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  1. Steel match today due to rain the next day postponing the USPSA: "I sometimes hate myself" 7th overall, 2nd CO. 3 misses Observations: I've picked up movement speed but need to work on patiently aligning the dot onto the target. Also need to fix shooting on the move as I have been breaking shots on the footstep. The video below is just 1 stage I bothered myself to take video since there were spots to shoot on the move. The Hunter's HD Gold Rx lens helps with depth perception and removes glare. I'm sorta thankful I shot a steel match because I was not motivated for
  2. Bar-Sto does make one, but can you explain why? It's really impractical especially when a G22 with TF block already extends to the length of a 24. https://barsto.com/product/glock-24l-40-sw-extended-threaded/
  3. CTASA USPSA 1/17/2021: https://practiscore.com/results/new/6fdbaf23-e6ca-4e73-91d5-3c7f7d5ac2ef?q_division=1&q_individual=mmShooter_3277526 76A 33C 7D 1 NPM 12M 2NS 14/20 Carry Optics Goals: Go crazy, run at 100% and observe issues when running over reasonable pace/vision. No "good, okay, needs work" this match. Only observations of issues during stage runs when going past mental capacity. Observations: I have a tendency to look off the target early, not look at the center of the A zone, or shoot at the contact of a step. Additional notes: This
  4. Go get the whole slide re-coated. Below is a photo from the Jagerwerks FB of someone's slide that had corroded. It's not worth it having a decently large surface area of the slide rusting, especially if this is your carry gun. https://www.facebook.com/JagerWerks/photos/3529508403807325
  5. You can stack rounds at 15 yards slow fire with a gen 5 g17 1.10" COAL with 125 BBI 3.8 gr Sport Pistol 1050 fps
  6. Which of the 3 20-series classifiers are you talking about? None of them have a headbox only target. If you're talking about confidence then maybe you need to improve your mental self-image, and think about how you should shoot on the move. Recoil management is settled with how you need to position your hands around the gun, gripping tightly while still allowing your trigger finger enough dexterity for fast splits, locking your wrists, and setting your elbows to absorb shock from recoil. The more important thing will be shifting your eyes and looking at a specific zone on the targe
  7. Thanks Rowdy. Really thankful that the matches up here are still open. CK has been making his own gains as well. He's was messing around with an HK45 through the offseason and it ended up paying off for him similar to how I switched divisions during the same time period. I personally found that playing with .40 major helped to improve areas of grip and elbow angles I wasn't sure how to address. Ended up proving to be a fun 2 month experiment. ...just need to work on not being fat
  8. XMG USPSA 1/9/2021: https://practiscore.com/results/new/b2124a4e-381f-47fe-b166-d62570ab90a3?q_division=0&q_individual=mmShooter_3252028 93A 40C 4D 3M 2NS 2nd Carry Optics 4th Overall Goals: Get back up to speed on Carry Optics and new SRO, test new GX kydex holster during full speed walkthroughs (it held really solidly, no worries of the gun popping out). Experiment with movement techniques and speed up vision. Good: Grip felt solid. Maintained aggression throughout stage runs. Okay: Stage Positioning, had to slightly backtrack a few places and do some unco
  9. I don't see a noticeable difference in accuracy of OEM barrels between my gen 3 g19, gen 4 g34, and gen 5 g17. I'd only switch my gen 3 and 4 barrels out if all I could shoot were uncoated lead bullets.
  10. NTXLF Practice Day: https://practiscore.com/results/new/98c07cb6-745d-44cb-b74c-129e732679c1?q_individual=mmShooter_3264562 Of the 4 stage runs that I bothered to shoot: 58A 31C 6D 1M Limited Major: G35 - Vogel sights and that's it. Goals: Get back up to speed on a pistol. Improve recoil control through grip. Establish baseline performance. Good: Grip felt solid. Maintained aggression throughout stage runs. Okay: Footwork - has a few areas I could improve but I was maybe 70% happy with how I rehearsed and placed my feet around the stage. Needs Work: Stop mi
  11. I use a Glock 17 with no internal mods. I know what's going on internally and don't feel the need to swap trigger parts. I also have a lower tendency to cartwheel the gun out of the holster than a 34 and saves ~$100 to put towards whatever.
  12. 12/26/20 Shotgun - Sporting Clays at Elm Fork shooting range in Dallas- NOT A COMPETITION, sort of 50 out of 100 Things I learned: It's a lot more fun and frustrating than trap or skeet. I need to work on tracking a moving target and predicting where it will be. May influence helping with stuff like bobbers, swingers, clamshells, and other moving targets. Collin County USPSA 12/27/20: https://practiscore.com/results/new/d0b7abf2-9250-46f3-adad-78a54ed99dda?q_individual=0&q_division=4 5th PCC 31st Overall ~11 seconds to 1st PCC 87A 26C 6D 6M
  13. 12/20/20 CTASA USPSA: https://practiscore.com/results/new/fe27eb66-a70b-4e55-b906-e04e3d9d3855?q_division=2&q_individual=0 1st Limited 11th Overall 17.94 seconds to 2nd Limited 70A 31C 12D 8M(!) Goals to achieve since last match: Aggressive transitions, rehearsal of footsteps and the transfer to shooting the stage, add focusing on center of available A zone (I tossed this goal out to focus a bit more on footstep rehearsal and aggressive transitions) Good: Aggression all around - Had aggressive movement around the stage, as well as transi
  14. I don't remember seeing slimline followers and even then, that would likely mess with anti-tilt and how the bullets stack in the magazine. I tried shaving down a follower for a .40 mag and that messed with bullet stack. I only barely got it back to a working shape. For 9mm extensions I can get 23+1 using Henning pads on a gen 5 mag and no changes to the follower.
  15. 12/12/2020 Outlaw match. 2 hits anywhere on paper. All static steel had 2 hits per. Some falling steel. 1 activator stage. Match obviously has a bias towards who can race the hardest with any scoring hits on target. 6th Overall, 4th pistol. 1 penalty Miss on paper Goals to achieve since last match: Aggressive transitions, rehearsal of footsteps. Good: Aggressive transitions, stayed low overall, targets that were logical to engage on the move were engaged on the move Okay: Footwork - Wasn't exactly what I was looking for/needed for some stages
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