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  1. Anyone know what the tool is made of and how much it costs? Is it 3D printed? For anyone wanting more info, and ordering info, I found this link: https://thesrotool.com/
  2. I shoot a Glock, and went with Taylor Freelance aluminum +5 extensions.
  3. Let me know if you guys get through to him. I want one too.
  4. Thanks, I need to watch more of these. I can never figure out what to do with my off hand when holding a PCC.
  5. Johnny, Does that mean you are using 3 passes to load? 1st pass on the CP2000 to prep, then 2nd pass on the 1100 to prime, then 3rd pass on the 1100 to load? If this is the case, do you lube for each pass? I would like to know more about your process steps, and more about the “m” die that prevents sticking at the powder drop station. Thanks.
  6. Thanks George, I had no clue where that post was.
  7. And we’ll expect a full report when your research is finished. :)
  8. That’s the TNT shell plate. Why would I want it?
  9. I think Sigarms posted pics with the thickness on the one he got. If I recall, folks that got the new thicker plate also got some sort of notice along with the press mentioning it.
  10. I got mine in late 2020 and it does not have the new shell plate. I was also looking hard at the one from FW Arms. The groove on the underside for the ball intrigued me.
  11. Can some of you smart folks out there tell me why I might want to replace the Dillon shell plate that came with my RL1100 with one of the other brands out there? It’s the #5 shell plate for 9mm. While we’re on the subject, who are some of the other shell plate manufacturers I might want to consider? I know that FW Arms and TNT make them, but who else, and why is it better? Thanks.
  12. Boy, I would like to see Tapatalk working again, or at least a change that has the mobile version of the forum working like the desktop version.
  13. Yeah, I have to start looking at it that way. It’s definitely true.
  14. I totally agree with what your saying, but my biggest problem is how it affects me when I have to DQ someone. It totally wrecks my mindset and I can never seem to regain my own composure for the rest of the match. I wish I could just DQ them and move on, but I can’t. it’s definitely something I need to work on.
  15. For me I would say it’s relaxation and stress relief therapy. At least the practice and random range sessions. Matches are a hot mess of nerves and anxiety that requires more stress relief therapy to get over. It’s a vicious cycle.
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