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  1. Or not shooting the 'right' gun?
  2. It's up to the MD to handle it. If they won't, vote with your feet and your wallet.
  3. I always hear about people describing the ringing they get from tinnitus. Mine sounds like a loud swarm of cicadas, and they're at it 24 hours a day.
  4. Just who do you think you're calling impartial?! I've already made my distaste for this well-worn subject clearly known, but if others want to play, so be it. Do I have a preference for Major PF? Uh, yeah. That's why my screen name is a contraction of, "I am a .45ACP deviate".
  5. It's been longer than that. His first post, on 26Oct18: He's a 1-trick pony who's been baiting anyone who would argue along with the same tired illogic since his arrival. As long as people engage with him, he will keep playing you. I did not use the word Troll. I leave to each to decide on their own.
  6. Please, y'all. Keep up this antagonistic, rude language. I'm dying for a reason to shut this down. Please. Do it. **I know it's a little thin, but it could be enough! I'm so sick of the weekly "Limited Minor vs. Limited Major" threads I could puke. If it keeps up I may start taking hostages.
  7. Better late than never. Welcome!
  8. I took a class with Ernie about 15 years ago (shortly after he left the Corps), and at one point he offered to let me shoot his Sig. I turned to him and said, "That's a Cheater gun!" Unbelievable (to me) trigger and soft recoiling. He gave a big smile and said, "You bet it is!" I think there are better guns for Prod or CO, but it was the best Pig Sauer I ever shot.
  9. I didn't ever get serious about shooting revolver division in USPSA. I did it once or twice just because a group of friends wanted to. It was fun. But I used to carry a revolver for EDC before finding this sport and tried to do all of my practice DA only. Because of that, when I got an SP-O1, I didn't find the first-shot DA pull objectionable or scary. Like some of these guys have been saying. . .practice it, learn it, and move on.
  10. Good choice. There are a lot of good suppliers, but few (if any) can match his track record.
  11. So, I guess in answer to your original question, "Did I just waste 200 primers?", the answer would be a happy No. Nice.
  12. If you lift a foot, drop a mag. Get your hits. Have fun.
  13. Yeah. Without even minimal practice to keep their minimal skill set at the top of their game.
  14. A million rounds... For real?! Typo maybe?
  15. I wasn't there but I've been following this topic with interest since it started. If this had happened at a match where I was the RM (LI, even), I would have been pissed to find out afterwards. Shooter deserves a polite phone call, and an invitation for a free match next month. It should come with a commitment to squad him with helpful folks who know the game. I'm also just as disappointed that such a great teaching moment for a whole squad of ROs was (seemingly?) missed. It's one thing to sit here and read about it on the interwebs, but I can't help imagining how stressed I'd be to have been there, and not be able to make some moves to see it didn't happen again. After the fact, even before our opinionated commentary, the priority would be to see these people didn't do something like that in the future.
  16. You remember what your Mamma told you about playing with uncaptured guide rods, right? "You'll put your eye out!"
  17. Common, medicinal-grade isopropanol alcohol is labeled as ~70%. It has other stuff like oils for your skin, etc., that lowers the 'purity' level. It's not recommended for circuitry. The grade most used by pros to clean things like electrical/electronics contacts is about ~91% purity. If you have that , go for it. Be mindful of letting everything dry thoroughly before reinserting batteries, though.
  18. Options! That's the key to a good stage for me.
  19. Yes. Designed and manufactured by a competitor. Also along-time contributor and forum dealer here. https://forums.brianenos.com/forum/287-shockbottle-rd/
  20. That is an interesting theory. I don't think there's any validity to it, but it is creative.
  21. I don't object to criticism of an event that I had a hand in producing, except when the criticism is all that is offered. I've quietly pointed out problems at a number of events I've visited (LI's - LIII's), but it came with an offer to help correct the situation, when I could. I think that's all anyone wants. Anyone can point to a problem. The real value is in helping to correct it.
  22. I think the fact that the word 'may' is capitalized causes some to think it indicates the allowance is conditional. As in, May or May Not. I've always seen it simply as emphasis given that the listed items are permitted. In an attempt to remove ambiguity, it may have created some. YMMV
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