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  1. the only concern to me are the small screws.... may need to find some strong screws if use blue loctite
  2. grease the groove, dry fire many times a day when work at home, lol
  3. Thanks a lot for the video. What grip is it? And why you are disappointed, since it's a big improvement?
  4. Practice shooting on move in dry fire with a dot is very helpful...just put targets on the wall, and shoot it on the move, pay attention to the dot, realize when the dot is stable
  5. https://www.markvii-loading.com/loading-presses/101-1201-1819.html
  6. Thanks a lot, EVO is 10 stages too from their website.. Don't know the kernel press bodies are the same or not
  7. I searched but still don't sure about the difference for just the two presses, not autodrive, are they different design? thanks a lot
  8. does Dawson make front sight for Valor?
  9. I vote for same platform for carrying/working and competing. go for the sig x5 legion
  10. Walther makes new trigger with safety too.. don't know the release date yet..
  11. I like large moa , 6moa or 8moa for uspsa
  12. why can't find the register link from Practiscore? Thanks a lot
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