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  1. This. Unfortunately the case.
  2. Hi Sir


    I have a new Shadow 2

    Planning to upgrade for IPSC production

    This is my plan parts to install.

    -CZ Custom hammer

    -CGW T5 Shadow disconnector

    -13lbs hammer spring (any recommended brand?)

    -Extended firing pin (any recommended brand)

    -Firing pin spring (any recommended brand?


    Do you have any other recommended parts to be replaced?


    Thank you very much Sir in advance.

  3. The floating pin allows exactly what @haiedras said - the part dictates the reset without hours of meticulous fitting, and is a desireable feature. Running a tight-fitting pin is actually a downgrade.
  4. I always saw the most appeal in beating the shiny-expensive-toy guys with a $500 POS. Admittedly, I skipped the step about putting in the practice to break into M class, so I am hardly leading by example here. But I really enjoy watching guys like Vogel stomp the Akai/Atlas division, or seeing Nils clean up in Carry Optics with a $400 Canik. Perhaps that’s why I lean the way that I do.
  5. I think he meant himself, oh oversensitive one.
  6. Go shoot it. If the gun groups well with your ammo, stop worrying about it right there. The biggest way to cut your OAL variations by 75% is to sort by headstamp, which is the one thing onlt old retired folks care enough to do. Chrono good? Shoot tight groups? Keep on loading just the way it is.
  7. Carve your backstrap with a dremel until it is paper thin. Carve a reciprocal groove in the frame if possible to enlarge the cavity in the backstrap. Pack it with tungsten weights and epoxy, mount the backstrap on the gun, and let it cure. Epoxy & silicon carbide grit over the whole grip and you’ll never be able to tell. My PPQ has roughly 6 ounces in the backstrap. It helps that Tunsten is 1.74 times denser than lead.
  8. @Stafford good move. I see so many guys who have been around for 8 years and are still casual C-class guys. But they’ve put $6,000 into a Limited gun with 6-12 tuned mags and a full belt rig. (Or they buy a new gun and gear twice per season.) They could be having 100% of the fun they’re having now with a Glock 17 in Limited Minor. Realizing that on the front end is a well-examined decision.
  9. What happens when you overtorque mounting screws? Expensive things. Clean them spotless with solvent, loctite them, and torque them right. He torqued the adapter plate down with a hex key, bolts failed. Blammo.
  10. @Tirppa play with the slide. Push the block into the slide by hand and see when the firing pin passes it, and when it doesn’t. But yes. The sear leg holds the block in the depressed-into-slide position and blocks the firing pin from moving forward. When the trigger is pulled the block moves back out and the pathway is clear. Glocks, M&Ps, Walthers, and most striker guns work the opposite: as you pull the trigger the striker block is raised upward into the slide. This moves the block out of the striker’s path.
  11. Which is a much better way to do things, honestly. Makes it easy to create much more interesting stage designs without assembling a dozen barrels or as many yards of wall section.
  12. Use red. Not blue. Just warm it up with a heat gun if you ever need to remove it.
  13. Thanks for sharing this. Bookmarking in case I decide to add a camera to mine.
  14. Agreed. If I were shooting distance in a match I’d abandon my soft, flat handgun ammo and load some screaming high-quality 115gr FMJs to both (1) hunt for more accuracy and (2) flatten my trajectory out some. I’ve shot my coated-bullet USPSA loads against some quality 115 +P factory JHP ammo through my PCC. Group sizes are drastically smaller at just 25 yds. Sure, it’d slow you down a second or so with dot bounce on up-close arrays, but you’d make up for it on the longrange stuff than can sasily add up over 30 seconds.
  15. You absolutely need to shoot your ammo through your own gun before this match if you want to be able to hit anything consistently.
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