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  1. Good to know. I've been shooting my Nordic Components PCC and felt it was time to make it lighter. I put the Wiland upper/shroud/barrel on. I took my PCC to the range to sight it in and see how it felt. Oh man! I wasn't expecting that dot to bounce like a basketball. I had to tell my self 'this is my Steel Challenge rifle, your transitions will be faster. Just have to hit each target once.' I don't like the way the PCC feels but I guess if you want a lighter front end that bounce comes with the territory.
  2. WildPete

    CZ TS 2

    Here's the link for the TS 2. Different colors, type 2 and 3 thumb rests aggressive checkering. I was hoping to see if the magwell would be blended in their little presentation. https://www.czub.cz/en/firearms-and-products-family/cz-ts-2#property
  3. 20 rounds with the .40. Can't remember what I was getting with 9mm Springer basepads, probably 23 rounds. I'll check next time I'm home.
  4. NO tuning here. I use Springer base pads for my .40 and 9mm.
  5. They would probably work great on an open gun if it's not mounted to the slide. I had 2 MRD V2's sitting on my A01-LD slide and both malfunctioned with the same issue. One had over a thousand rounds and the other under a thousand. The dot would not turn off or cycle brightness on both. This happened it during matches. The good thing about Atibal is the warranty. I'm currently waiting on MRD V3's for replacements but will not mount them on a reciprocating slide . After the second Atibal sight malfunctioned at a match, l immediately bought an RMR after the match was over.
  6. I've done the swap. I had CZC do the gun smith work on it. All you need is to find an extra barrel and get it fitted to your slide (Call CZC to see if they have a barrel) and grab some 9mm TSO magazines. I checked the accuracy thinking it was going to be off. It wasn't bad and I didn't use a rest to test accuracy (9mm Federal Syntech 150 gr and Federal Syntech .40 205 gr). It shot a little left of center from shooting my TSO .40. I left the sights alone didn't mess with the extractor. I only use the 9mm barrel if there was a local club match. I have an A01-LD that I use mainly for 9mm carry op
  7. Adjust the pre-travel screw if your trigger isn't resetting. Remove slide to access it. Clean the screw, add thread locker, and adjust until the trigger resets.
  8. Download one round and give it a try. Do you have base pads on your mags?
  9. I have a Steadfast holster for my TSO https://www.facebook.com/steadfastholsters .
  10. Thought I would share the CZ USA Type 3 thumb rest. I have found this to be the best natural position for me. The stock screws that came with the thumb rest will need to be filed down so the slide can move freely.
  11. Look at the type 3 thumb rest. I like it a lot as it sits lower and is flat.
  12. There is a video on YouTube of a guy that had the same issue. He called CZ USA to complain that his trigger wasn't resetting. No support from any of the comments just BS that a gun that expensive shouldn't do that. A gun that expensive you'd think you'd do the research before buying. I linked the video to help him with his issue but no response from the YouTuber. That wasn't you was it? I'm glad you were able to fix your problem and if it comes loose again...loctite.
  13. It sounds like you need to adjust the pre-travel. Video linked to show you how. https://youtu.be/K5v4Gh1TDrw?t=250
  14. I bought version 3 and like it a lot. For future reference, anyone who gets any of the versions you will have to file down the screws so the slide is unobstructed. The screws CZ USA sends are too long.
  15. Gun Ammo Inventory. I found it in the Android apps. It tracks your ammo for each firearm you use. It has a 'Firearms Collection' inventory and 'Ammo Inventory'.
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