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  1. Here's the closest thing I've seen to the original TruGrips: https://store.mannybragg.com/products/grip-tape-for-glock-pistols
  2. Hey all, I am looking for reviews and feedback from anyone that’s using the Shapeways Full Grip Bass Pad on their P365 ten round mags. How do you like it? How is the fit/finish quality? I’m looking at it to extend my spare mags to make reloads easier. Any and all info is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Cuz

    SIG 365

    I picked one up over the weekend. I’m a Glock Guy, but this gun is fantastic. As soon as my holsters arrive it will replace my G43 as a daily carry. It should have over 1000 rounds by then. If the 2nd 500 are like the 1st 500 I’ll pick up a second one too. I’m very impressed with my first Sig. I went with a FoxX hybrid IWB holster and a Vedder light tuck kydex for starters.
  4. Cuz

    P365 day 1

    Roger that, I picked mine up on Saturday and after 2 range sessions and about 500 rounds I’m pretty sure it will replace my G43, and probably the G42 as well. It’s my first Sig, and I like it a lot.
  5. It looks faster with the slots for sure!!!
  6. I checked out the Facebook page, even though I hate Facebook. So, if it's a solid hand guard, and is easy for an idiot like me to install without having to modify the rifle I'll take one at your introductory sale price. How/where do I order??? Someday, I may even find the time to shoot this rifle now that I've put all your parts on it... -Cuz
  7. I put mine on just to protect the crown of the barrel. And it looks cool....
  8. In that case, 12” would be fine.
  9. I’d keep an eye on Blade-Tech and CompTac. If they don’t have anything yet I’m sure they’re working on it and it will be worth the wait. I’ve been very happy with bladetech holsters and compTac mag pouches.
  10. Any chance of making it a little longer so it goes right up to the front sight?
  11. Good info here, thanks guys. After I get some rounds thru mine I’ll have to come back and look into these.
  12. Yup, still interested. Specially if it’s rock solid.
  13. If I wasn’t reloading I would buy the cheapest ammo that ran reliably. I never shoot mine past 25 yards and rarely at a target smaller than an 8 inch plate so pretty much any ammo is plenty accurate enough. But, then again, I’m a hack.
  14. What will it be made out of?
  15. I’ve had a Vanek drop in for about 8 years and really like it. I’ve tried a few of the others mentioned above but didn’t care for them. I don’t understand why everyone wants to mimic a 1911 trigger in their Glocks. I like the Glock trigger. But that’s just me. Everyone’s idea of the “best” trigger varies, and they are all right.
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