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  1. That's good news. I sent mine off today. Hopefully the grip is different as the stock grip is slippery with the golf ball style dimples.
  2. I will be sending in my DS9 when I get back home. I will be including all my mags with the gun. MPA has sent a shipping label along with my RMA #.
  3. I have a DS9 and have been having issues with magazines. Waiting on MPA to help out. I went out and bought a MBX mag to try in the DS9 and it doesn't want to go into the mag well all the way. When I get the mag in, the trigger will not work. I've also tried Atlas mags, they will work but the initial trigger pull is a hard pull. I've been exchanging emails but waiting on the final word if they will take it in for service.
  4. I have been using the Wiland upper with LLW barrel. No issues shooting 150 gr flat nose syntech ammo. I use it for steel challenge and USPSA. Very accurate and lightweight.
  5. I squeezed the mags. Someone on FB sent me a link on how to do it. I was going to leave it alone and have Grams do the tuning. I couldn't get a hold of them through Email or calling so I took it upon myself to tune two very expensive mags. I have a Springer 170mm base pad on one of the regular mags and it has run without issues, 26+1.
  6. I had to tune my 26 big stick. I tried it with grams guts when I made my attempt to tune it and it didn't work very well. However, the stock spring and follower worked with my tuning and the CZC base pad. With the CZC base pad and my tuning I was able to get 28+1 in the mag. I tested and tested them at the range after my tuning and both of my big sticks ran fine. I ran one USPSA match using minor ammo and had one mag fail on me (go figure). I tried running Everglades 124 gr major match ammo but I could not get it to cycle. I think the OAL is too long for my Czechmate as it would catch the lip of the feed ramp.
  7. I have to be more careful with this. I don't think I really pay attention after applying sun block/bug spray/liquid grip. I just power them on when getting to the stage. I do like the foam ear buds that come from OTTO (but they are pricey when buying replacements), I never bothered trying the rubber Christmas tree looking ear buds that came from OTTO.
  8. Yes. I was getting gel on me when I would go shoot and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. That was until I saw that a seam had busted on the gel cup. Now I keep the original ear cups in the bag as a spare just in case they bust on me again.
  9. OTTO’s Noize Barrier. Good enough and comfortable for a 6 hour day on the batteries.
  10. I used my size 40" Lynx belt for a match today. I didn't notice any movement with my Ghost mags installed over the hinges. I installed my Ghost 360 mag holders over the hinged area initially, I wasn't sure what the correct way was, and it appeared to work fine in static testing. I ran the DAA Alpha-X holster
  11. Thanks, that sounds great. I also ordered a belt and will try my Ghost options on it.
  12. Did you try to mount other mag carriers/holsters to the Lynx belt besides the DAA branded offerings?
  13. Blue Loctite your screws. Mark your screws this will help you see if the screw are getting lose and keep them marked. Zero with a rest. I zero at 25 yards with the impact directly where the dot is sitting. Turn down your brightness on the dot when zeroing. Get it as dim as you can while still being able to see the dot while you zero. After zero (bump up the brightness to your liking) run a A zone target close to far until you get back out to 25 yards. Check your screws on your red dot. This is just a suggestion and has worked for me. Good luck.
  14. I was talking about the regular Bull Shadow...without the rail. That Bull Shadow would be in his price range. I didn't say Bull Shadow 2. He wants to know about CZ's and posted a price range. He also mentioned there were so many different models of CZ's which I thought was funny considering what CZC has done with the excellent bull barrel models. OP, the Bull Shadows come with a bull barrel and trigger work. You have the: CZ 75 Bull Shadow CZ 75 Bull Shadow RDS (a little higher in price) CZ 75 SP-01 Bull Shadow CZ 75 Bull Shadow 2 CZ 75 Semi compact Bull CZ 75 Bull Sport Or you can buy a Bull Upper Welcome to the wonderful world of CZ pistols.
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