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  2. On the question of why use fast powders for limited guns, the general consensus has long been that fast powder + heavy bullet = less felt recoil. If I recall correctly, the SAAMI formula backs that up.
  3. I found it easiest to track arrays. What I mean is your stage plan includes planning to knock down all or only 10 steel in each array then reload to the next array. I stage plan how much steel is in each array and mentally hold on to misses to know when to leave and load. I found it insanely frustrating trying to count to 10 and continually ran the gun empty. Once you get this down you can start planning some standing reloads to run the stage clearing plan.
  4. That is good news, thanks.
  5. I am using 124gr MG JHP @1.130 with 4.2gr N320. Normally MG's are slower so I bumped the powder just to make sure I have a little room to spare.
  6. No, that would be 12. Every shot taken freestyle gives a definite advantage.
  7. Today
  8. A Block owner calling any other gun fat?!?
  9. That should be counted as one procedure, not 12. You get the procedure for making the mistake from the one shooting position.
  10. Did they group? Some of this stuff doesn't matter. My 627 has an overclocked barrel, it shoots the smallest groups of any handgun I own.
  11. I use liberal tears. There free, plentiful and smell like freedom when it comes in contact with gunpowder.
  12. $899 at Sportsmans Outdoor. This place has it listed @ $857, but I'm not familiar w/ the retailer. https://anthonysfirearmwarehouse.com/store/sig-320x59legionr2-320-9mm-x5-5in-legion-17r/
  13. CZ 75 Shaddow 1 SAO -- How do I adjust trigget-pull (weight-of-pull) -- mine is about 1100 grams, but I need 1360 + grams of trigger-pull in my gun....
  14. Optics ready for the DP or Romeo? Dealer BS or true?
  15. Yeah I get that, it’s just the only thing I’ve seen on it so far. Better reviews will come soon I’m sure
  16. igolfat8

    Red dot for TSO

    I totally agree George. I have the same set up on mine with a Burris FF3
  17. I got a response back yesterday from Todd Pearson and this is what he said " Thanks Ralph. Our official policy is one year parts and labor, but I have not seen a case where we did not stand behind our product if it was something due to manufacturing. " Sounds good but I wish this was in writing. It sounds like issues are few and far between from all of the SAR threads I have read on multiple forums.
  18. I will check out the Gcode not familiar with them. Always look at new stuff
  19. The last 3 gun match i went to, was as much track meet as shooting, and most of the shooters timed out in most of the stages. I am a middling 3 gunner and was able to finish most, but not all, of the stages only because i knew what targets to leave. It was almost a steel precision match with all 3 guns. I am not looking for super easy, but IMO if 180 seconds is not enough for the average person to shoot a stage maybe the stages are a little too much. I don't know that anyone at the match finished every stage and some of them are pretty good shooters.
  20. Yesterday
  21. It’s not. And I wouldn’t know why you’d say something like that? a51193. I started in june 2004. I have well over 150 classifiers just in open. Slow learner yes, all day long, I’ll take that criticism. But to attack my character? Geez you must be a Doodie. And my record shows I shot a solid 2-4 classifiers per month about April till October, or whatever the months for I know well over 8 -10 years. Now i I haven’t looked it all up, but I’m confident in the numbers I cited and for you to say different? Geez. Shooting took a back seat when the Wife went to nursing school and money got tight. I haven’t shot but a handful of matches a year since. But it I still love the sport and think about it. I kinda quit coming to forums because of shenanigans like you just pulled. Seems maybe even Enos isn’t the place if they allow dregs like you.
  22. Thanks for all the input , going to shoot a light 38 super tomorrow and see how the hand feels.
  23. Ugh. No. VV powders are very much on the temperature stable side of reloading powders. In other threads on this very forum, people have discussed this, such as the following https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/191646-temp-sensitivity-n320/ where it's mentioned that "The VV manual states their powders have a 1% velocity increase and 3% case pressure increase with each 18 degree (f) temperature increase." So, you'll need to qualify your statement with more data as many of us have experience with it over reasonably wide temperature spreads and have seen (very) good stability. I have chrono results from the low 40's to 100 and the numbers are within the SD variability from batch to batch (.40S&W major loads).
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