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Eggnog - Hot or Cold?

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Add me to the list that has never met the acquaintance of a hot eggnog. I would be willing to try it however. It was James Mitchner I believe who said something along the lines of " If you are going to ignore the customs, not eat the food, fear the religion and avoid the people you might better stay at home."


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Equally consumable with or without the booze. B)

Dang. I didn't even know eggnog without alcohol was an option.

Not sure straight eggnog sounds all that appetizing. Might be some sort of health hazard.

Just another one of those things I don't really want to think about.

My brain still hurts.

Bill dry.gif

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Can't stand the stuff myself. I've tried it both cold and hot. A waste of perfectly good bourbon.

Drink the bourbon and share it with your date. Use the eggs to make and omelet the morning "after". :D:lol:

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I like eggnog like I like my women, hot and FULL OF BOOZE!!!! Otherwise I will pass on it most of the time. Cold if I have to have it with no booze in it.

H- you obviously understand the proper application of hot and booze involving both items. I will make sure my wife doesnt see this as it will mean no egg nog. :blink:

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