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  1. That's what I did (72), I had a second slide fitted with an optic. It allowed me to compare iron sights and optic using the same lower so same trigger, mag release, etc. I still enjoy iron sights BUT optics are way easier. Also if there ever is a problem with the optic I can just change slides.
  2. IF you are confident in your measuring equipment I would load 10 and try them, one at the time, at the range. If they are accurate then try 5 in a mag checking for set back, extra crimp might help. Also remember the old push test to confirm bullet tension. This is what I would try not saying you should.
  3. Yes we met at iron sights, and thanks for the offer. It is going to be Aug. before I get it but when (IF) it arrives I'll give you a shout.
  4. CZ Custom has had them in the past, currently they do not show any but you might give them a call. In the past they took the slide off a CZ 75B and replaced it with the Bull Shadow slide which left them with extra slides, don't know if they still do that.
  5. Thanks for all the is good information. Hopefully in the near future I will have one, any suggestions on mods? other than polishing? We need Prof. Atlas to to a tutorial..LOL
  6. Lighter bullets usually need more powder, to make the same PF a 124 gr. bullet needs to reach at least 1040 FPS. Look in your reloading book at how powder charges change with changes in bullet weight.
  7. Assuming a 24" deep bench about 18" past the press, less would work but it gets cramped. What I have next to the press (Hornady LnL) is a container of bullets, powder scale, scoop to aid with dialing in the powder measure and space to deal with needing to clear the shell plate,etc. I have 36" next to mine BUT it is more than absolutely required. Good luck.
  8. I know this is a little late but anyway...https://1911speedshop.com/
  9. My club uses two LabRadars and takes the fastest, so even within the same manufacturer there is variation.
  10. Wondering if you have ever worked on the CZ 75 style of pistols. I am looking to get an A01 and I was wondering if it is easier or the same as a CZ 75.
  11. I have used 147 Zero JHP with N-320 @ 3.4 grs. with 1.14 COL in my CZ's for a 129 pf.
  12. Calstar always...LOL Yes, lots of quality gear for CZ's. I like the Armanov bases the way they lock and can be removed without tools. JMHO A small difference. Yes production is 10 rounds, Mec-Gar makes a 10 round mag that has a couple of dimples in the side to stop the follower at 10 rounds or buy 17 and count your rounds. FYI the dimples can be removed if you decide to change classes, or so I've heard....
  13. It's more common (I think) to purchase a complete slide. That is what I am doing with my Bull Shadow. It is an additional cost but then the fit is correct.
  14. Mec-Gar mags and Armanov basses. https://usa-shop.armanov.com/collections/cz
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