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  1. Hey guys, I just switched to open from revo and have a Gold Custom in .40, I would like to get at least 170mm mag if I can. I have not been able to find one for tanfo mags in any caliber, would a CZ 9/40 extension work on tanfo mags?
  2. Yeah I saw that, I think I got off lucky too.
  3. That is what I thought and I didn't continue because of it, thank you all for the clarification. To me and all of our shooters it was an eye opener to look thoroughly at all the internals of a competition gun bought used.
  4. I was done regardless once it happened I knew the gun wasn't safe to shoot. My RO thought that it might be a warning since it was mechanical and if it happended again it was a DQ. I took a DQ because I knew it wasn't safe at that point.
  5. A few months back I bought a Tanfoglio gold team used from a dealer on here that he took in on trade. I have put a few hundred rounds through it on the range just to get used to it and to get my handloads figured out and it ran perfectly from the start. This past Sunday my local club had our first match of the year, during the first stage the timer went off, I burned the first mag up and went to slide lock. I reloaded, grabbed the slide Rackers to send it home and the second themail slide was in battery the gun discharged. My finger was no where near the trigger and I stopped and cleared the gun right away knowing it wasn't safe. The RO's were not completely sure how to handle the situation since it was clearly a mechanical failure, how should this have this been called? I bagged the gun and did not continue the match with it. After the match I tried to see if it would happen again and it did. Once I got home that night I pulled the internals to see what had happened and the previous owner had modified the sear in a very dangerous way...lesson learned when buying a used competition gun look at the internals before taking it to the range...
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