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  1. Need a 6 inch eaa barrel 


  2. This. Use the tail that protrudes from the end of the ruler on your digital calipers to measure primer depth. That is PRECISELY what it’s there for, it’s a precision tool, and you already own it.
  3. I’ll be curious to see if anyone around here has experience with the 10mm guns, or not.
  4. Lead primarily enters the body via breathing in the dust while shooting, handling brass, or loading. Following that, it’s from being absorbed through the mucus membranes (wiping eyes or mouth) … and then to a much lesser extent, through the skin itself. The best thing you can do is to do all of your brass processing outdoors in an N95 mask, or switch to wet tumbling while wearing gloves. If the dust produced by a vibratory tumbler and separator is left outdoors, then it isn’t left as a fine layer of dust on every surface in the garage. You might be careful to wear a mask and avoid touching your face as you process the brass and load, but that won’t be the case when you’re out there wrenching on your car next week.
  5. Look for my Tanfoglio Tuning video series on youtube under the same username. Details complete teardown and reassembly of a Stock 3.
  6. You’re going to have to delibrately go one-for-one on an array full of steel on a hard lean, just like the singlestack shooters you’ve seen. The other PCC shooters are going to have 10 rounds to spare, and attack that position as agressively as an Open shooter.
  7. Dillon machines excel at making a lot of pretty accurate, really really quickly. Pretty accute. Not REALLY accurate. You’ll be able to dial in your loads to you guns, and thus they’ll be more accurate than factory ammo. That doesn’t mean a 550/650/750/1050 is the right machine for someone who wants ammo as accurate as they can possibly get. These machines weren’t built for that purpose. If my 650 and 1050 can crank out 2,000 rounds of handgun ammo in an evening that can hold 1.5” at 25 yards, it is exactly what I want.
  8. @rowdyb while I agree that the new classifiers could be better, these are still lightyears ahead of the options we had years ago. At least you’re moving and entering/exiting/loading. I’m just thankful the Org is trying anything new at all.
  9. @jejb since I’ve been in the reloading game around the early 2000s, the 1050 has always been a commerical machine and had a 1 year warranty.
  10. This is fine blanket advice for a novice, however pushing to 11 and exiting the position while executing a slide-lock reload is a trick that should be in every veteran’s back pocket. For a novice, absolutely stick with conservative plans that never get you anywhere near going empty. Just be aware that someday you’ll grow beyond that. Sometimes shooting the gun dry is what wins a stage.
  11. Buy some factory ammo. Run it through the gun. See what happens. Delete your reloads from the equation and see what you get.
  12. @Drillbit I always found the short chamber of the Apex match grade barrels surprising, since they’re aimed at competition shooters. Needless to say, I’ve reamed a lot of them over the years for myself and other guys to be able to load ammo to 1.130-1.60” lengths.
  13. Yes. It was covered above. A more agressive taper on the bullet moves the ogive back: their new bullets let you load longer and still fit them into a gun like a Gen 5 Glock or a Shadow 2.
  14. The gun is only perhaps 10-20% of the equation. Christian Sailer didn’t win every single Area match plus Nationals last year with an SVI… because he shot an Infinity. Guys here on Enos sit around and BS about which recoil spring will give them the biggest advantage… While the guys who placed in the top three are training until their hands bleed, taping them up, and training some more. But then, you knew this already. This same discussion happens many times a year.
  15. Does your ammo plunk and spin in the barrel on that gun? What bullet are you loading and how long are you loading it?
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