to require a bone stock G34 with plastic sights. 80% vs 5%. The math checks out.
  7. I had to ream my Apex barrel as well. I’ve also done quite a few factory 2.0 barrels for guys - they’re hardened steel and your average reamer will get destroyed because it’s softer than the barrel. 5th gen glocks, Shadow 2s, and M&Ps all have short chambers incredibly hard barrels which require a tungsten carbide reamer. So did half of my Walther PPQ & PPSs, for that matter: I don’t like loading to different lengths for different guns. That’s why I have a tungsten reamer now.
  8. I have two original DPPs with 5,000 and 8,000 rounds on them respectively, but I don’t consider them a reliable optic just because I happen to be an outlier. Nor should you, with your SRO - particularly because most of the competition dots tend to break between 5k and 15k. The RMR is amazingly phenomenal and will likely never fail unless the batteries die. No one disputes that. There have just been large numbers of SROs going down, right about the same rate as a Sig or 5th gen CMore RTS2 optic. If you watch your friends have failures, they simply aren’t gifted with Trij
  9. No USPSA shooter cares about rimfire steel challenge unless they’re pro shooters, or 70+ year old men. Just kidding! (...Mostly... I don’t, but I know tons of others do.)
  10. They’re talking about the message from Brianenos.com that shows up in your account when someone sends you a PM. This requires you to have that notification turned on in your settings here in the forum, obviously. To view your waiting messages on a mobile device, you have to either click the link in that email, or go directly to the /messenger URL posted above. Just like you can only see your pending notifications by going to forum.brianenos.com/notifications
  11. @j1b the majority of shooters are in your camp, in my opinion. Especally production shooters like myself, I’ve noticed. We tend to absolutely care about our placement at local matches relative to our buddy in CO or Limited who has a comparable skill level. It comes down to your nature; if you’re a higjly competitive person you’re going to find places to exercise that, and yardsticks to measure yourself against. Overall finish matters at my locals when I’m chatting with my buddies about it afterward.
  12. I found myself in the same camp. I liked my Stock 3 best with a 10 pound spring. I also found that the gun had extraction issues (empty case didn’t clear port) until I fixed them with Wolff’s billion-pound extractor spring.
  13. They will make a mess out of your comp with a clean burning powder, given enough time. After 2,000 blues loaded with Prima V, I had to get the dremel out and grind the concrete out of my comp. The ports were roughly half the size they should have been. I switched to 115gr plated from RMR and the gun stays nice and clean. Well worth an extra dollar or two per range session. I also like shooting 115s because the gun is super flat at 140ish PF when the bullet is supersonic. That crack makes it much easier to pick up your shots with a timer. My PCC is the only g
  14. The SRO breaks a little bit less often than everything else, but it’s like all the other large slide ride dots out there: unlike their other optics... you do need a spare. It’s not bulletproof. It’s just another dot. Source: at least half a dozen guys who run one hard that I’ve talked to have broken one.
  15. @matto6 I can think of at least three repeat national champions who aren’t at all mindful of locking their wrists, their focus is on gripping the gun with sufficent pressure. If it works for you, great. A lot of guys find success with similar methodologies... but a lot of people also shoot at world class levels with other techniques. Use what works for you.
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