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  1. I picked one up about a month ago at Vances Outdoors in central Ohio. I kept watching their web site and when one showed up I called and put a deposit on it. Then drove two hours to get to their store. They are a huge Sig dealer and get a X5 Legion every once in a while. I just looked at their web site and it showed the retail price at almost $1000.00! Also, if you look at Sig's web site they are advertising for machine operators, which makes me think they are maxed out on what they can currently manufacture, especially with the US military contract.
  2. Hopefully someone with more experience than me will answer you. I had a question about a gun and emailed the IDPA HQ. Got a reply that I would need to talk to someone in the field that deals with this. Never did get an answer from them but did hear for some experienced shooters that were able to help me. Oops, just got an answer from them.
  3. Starline brass, but the only ammo manufacturer that I know of that uses it is Alanta Arms.
  4. I have a club not too far away that is very active in IDPA so I took a ride over there and watched them one evening and it looked like fun. I've shot bullseye and combat for years and even service rifle so I think I could handle this with some instruction and practice. Would my Sig 320 X5 Legion be a good gun to start with? I also have a Glock 34 Gen 5 MOS that I even have a Comp Tac holster for but no magazine pouches for it....yet. I've looked over the rule book but see I have a lot more reading to do. Ammo is no problem since I reload my 9mm on a Star progressive but need a load that m
  5. I am surprised no one has talked about Zero bullets. I've been using them for years and they are hard to beat. You can buy cheaper, but hard to find better. I'm still using the Zero 115 Conical JHP with 4.2gr. of Bullseye, it's dirty, but I still had a four pound keg left over from my bullseye shooting days.
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