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  1. This is what I was thinking as I read through this thread. If the extractor didn’t grab and extract the case on the first try, it’s an obstructed barrel.
  2. Can anyone confirm if the Sigs have drain holes for the water when shooting in the rain?
  3. Are these 2 sights being used mostly for carry optics or open? Are they as durable as the SRO? I may have to look into these a bit more.
  4. I wouldn’t even think of going to a major match with ammo that chrono’d below 130. I would be targeting around 133-135 PF, so I would have one less thing to get stressed about. Of course, I would be shooting mostly for fun, so if I went sub-minor at the chrono stage they would still let me shoot the match for no score, and I would still enjoy the experience. But I still couldn’t imagine leaving the house with ammo that “might” not make PF wherever I was going.
  5. I hadn’t given this much thought, I always figured a bottle or two of water would be fine. Thanks for the discussion. I went and ordered some ZippFizz and Nuun tablets, both with a little caffeine boost. I’ll replace the cup of coffee I drink in the road to the match with one of these. I think it will actually be a reduction in caffeine that way. Gotta start somewhere.
  6. I have a few, but I like the ones from Range Panda the best.
  7. that’s sort of where I was going with my question. I wonder what percentage of 1050/1100 owners end up getting autodrives??
  8. Damn, too bad none of you live up here in the MA/RI area. I over ordered last year and now have 5+ cases of their 9mm/124 gr RN that I’m selling at last years prices. I ain’t shipping, though, so you’d have to come to me. -Cuz
  9. I guess the good news is that neither one is available at the moment so it’s not like you have to decide right away which one you want. My dilemma now is whether or not to pre-order and get myself on the list, or wait a couple of months and hope they start showing up in stock at a few places. Does anyone know why the Mark 7 autodrives aren’t available? Are people buying them like crazy? Or are they experiencing the same COVID shortages as everyone else?
  10. actually, now is the best time for you to buy it. Once primers become available you will be spending all your money on primers.
  11. Ain’t that the truth. ive already proven I can make a big mess without automation.
  12. Thanks, I got to the range too late in the day to chrono the few I had, but since I was sighting in my red dot I ran some through when I was done and they were very accurate, but felt light in the Gen5 G34. When I switch my press back from processing to loading I’ll load up some more and chrono them before making any adjustments. I like the idea of being able to go between Precision Delta and the Montana Golds without changing anything.
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