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  1. Very informative. Tim is still in his beginning stages of teaching, so any feedback he gets from students helps him develop his curriculum. He's had repeats who have said each time they attend his class it evolves. Anyone can learn anything and he'll follow up with email. There's also an alumni group on FB which acts as an idea share for sharing vids for peer review, or information regarding anything in practical shooting. On the bonus side, he said he really wants to do a Dallas class again in the future and possibly make it a regular schedule.
  2. This past weekend I took a Tim Herron 2-day Practical Pistol class. Very informational and practical for students who need that little something to boost their performance. Background of students A variety including everyday civilians, a first time class taker, and about 5 USPSA shooters. Day 1 Familiarization with students Cold run on stage for diagnosis of strong and weak points. Student follows up with 2 strong points and 1 weak point. Tim follows up with 2 more strong and weak point each. Establishing and fixing fundamentals for each shooter
  3. Welcome to USPSA. The heat is only as hot as you want to make it.
  4. I was competitive as a kid, but never really did sports, and not really competitive in swimming for the 2 years I did it. Attempted filling the gap with piano and playing trombone in high school bands. I got hooked once I started shooting as a Boy Scout, and I knew that was going to be my lifelong hobby. Hit college and I started watching Hot Shots on YT and realized I wanted to do practical pistol competition.
  5. Tell myself "too many mind". Helps to remove the whirlwind of emotions I may have.
  6. You should be fine using almost any full-length dust cover 2011 holster for a 5 inch model. If you still have any doubts, ask Atlas what holsters they recommend, or the holster maker if they can make a holster to fit the Athena.
  7. Today was function testing a g35 limited gun for messing around during off season as well as experimenting with grip. Gen 4 G35 and .40 observations. .40 recoil is not as bad as some people make it seem. The combination of a gen 4 RSA and factory Magtech 180 gr was very tolerable, more than some competition guns with lower spring rates. This should be more tolerable with competition loads closer to 170 PF rather than a factory 180. Grip does however have a stronger influence for having a predictable direction of muzzle flip. Setup: Gen 4 G35, Vogel sights, ALG De
  8. I personally haven't noticed a large difference in smoke compared to other coated bullets I've used. Almost every coated bullet company uses Hitek, it just differs how thick the coating is. BBI is noticeably thinner but there is no decrease in accuracy nor increase in difficulty loading. If you're looking for less smoke I'd first try increasing your charge weight. If there's still more smoke than you'd like, change the powder
  9. I'll do a little light cardio of a few short sprints to get my legs moving, and a little dryfire in the safe area with calm reloads. Most locals I actually won't walk stages beforehand. I've noticed in the past that I tend to get extremely nervous when it's my time to shoot, usually overthinking my stage plan, and end up really high strung, and end up either slowing down a lot, or involuntarily move fast while compressed. My goal, after the Double Tap Championship back in July, was to relax and enjoy every match regardless of what happened. I should have a detailed plan for what I want for the
  10. Really appreciated this tip. North Texas Open this past weekend had CM 09-01. Scored 82 pts for an 89.6% in CO.
  11. Hola. Really deep pond here that I've was previously lurking around. Now I'm using the Range Diary section to record practices and matches.
  12. 10/3/2020 North Texas Open Lvl 2 Major - 14th CO Overall (83.80% of D. Zhang GM) Goals going into the match: Make sure to have fun while shooting the match. Don't have too much on the mind and make sure to enjoy shooting with new friends. Observations of the match: Stages were good. Very few really challenging courses, but overall tested the foundational skill of competitors Good: Stayed calm despite any mistakes made, had fun, maintained stage plan even if I watched another competitor Needs work: Find ways to reduce stress in stages, transitions [do
  13. Using this to maintain a redundant log of practices and matches. 9/27/2020 Carry Optics NTXLF Practice day before N. TX Open 2x field courses 1 stage with hands in barrel start and balance beam 1 stage with unloaded start Good - movement speed, position entry, sight index, plan execution OK - target focus (noticed myself focusing on the dot a few times instead of targets) Needs Work - visual patience (need to take the time needed for each shot), reduce emotions (calm down before each stage to prevent rushing)
  14. Update to my score. June 28, 2020 Carry Optics 5.2478 HF (95.6232%) 13.72 Seconds 12A 4C https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwGb6_lVRvA
  15. That's an outlaw match out of Proactive Defense. $25. Lookup NTXLF on Practiscore
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