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  1. MemphisMechanic

    Solo 1000!

    Call and ask. And this might help if it ever arrives:
  2. MemphisMechanic

    Limited Ready Glock17

    Correct. The 24 is a 17L... just chambered for 40 caliber. If @Gloxrunna had any competition at his matches at all (anyone C class should be in the bottom third of the pack in Limited) he’d already have sold his 9 for a 40 caliber, because he was getting crushed shooting Minor. Major lets you shoot targets on the move, and partials, really agressively because Charlies don’t hurt if you’re moving fast. (Imagine the way you’d tackle an IDPA stage if they went to 1/10th of a second per point down.)
  3. MemphisMechanic

    Another 9mm bullet question

    @mofosheee I have found titegroup NOT to be particualrly sensitive to OAL; backing a load of 4.0gr titegroup and 124 FMJ which was at 1.150” all the way down to 1.110” resulted in a negligible increase in velocity. It came up a few points worth in powerfactor; little enough I’m comfortable saying you wouldn’t be doing something dangerous.. but enough that I’d definitely chrono and adjust. Your finished load at 1.125”-1.150” with a plated 124 and titegroup likely be around 3.8 to 4.0 grains. Depending on how long & fast your barrel is, and if you’re the kind of guy who likes to load to 125.001 powerfactor... or up around 135, like I do. (Spoiler alert: the difference between 128 and 135 power factor with a 124 is almosy exactly 50 fps. With the same powder and bullet you *cannot* feel the difference in recoil or muzzle flip. Load a bit hotter, it only helps you.)
  4. MemphisMechanic

    1050 or another 650

    Compare that half hour to what’s required for a 650 The best thing about the 1050 for loading a bilion rounds is that the shellplate doesn’t move up and down, and the ram goes through the center of it. The worst thing about the 1050 for swapping calibers is that the shellplate doesn’t move up and down, and the ram goes through the center of it.
  5. MemphisMechanic

    Limited Ready Glock17

    Sell it and buy a 35 or 24. Also, I too would love to see match results with Minor coming out on top of Major.
  6. MemphisMechanic

    Looking for a specific range cart

    My $40 pop-up wagon from academy sports with a rifle rack & shelf welded onto it goes over rougher terrian... ?
  7. MemphisMechanic

    9mm only reloading

    You will never regret it. I thought the 650 was an impressive machine and was totally content. Never load on a friend’s 1050 unless you want to go home and spend the money... I’ll just say that.
  8. MemphisMechanic

    Dillon 1050 Cover ?

    Nothing. Moved the press from the garage into a compact closet, I leave the 1050 full of components at all times, and try to pull the handle just 20 times a day... It never gets dusty, and I always have ammo in the bin for the next range session.
  9. MemphisMechanic

    9mm only reloading

    Lies. I’m gonna have to call you on this because, like you, I was a 650 apologist for years. “It’s great, who needs a 1050?” With a wide variety of mixed brass leading to the occasional tight primer pocket, and CCI primers, they still happen a few times in 500 rounds. Not to mention the half-dozen or so you’ll flat out deform (or crush!) before you feel the increased effort while cranking ammo out fast with a bulletfeeder installed. If you only feed your press princess brass and buttery-soft federal primers, you’re probably correct. (And for the record, in well over 30,000 rounds I never had my seating assembly come loose on the 650.)
  10. MemphisMechanic

    40 lite CO

    I had the 20 rounds I needed after going through the doorway... plus 4 extras in the gun. That let me push agressively on the first two steel back there, without adding a second mag change: 9mm gets you to 23+1 in most platforms... and you’ll want that kind of capacity frequently.
  11. That’s what I’d do. That said, I had a brand new dillon spring & cup... and the level 10 was STILL a huge change.
  12. MemphisMechanic

    9mm only reloading

    @rdinga there are features on the 1050 people dont mention often enough: 1) How SHOCKINGLY easy the handle is to pull compared to the SDB/550/650. It feels like I have twice the leverage. No more tight shoulder / elbow after 500 rounds. 2) The fact that one primer will just keep been presented for a dozen cycles until you finally use it. Massive upgrade over a 650. Empty station? No problem. That primer just shuttles back out and gets fed to the next piece of brass. 3) Primer depth is a mechanical adjustment. Yes swages primer pockets are amazing, but you always hear that. High primers are a constant worry with a 650 and you pay constant attention to the feel of every case. With the 1050 every pocket has been swaged, and it presses them all to the same depth. Load 1,000 and they’ll all feel exactly the same, and case gauge like it too.
  13. @IHAVEGAS The Level10 spring is much longer and stronger than my (brand new) revised factory spring... but only compresses half as far to avoid over-working it, because the cup nearly contacts the press frame where it mounts to your bench. It’s a lot longer. The effort required to drive the handle down didn’t increase noticeably, but upward “self return” effort sure did. Highly recommend.
  14. MemphisMechanic

    1050 or another 650

    I loaded on a 650 for ten years. Converted to a 1050 last month. I wish I would have bought one 9 years ago. If I had known? I would have! That said? Caliber conversions take twice as long. Or longer: you’re pretty much rebuilding the press if going from small to large primer... so factor that in as well. If you’ll load thousands of rounds in a aingle caliber before switching? 1050. No question.
  15. MemphisMechanic

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    What do you have in mind regarding a new diet / exercise program? What goals are you looking to reach by making some changes?