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  1. A suggestion on using a dipper, I started with one as well. 1) do not scoop through the powder, instead use a large bowl and push the dipper into the powder and let it flow into the dipper. Then use a credit card or equivalent, wipe across the top to remove the excess powder. With a little care you an get consistent powder charges, it's just SLOW!
  2. J-Ames is shipping in about a week. I use their 135 FP in 9 MM.
  3. All of my issues went away when I got the pawls adjusted correctly, including powder jump. It takes a little patience but well worth it.
  4. I also do 10, just a nice round number. But the other part of the equation is how many bullets do you use to determine bullet weight. I find few bullets are actually what is stated on the box, some heavier some lighter. I now weigh 10 and take the lightest one to use in the calculation.
  5. What Rowdyb said AND another option is fitting a Bull Shadow slide from CZC. Production legal and no firing pin block.
  6. I like my Bull Shadow and easier to get in Calif, just send in the SP-01 lower and VOILA! instant BS.
  7. Over-travel adjustment for trigger?
  8. On my scale (Gem250) you can stop the auto off feature, check the manual I use the tare function every time before I weigh powder.
  9. Careful adjusting of the pawls will stop the spilling of powder and a consistent stroke helps with OAL. I use a steel washer where the primer seater punch hits the frame and if you still cannot get primers below flush send Hornady an e-mail and ask for a new one. I use an o-ring instead of the washer under the shell plate hold down bolt, if this gets a little loose it causes all sorts of problems. 76HIGHBOY has a mind numbing number of videos on the subject of the LnL. They are overly long BUT lots of good information.
  10. Staying square to the target (or mostly) is faster, less movement BUT it takes a lot of practice. I am NOT a great shooter but I turn about 45 degrees and use my fist to my chest. Try out different methods with a timer, and see what works for you now. Later you can adjust as you improve, it takes A LOT of practice to get really good one handed.
  11. Changing OAL may help but your barrel may just not like the geometry of that particular bullet. It happens.
  12. Buy two but never let her see them both at the same time, (remember what she doesn't know won't hurt you). Works for me
  13. Kits/parts from CZ Custom or Cajun can do this, BUT remember there will always be some "creep" due to the firing pin block on the SP-01. If you look at the Cajun web sight they have various kits to do a little or a lot to the trigger.
  14. And CZC has grips that allow you to use 75 style mags. https://czcustom.com/czc-a01-pistols/czc-a01-parts/czc-a01-full-size-grips/a01-grips-for-cz75-mag-black.html
  15. Are you saying the bullet is hitting the barrel shroud and causing the nick and the FTF, I assume the nick was not there when you loaded it into the mag? A picture might help.
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