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  1. While I don’t disagree with you, the Production national champion has run american eagle 124gr factory ammo through a Tanfoglio both years, I’m fairly certain. Not the case for Limited.
  2. Having reamed at least fifty barrels for guys, I will say that you have the ideal gun for a large amount of material removal. SP-01 shadow and TS barrels cut like butter. As easy as they come. Shadow 2s? Well, there’s a reason I have a carbide reamer. Too many guns feature hardened barrels and polygonal rifling nowadays. That said, @zzt has a point. What you need to do is to open up a substantial portion of the rear of the chamber itself from a hole sized for 9mm brass to one for .40 brass, right? Gotta make room for that fat bottom of the case. It *seems* to me that you need a 357SIG roughing and finish reamer for this task. Most of what you need to do has nothing to do with the rifled portion of the barrel.
  3. Shoot a gun with an Extreme trigger first. The flatter trigger looks like it would feel better... but there are a lot of guys around here who bought one, then sold it in classifieds. There’s a lot to be said for that funny looking, but really ergonomic, curved trigger.
  4. I set things like that up locally and it is amazing how often people shoot A/C combinations on the targets as if they’re a 10 HF stage where that can be a winning strategy. A 12-18 round stage with lots of movement, a steel and activator, a tight position for a single target, etc? They really test your ability to be efficient in EVERYTHING the stage features.
  5. Really? A lot of shooters I know are rather cheap. A single $3,500 doublestack 2011 in .40 or one Open gun was the limit of what they were willing to pay for. Now you want them to buy multiple $2,000 (including upgrades, ammo pouches, mags, sights, etc) weapons to shoot a single match with? *AND* have three times the gunsmithing headaches keeping all those guns running flawlessly? No thanks man. I’m good with a one-gun match.
  6. Interesting angle I hadn’t considered: Everyone who has gotten really good at USPSA has gotten laser-focused on one division and practiced hard at that one thing for years with minimal equipment changes. No room for squirrels. Gotta go dryfire.
  7. This. The “loading” portion of shotgun never dissuaded me from shooting 3 Gun. The need for ma shotgun at all? That was why I never participated. There’s no way I’m putting over $1,000 into buying and setting up a 12-gauge. Zero desire to spend money there. The primary thing 3-gun offered that I wanted? To learn to effectively run and gun with an AR-style rifle. To be as proficient with a long gun as I am with a handgun. Then USPSA created PCC. PCC offers that opportunity in a match which has 10-45 second stage times, much faster reset times between shooters... and I don’t have to be out there all day to shoot 4 or 5 stages? Sold! I never got around to shooting 3-gun, and now I never will.
  8. youTube channels are just as bad. ”Got pulled over by the cops, you’ll never believe what happened!” ... if you watch the video? Fourteen unedited minutes worth of him getting a speeding ticket. Nothing unbelievable transpires at all.
  9. I agree. You can set up three or four simple boxes or ports with tight partials and long steel... and you snow have an Accuracy Stage, but not an overly technical one. This. This is a technical stage recipe. Whatever you do, don’t setup up a port with 4 targets, then another port with 4, and repeat. Move a few targets around. Consider combining one or more of the following: 1) Make a few available from two or even three ports. 2) Leave a couple of them visible while moving from port to port. 3) Perhaps place barricades so that one target is only visible from each corner of the shooting area, then leave remainder of them exposed for most of the stage. 4) Make a few of the targets available from multiple place into shots that are too tight to comfortably shoot on the move, while others pretty much beg for it. (Or do something fun and unusual: like an activator steel that operates a swinger in another port.)
  10. No. They’re the problem children. The DVC series in particular is a headache all but promised.
  11. Wow. Following now. Beautiful lines.
  12. @RickT one of the nice things about a short shrouded barrel is that you can use the same loads for Production and PCC without making a change. What makes 133pf through a handgun is usually 140-145 in a 16” AR9.
  13. If you don’t want to compromise on barrel weight, you might just want to settle for a heavier gun. Anything you did to take weight off the back (and you can’t shed much back there) would just make the gun very muzzle-heavy. That barrel is nearly half the weight of my 5lb 15oz PCC - which is running a barrel I turned down to hit 20oz *including* the pinned & welded comp. Barrel. Handguard. Stock. These are where the vast majority of the weight savings take place, and weight out in front of the magwell matters much more than weight behind it.
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