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  1. When I wanted to quit school and become a professional foosball player many years ago I tried to get my parents to sponsor me by telling them I’d wear their last name on the back of my jersey. It didn’t work and I was forced to stay in college and get a degree. In retrospect, I guess they really did know best.
  2. I think the grip length will be more important than slide length. Although it may not be much of an issue if you use full size / extended magazines.
  3. I would recommend getting the holster for the 34 now. It will also work fine for the G19 so you only need to buy it once. I would also recommend buying full size G17 mags and putting extensions as needed. You will probably only need two to start, and keep the rest of the mags stock with 17 rounds. They will also work fine with the G19. That should save you some money in the long run.
  4. Yup, that's what I did. Bought a 550b back in 1994 sometime, and I am waiting on delivery of my RL1100 this week.
  5. I just got a case of Bayou Bullets that we’re ordered in August.
  6. This is a hot topic over on glocktalk with folks who bought Nelson Precision and Voodo Custom aluminum replacement slides that are milled for red dots. They are still working the kinks out of the first run, but as soon as they get them working reliably I will order one for my G44.
  7. I picked up the XI and XIp pouches but haven't really had time to play with them. They look decent, I'm using them with Glock mags. I'm curious what you think after you have a chance to play with them. I was also considering bullets out, but didn't try it yet.
  8. Very interested in learning what happened. I have an 1100 on order and want to make sure it doesn’t happen to me. I didn’t think it could happen on a 1050/1100.
  9. right or wrong, as an RO at a local match, I just couldn’t issue the start beep to a shooter I knew forgot to put any mags in his belt. That’s probably while I’ll never RO at a Major match.
  10. This pandemic has me trying coated bullets for the first time ever, which taught me how important OAL is with regard to different bullet profiles. I've loaded 9mm, 124/5gr RN coated bullets shorter than I've ever loaded bullets before. Now I just lucked into some Bayou Bullets and I see they have a crimp groove. Never loaded those before, but it seems obvious that you would be taper crimping on the top band of the bullet. That band measures 0.090". So, does that mean I have to pick an OAL that falls within that band? Probably not at the very top or bottom, so am I right in as
  11. And we have now successfully completed this thread drift...
  12. Wait a minute, I thought it was “slow is smooth, smooth is fast”???
  13. I've been loading on a 550 for about 25 years. The first 10 years was just 45acp and 38 special, then I added 40 and 9mm. Every year for the past 6 or 7 years I've been telling myself I should upgrade, but never considered the 650/750 enough of an upgrade and couldn't really justify the cost of a 1050 because the 550 was more press than I really needed. I only load pistol ammo, and now 90% of my shooting is 9mm, with a sprinkling of the other 3 calibers. I don't know how many years I'll be shooting and reloading, but over the past couple of years I switched my way of thinking s
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