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  1. Hello from that San Antonio area!
  2. Welcome. I am north of Baltimore if you have any questions. Been running a 550 for over 20 years.
  3. Some of this is going to depend on what your gun likes. I prefer MG CMJ bullets, but I have shot several brands of plated bullets with no issues at all. Even back in the day at the old power factor of 175, which meant about 180. Again, it may depend on your guns barrel. Most bullet manufacturers will give/sell samples for you to try out.
  4. I hate being put on a wait list at a local club level match because I didn't jump onto Facebook fast enough! In my opinion, clubs that limit shooters to 50 or so, are hurting the sport. It deters new shooters and pisses off veteran competitors.
  5. I like the blue one as well, for what it's worth.
  6. I'd really like some conformation on that CCI angle. Why would CCI manufacture them, then sell them to someone else just so they can raise the price to make a profit? Wouldn't CCI just sell them as is and skip the middle man? Something just doesn't sound right. Having said that, I would be interested to hear how they perform and all.
  7. Most people shooting open prefer a single action trigger over a production style trigger. My opinion, A Glock trigger job will never touch a 1911/2011 trigger job.
  8. Trying to find HS6 around here is like looking for a Golden Ticket!
  9. Are slide rackers needed? No. Do they have their advantages? Yes. Having said that, many men made GM without running a slide racker. I have been shooting open since 1999 without one. If I had enough material on the back of my slide, I would probably have one installed. Convenience and all. As far as lifting the gun off the table, thumb rests or scope mounted kick-stands work just fine. Generally speaking, if your gun runs 100%, the only time you should be racking the slide is on Make Ready and Show Clear. Run the gun dry, poor round count management. Gun jams, poor ammo or gun/mag issues. Racker is not the cause or solution of those problems. In the end, is it the Indian or the Arrow that makes a good shooter? Pretty sure The Great One could beat most of us using a Derringer left handed. Slide rackers are cool, but not NEEDED. (flame suit on)
  10. Merry Christmas, my fellow shooters!
  11. On a side note, you wouldn't have to remove a slide racker in order to remove the slide from the frame. Provided the racker is on the left side.
  12. Welcome to the jungle. Nice avatar pic.
  13. In my opinion, Tripp mags are the best hands down. I have used them all and won't bet my life on anything but Tripp mags.
  14. I would love to try and give some advice here. Just can't seem to get my mind out of the gutter with the stripper pole grip advice! LOL
  15. Wonder what those will cost and when will they be available?
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