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  1. Come on out and shoot some action pistol with us. Alpha Mike match is the third Sunday of the month and River City is the fourth Sunday.
  2. I rarely deep clean my pistol barrels. I do clean the chamber and feed ramp really well. Rifles on the other hand are a totally different animal! Accuracy suffers drastically when rifles get heavy copper fouling.
  3. I have several that do the same thing. It's only a pain when inserting the first round. If the mags otherwise run flawlessly, it's really not a big deal.
  4. You never hear of OPEN shooters wish they had back up iron sights. We've been using red dots for over 20 years. For a carry/duty gun it's probably a good idea. For competition, forget about it. One the first things I did to my X5 was drift off the front sight post.
  5. MadBomber

    Loading mags

    Or you could just acquire a pile of 10 round mags.
  6. MadBomber


    If it's a game gun, lose the front sight.
  7. I have been using the Arradondo slide for about 20 years. Great product. BUT, do not use with any type of stick powder. It will damage the charge bar. For very fine flake and ball powders, it works really well. A lot less sifting through of powder.
  8. If you already have a limited gun, then build an open gun.
  9. Shooters connection, Ben stoeger pro shop, etc.
  10. Fill it with JB WELD. It's about the same color as the slide.
  11. Holy crap . That's a new one for me. Try using needle nose pliers and twisting it.
  12. For 45 ACP, I quit worrying about the primer pockets a couple decades ago.
  13. If they all stick, it's probably not the mags.
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