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  1. Gotta pick up that money.
  2. That's good. It's been so long since I set mine, I can't remember how to do it.
  3. Welcome to the forums. Where do you shoot at?
  4. Welcome to the forums. Hope you get to feeling better. Where you from?
  5. My son's gun is 9 major with a standard upright C-more, runs 100 percent. Mine is 38 SC. 38sc is by far the better cartridge but, it is nice to not pick up brass. I will never go to 9 major, super is just better. Yes, brass costs more. But, if you can afford to drive a Farrari, put top fuel in it. My 2 cents.
  6. Ok, I'll throw a wrench in this. Could always aquire a Sig p320 x5 legion and shoot carry optics in 9mm for a while. Get your feet wet, save more money. Then, down the road, get a custom built 2011 for limited or open.
  7. Yes, SV frame, Caspian slide, Schueman bull barrel and Accu-rails.
  8. I'm dropping 8.0 grains of HS-6 behind a RMR 124 FMJ. Loaded to 1.165" makes about 169 PF in my son's gun. 5" gun, non-hybred, no popple's.
  9. I had my custom built limited gun rebarreled at approximately 80k rounds. I quit keeping track after it went over 125k. It now has in excess of 150k rounds through it. And yes, it is time for a new barrel. Started shooting this gun back in 1999, still runs like champ. Hope this gun lasts forever!
  10. I knew a guy many years ago that had a revolver with a really light trigger that couldn't run rifle primers. Other than that, I've never had an issue. I run them in my 1911's, 2011's, striker fired guns, even my Colt government .380 and my Ruger LCP. Only have to keep one type on hand for pistols, AR's and bolt guns. They also work in my TC contender. Large primers are a different matter.
  11. I never buy small pistol primers. I run rifle primers in everything small. .380, 9mm, .40, 9 major, 38 super comp. They all run 100 percent.
  12. I just ordered another 3k of 124 FMJ's myself. I love these things.
  13. Myself, with my x5, have never had an issue reloading with fully topped off mags. All of mine are the 21 round style. I do down load my mags for classifier stages though.
  14. MadBomber

    .380 ACP

    I read this thread a while back and thought, 9mm Makarov? I haven't seen any that in years. Three weeks later, I loaded one and caught it during case gaging. I guess it's karma for reading the hate rants.
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