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  1. Saul, I will certainly say this: No matter what people might say about their frustration with a DAA product, a great many companies in the gun community could take lessons from you when it comes to customer service.
  2. Hell. If legal... I’d enjoy letting you do it and pretend that it’s anywhere near as fast as it will be coming from the belt.
  3. I load 5-10k on a 1050 between cleanings. I don’t own an RF100 for the reasons you cited. But then you just tripped yourself up, fanboy. Their entire marketing strategy was that this machine would be a cure all the problems of the RF100 at half the cost. Instead it’s a thin Chinese plastic machine that has the same problems the Dillon unit does. I have lots of things from DAA. Some of their stuff is fantastic (my bulletfeeder is terrific) and some of it needs work, like the racer mag pouches I own 10 of.
  4. DAA, machine this out of aluminum, polish every surface, and charge $450-550 for one that works flawlessly when filthy. If it’s VibraPrime or Racer-mag-pouch quality plastic, there’s no way I’d buy something for a mechanized task such as this. If it won’t feed 10,000 filthy primers without cleaning, it’s not fit for ownership by competitive shooters with 1050s. Build it as well as the PAL filler, and I’ll buy one tomorrow.
  5. Sneaking commentary about actual issues onto Enos? Well done sir.
  6. The issue isn’t finding a trigger in this price range. It’s that blowback 9mm guns utilize a much heavier bolt moving more rapidly than a gas-operated rifle caliber. Handgun calibers are much harder on the action. In particular, the trigger. There are a lot of very good, expensive triggers that will die quickly if they’re run in a 9mm gun.
  7. Drop the slide on am empty chamber all you want, it won’t cause that.
  8. These have got to be marketed to the GunFighterDeathStalker Shooting School’s customers. I can’t conceive of any other market. “I really want to appendix carry a gun each day which is the size of a Glock 19, but weighs as much as one that’s made out of tungsten.”
  9. Too late. @B_RAD already bought two. They’ll be up for sale in six weeks in the Classifieds.
  10. You want the plunger spinning to make it a very quick and very high quality job. Chuck it in a drill and shape it with static sandpaper/ file / etc.
  11. Shoot the stage the same way with a DA gun that you would with any other gun. You’ll be shocked how much it doesn’t matter.
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