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  1. Ok i'll focus on the mags. My 47DEs feel sluggish these days. With other pistols I know the suppressor will increase slide velocity due to the additional back pressure. Unlocking generally occures earlier too. I know the super 7 kits won't be popular here for game reasons, but does anyone know if they are worth it for practice mags?
  2. Hey all. Running a 1911 with an Obsidian .45 can. Pistol is a colt competition with a traditional GI spring set up. 14lb recoil, 17 lb main spring. The firing pin plate has a healthy radius (whatever Colt sends out with the gun). Loads are 3.8 grains Canadian clays, 230 grains FMJ. No idea what velocity that is. The gun runs most of the time with the can, but occasionally will fail to lock back on an empty mag. I'm guessing that the increased slide velocity is outrunning my 47DE mags. I haven't noticed if it happens with my ETMs. Occasionally there is a round that fails to feed (dives), but it's only happened once in a blue moon. Gun is 100 percent without the can. Does this sound like a slide velocity issue or a weak mag spring/dirty mag issue all of the above problem?
  3. I'm looking to replace the sights on my CCP (the front is super wide) to something more in line with my shadow. Those of you who have replaced your sights on these pistols what front width and height worked for you?
  4. Thanks for the help everyone. The smith at Accuracy Speaks was able to fit the barrel without a weld. The lockup is much tighter than the original Colt barrel and the accuracy seems fine. There is just a minor gap to the side of the hood which i'm told won't effect accuracy. Runs great with a suppressor and SWCs so no complaints here.
  5. Sweet. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to crack something with the lighter springs.
  6. Hey all, quick question. Noticed today that the base of my hammer has a clean line/grove worn into it about where it contacts the frame if it is pulled back all the way. Is this normal? Thanks.
  7. The blend on that magwell is really well done. I want one of these so bad to shoot limited but I don't want another caliber to reload for.
  8. I use tite group for pretty low power loads. Yeah it leaves a layer of crap everywhere... but it's not that much worse than other powders and it comes off easy with a wipedown every few matches. I like not cleaning my guns bu 5-10k kinda dictates it.
  9. Thanks for the info. I'm looking forward to using these over the stock pads.
  10. ACME has treated me pretty well. The 145s feed great in my Shadow 2. OAL of around 1.10 I think. ACME is sized to .356
  11. Not sure if this has been addressed or if anyone saw this but it looks like Hennings redid their basepads for the shadow 2 and supposedly fixed the overinsertion issue. Anyone have any luck with these? the price is right at 18 bucks a piece for 6... Henning CZ Shadow 2 PRO Production Base Pad https://benstoegerproshop.com/henning-cz-shadow-2-pro-production-base-pad/ Just ordered some. Hennings said there should be no issues with these on mec gar 17 rd. tubes.
  12. Agreed on the staying away from fitting. I measured it will calipers and sharpied it up but when I wasn't making progress I got overzealous with the file. I'm gonna hang it on the wall in shame.
  13. The victim: Ed brown threaded barrel. The only thing I touched was the hood, but now the hood is at a slight angle and there are some rough surfaces with file marks. I followed a guide but the ed brown barrel would not fit into the slide. I'm not sure how much I took off but i'm wondering if I should just scrap the barrel and start with a new one and an actual gun smith. Yeah. I know. I messed up.
  14. Sweet, just wanted to make sure it wasn't going anywhere or loosening more! Thanks all.
  15. There is some slop in my shadow 2 front sight. It seems to be able to jiggle a bit in the dove tail. The pin is still in and I have not messed with the sights at all since purchase. Is this normal?
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