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  1. I'm thinking about picking up a JP GMR-15 Match PCC Ready Rifle (RR-GMR15PCC). Who has the best prices on these? I see Shooters Connection has them, but the same price as going direct. Are there any discounts or codes? Thanks!
  2. Obsolete? Hardly. The SP01 Shadow is still better than many plastic guns. Plus you can shoot it in both IDPA and USPSA.
  3. $387 more for adjustable sights and different grips. Got it.
  4. Besides the adjustable rear sight, does anyone know the differences between the: CZC SP01 Shadow Custom (91030) $1,300 CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Target II – 9mm (CZ Custom) (91760) $1,687
  5. I used to have a brass dealer that sold wet-tumbled 9mm single headstamp, but he is no longer doing that. Anyone know of a brass vendor that sells once-fired WIN, FC or RP brass?
  6. Thanks guys. What about making the majority of my dry-fire targets difficult (partials, no-shoots, distance etc.) so I would have to pay more attention to the sights?
  7. What drills & target presentations do you guys recommend for improving shot calling during dry-fire, specifically second shot calling? I shot a major match recently, and found myself calling my first shot but already thinking about my next target or position, and not always calling my second shot. I want to improve this as much as I can in dry fire, and verify it with live fire.
  8. Yeah, its quicker and easier the other way though. I will probably ballpark it that way, then fine tune with using the rod.
  9. Sorry, I meant .25 grains. I'm trying for 3.6 grain drops, and I'm getting 3.8 to 3.9 with the failsafe rod.
  10. Loaded on a 550b for 2 years, just recently got a 650. When checking powder charges on my 550, I would remove the failsafe rod, and manually drop 10 charges by working the Slotted Bellcrank by hand and weighing them. This always dropped the same amount of powder as weighing 10 individual drops with the failsafe rod attached. On my 650, I will weigh 10 drops without the failsafe rod, and will get a total measurement of 36.3 grains consistently. When I weigh 10 individual drops with the failsafe rod attached, I get around a .25 grain per drop higher measurement consistently (38.7). Any ideas why drops with the failsafe rod are throwing more powder?
  11. No, just on top like the instructions say. My issue was resolved by filing down the rough edges on the station 1 locator rail track, and slowing down just a bit.
  12. I use the EGW U-die as well, and had to re-align my 550 and 650 out of the box. Same issues as you - case would tip when slowly inserted into the U-die, crushing case mouths etc. The 550 was easier to fix than my 650. I just recently corrected my 650. Had to use the alignment tool and re-adjust the platform to one extreme, where the tool wouldn't raise up when the ram was raised. Once I got that down. I had to re-time the shell plate to the new alignment via adjusting the Indexer Block (16776). Then I had to do the case in Station 1 with the Die lock nut loose, raise the ram and then tighten down the lock nut. No issues with alignment or case tipping in Station 1 after all that. Also, you have to make sure your camming pin is adjusted properly, or the case won't get fully into the shell-plate every time. The procedure is on page 38 of the manual.
  13. That's exactly what I did. It wasn't certain head-stamps - it was all head-stamps that met some resistance where the angle meets the main track. Loaded bout 200 rounds today after using the file on the Station 1 Locator. Cases are no longer getting stuck halfway down the Locator, but they were sometimes not going into the track. They would end up exactly like the 2nd pic I posted in the original post, or come flying out the left side of the press. I started going slower and watching the cases. When I go slow, there are no issues. So I started slightly slower, deliberate up-strokes & down-strokes. No issues with cases feeding in the last 150 rounds. I guess I was going too fast and sometimes the cases didn't have time to settle.
  14. Spoke to Dillon Support. They recommended I deburr the Station 1 Locator with a file. I found that cases slide freely when perfectly straight, but if the case was slightly tipped at all - it hangs up at the angle where it narrows. If I keep the case tipped through the rest of the track toward the shell plate - it is smooth. But tipped through the angled area where the case enters the track - it is rough and hangs up. Seems like burrs for sure. I will try deburring and see if that helps. If not, Dillon said they would send me a new Station 1 Locator.
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