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  1. Or you could just ask them to stop. I've yet to see that not work.
  2. I submitted a ticket last night, and today I got an email saying that the warranty parts are on the way. Can't get much better than that.
  3. Both link arms snapped on my press last night, so I submitted a ticket. We’ll see how long it takes. Dillon support has been so good to me over the last 25 years, I’m willing to cut them as much slack as they need during these crazy times.
  4. Wait a minute, while the above mods are definitely nice, I don’t think you can say they are better than upgrading to the roller handle. That has to be the single best upgrade you can make to the 550 (in my opinion). And, what are you living the primer slide with? A liquid? Or more of a graphite powder?
  5. Sure, but it definitely affects the delivered cost per 1000 when you do that. It sucks that we as the customer, and BBI as the seller are both getting screwed over because someone is pissed at that USPS location.
  6. Anyone else besides EchoTango made the switch to the new Xi pouches? Either aluminum or plastic? I plan to use them with Glock mags but can’t figure out which way to go.
  7. Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for. And I had found multiple examples this morning after spending about 2 hours reading thru and checking out all the pics of everyone's loading benches going all the way back to 2005.
  8. While I wasn't a fan originally, and I "think" I still prefer RN bullets, I will say that my first couple hundred rounds were loaded without changing any settings from my Precision RN bullets, and that ended up being too short for the BBI CN profile. Once I increased the OAL to 1.100 they run very smoothly thru all my pistols and Ruger PCC.
  9. I like that Uniquetek wrench. It's certainly shorter than my 14" craftsman wrench, and would hopefully prevent me from overtightening and stripping the threads on the nut.
  10. I’ve gone to Holosun 507C on my pistols, and the 510C on my PCC. They were less expensive, and I like them, but don’t have enough miles on them yet to attest to their durability. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. That’s where I store my 5 gal buckets of brass. 2 with 9mm, one each of 38s and 40, and two full of 45s. Stabilizes the bench nicely. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Does anyone have a side by side pic/comparison of the height off the bench of a RL550 and an RL1100? I'm trying to determine if I'm going to need to raise up my RL1100 when it arrives in a couple of months or if I can bolt it directly to the bench. I'm currently loading on an RL550 on a Strong Mount and the height is just about perfect. If I mount the 1100 to my bench, will the handle be higher or lower than the 550 on a strong mount? Thanks, Cuz.
  13. Does that include the weight of the bucket? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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