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  1. My normal mags all have ISMI springs with STI followers. My 21+1 mags have Bolan springs and followers. May be Grams springs, I can't remember.
  2. Could be your hammer and sear are wearing out. It happens. Could be time for a new trigger job.
  3. As an RO, I would not have called that a hit on NS. Looks more like a round that skipped off the ground. No way does it look like a regular bullet hole.
  4. Energizer or Rayovacs are what I run most of the time.
  5. New STI mags should work just fine.
  6. I may be getting old, but I still prefer the good old fashioned C-more. Been running one for over 20 years and it just keeps running.
  7. I have one in .40, P16-40 LDA. I bought it to shoot production or limited. Never did though. It has sat in the safe for nearly 15 years. Yes, the hammer is bobbed.
  8. I much prefer the Safariland mags over the double alpha. Can't go wrong. Ben Stoeger pro shop has everything you need.
  9. What are nas3 cases? If your gun runs with everything else, stop using nas3 cases. Cull them out. Problem solved. If that still doesn't work, rechamber to 38 SC, problem fixed.
  10. I forgot my holster one time. Now, before I leave the house, I touch and say "gun, mags, ammo, eyes, ears and holster".
  11. MadBomber

    Reloading question

    I set my dies for 1.165" OAL because I was loading 9 major for my sons open gun. When I acquired my X-5, I didn't want to change my setting. So I loaded some minor and it gobbles them up . Matter of fact, all my 9mm guns run 1.165" with zero issues. Load is 124 gr. RMR FMJ with 4.5 gr. of Universal Clays and Win SRP. Runs in the 135 PF range. Yes, I know, some people think that powder is dirty. But, I run it for 40 major and 45 ACP as well. Good to have a powder that runs very well in all three and is fairly cheap.
  12. The LCI cut is a small notch cut in the top of the chamber area near the breach face. If you see a notch, it's an LCI barrel.
  13. That's one of the funniest posts I've seen on this forum in a while!
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