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  1. Has anyone tried this mainspring boot? Im assuming it is for reduced power springs. https://apextactical.com/store/product-info.php?pid10.html
  2. Anyone heard anything about this? http://www.shotgunnews.com/2011/11/02/new-molot-products-bound-for-the-us-vepr-12-tactical-shotgun/
  3. I agree on using a dot. Youre in open anyway and its much easier to make adjustments for slugs. I ve got a fast fire mounted on an r&r mount.
  4. I've only ran 10K rounds through my nordic but it's the best .22 I've ever owned.
  5. Aldrin


    I've been stuck on Smithwicks for a while
  6. RL 550B Casefeeder:No Exp:3 years Rounds per hour:400-40sw (including filling the primer tubes)~350/hour for 38 super
  7. OK, I think it may have been how my press was set up. I did have my 550 bolted directly to my bench but last night I set it up on a strong mount. I cranked out a small batch and the variations were +/-.03. It's weird that I never had a problem with any other caliber. The press was tight on the bench but something must have been moving or twisting. Thanks for the help guys.
  8. I'm having an issue with varying lengths on 38 super. I'm trying to load to 1.235 and the some of the finished rounds will end up longer. Some well over 1.250. I've never had this happen before with compressed loaded 9mm major. I'm using 8.3g of 4756 and 9.7g of N105 and I have same problem with both. Any ideas?
  9. I'm sorry, spoke a minute too soon. I'm in the military and just realized I won't be payed on the 15th. Thanks Obama.

  10. I'll take the Glock. Please call me at 912-704-6994. thanks- Dustin

  11. Everyone is talking about Saigas but how is it any different than the Benellis? If the Saiga is caught up in this, the Benelli M2 wouldn't be allowed in the country either. The Benelli M2 tactical and Saiga are both imported with a 5 round magazine. The Saiga can have a larger box magazine installed and a Benelli can have an extended tube or XRail installed. Also, neither the Benelli or Saiga (as imported) has any of the 10 "non-sporting" firearm features specified. The box magazine/tube magazine doesn't seem to matter according to this paragraph: "In regard to sporting purposes, the
  12. Are there any companies selling tuned mag sets? Like a 170mm and 3-140mms that are numbered? I thought I've seen these in the past but all I've seen lately are limited sets.
  13. Anyone run without a slide racket?
  14. OK. Im having a problem with one of my mags sticking but I guess it could just as easily be an issue with magazine and the mag catch.
  15. Anyone removing material from the mag bases for more reliable seating? If so, where and how much?
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