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  1. I strongly prefer paper over steel because it keeps you honest of where each shot is. If you're worried about using a lot of tape just tape any C or D hit every other run as long as you keep yourself honest where your sights are the moment before each shot breaks. The C and D zones also help to indicate what you might be doing as each shot occurs. That being said, any targets beyond 20 yards can be steel to not have to walk as far for reset and just paint every 5 runs or so, taking note of how close to center or edge you are hitting
  2. My view of dryfire and transitioning to live fire is that dry "should" be faster than live practice given the correct context. If you are seeking to improve - dry times will be faster as you have the ability to focus on vision and ignore the distraction of the shot. You also have to understand your current capability of recoil management as I think most people have a large disassociation between the imagination and reality of what they can do. Always push vision in dryfire when seeking improvement. On the other hand if skill maintenance is what you're looking for, the live times should be close to dry. You're not looking to induce issues that cause bare C or wild D hits that can be diagnosed and fixed, but to consistently create points through As and close Cs fast as you can visually process with minimal mental but maximum physical effort.
  3. What single case guage are you using? I've noticed on my Dillon singles that those chambers are more loose than a hundo.
  4. Gaming the classifier for GM. I'm close
  5. Double header weekend for multi-day match simulation. Overall I did alright. I have good pace, mostly decent stage plans, split times, and mostly good hits. But I can afford to focus a bit more on the center. I do need to focus on not trying to leave too early, shooting on a footstep, and stabilizing hand tension.
  6. I tried a friend's brass wml for fun on a G35 fitted with a Dawson magwell. Personal thoughts: I prefer a gun what is balanced put rather than simply having a large amount of weight sitting in front of me. The return to POA is much better especially at rapid fire. Final personal setup: g35, Dawson magwell, Glock Store Pure Tungsten Guide Rod w/ 17# recoil spring.
  7. Made a video for unscientific overview of adding weight to a pistol. Ammo: S&B .40 S&W 180 gr Pistol: G35 + Dawson ICE magwell, Dawson mag extensions Available mods: Glock Store Pure Tungsten guide rod and 17# recoil spring, LOK Grips brass WML Drills performed: Practical Accuracy @ 18 yards Bill Drill @ 7 yards I didn't have an interest in doing any transition drills. That can be worked in dryfire, and understanding that something with more mass has more momentum. I am more focused on muzzle flip/dip and return to original POA. Accuracy and splits across the board is pretty equal for Practical Accuracy, the changes start happening at max trigger speed. For the money, I am seeing acceptable accuracy and muzzle flip/return with just a PTGR or heavy frame weight. However, there is a considerable amount of muzzle flip decreased with both a tungsten guide rod and frame weight at the cost of money. Skill and form is very much a deciding factor in recoil control
  8. Maybe it was incorrect to call it burnout, but rather I am feeling a larger than norm size of mental stress that requires me to take a break. The rain has been beating down up here as well. But come major season 2 for this year and I'll be ready again.
  9. Observations of recent local matches I've been shooting I've hit a speed node of sorts with target transitions There's moments of good vision and others where it wanders into a bare C or D zone hit. Need to focus again on A zones which can be worked on in dryfire. Grip - 2 shot groups have been okay but I start relaxing weak hand grip around shot 3-4 if more rounds are required. If I want explosive acceleration I have to STOMP the ground to have max acceleration. Lower my center of gravity will help as well; I tend to find myself standing up at times. Mud is super slippery; falling and eating mud is not healthy living. Use smaller steps as necessary for proper balance Should not shoot a match after completing a stressful week of assisting submissions of State and Federal grants, and assembling financials. Can however use that weekend as experimentation in practice. I'm also starting to experience burnout again. So if I want to perform well at Area 4, North Texas Open and CO Nat's, I'm gonna need to hang up the guns for a bit during the summer to re-stabilize myself. Healthier eating, exercise, fishing, and helping watch over my niece will help as well. Goal for Area 4 and Nat's: Just do what I'm capable of as these are my first Area and Nat's matches. New things I'm trying this year: Designing stages, and shooting PCC for experimental purposes.
  10. I imagine a lot of people here have used a variety of rifle primers with primer shortages. What PCC trigger are you currently running and what's the hardest primer you were able to ignite? Or maybe what trigger were you using and what were you NOT able to ignite? Host AR9 is a Foxtrot Mike - currently still using the factory mil-spec trigger. Main reloading primer I have for PCC is Federal Small Rifle AR Match primers. No need to list off the Hiperfire ECLipse. I've already heard a bunch that it sets off everything.
  11. Very simple post-Double Tap Championship self-review: Need to focus on visualization more and stay lower. It only started coming together at the end. Accuracy and speed are getting there, execution and choreography of movement will be the main focus of off-season 2. Have a long summer to work with other divisions before jumping back in for Area 4, NTXO, and CO Nat's if I can bounce it.
  12. Big lesson learned of don't become too emotionally invested in the game especially if I'm close to GM, and I need to stop standing up tall. As proven by an okay-ish performance at Dragon's Cup. Did well at a steel match, then screwed up a USPSA match the day after. The local match for me had gotten to the point of "let's just mess around and have some fun"
  13. I'd be amazed if you couldn't fit a 223 case and bullet under a die on a legacy 1050. https://dilloncdn.com/manuals/dillon-rl1050-manual-english.pdf You could also call Gary the human manual over at Dillon for that info and setup.
  14. I'm guessing that by being new to this you have some high tension before the buzzer goes off. Relax, because being calm is the main factor of performing well in these sports. It's great that you plan to do what you want to do, but you have to release most of your mental tension to prevent error. Remember that throughout the day(s) it's a game. Try reading these articles from @benos. They might help. https://brianenos.com/care-less/ https://brianenos.com/no-need-to-worry/ https://brianenos.com/stay-calm/
  15. Atlanta Arms has their 115 and 124 gr RN 9mm bullets available. https://atlantaarms.com/reloading/projectiles/
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