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  1. AC claims (I have no reason to not believe them) that their trigger reduces trigger pull by up to 30% and of course reduces pre and over travel. I already had the GG kit installed, and the AC trigger further reduced my trigger pull. Why not go for the best... But of course “best trigger” is a very subjective thing/feel
  2. Yes, I sold it for the AC trigger. The GG’s trigger was only adjustable for over-travel I believe, the AC trigger is both Pre and Over travel
  3. Interesting, with the AC trigger shoe my trigger barely moves beyond 90* and the reset is very short. I have a legion so it has the Legion trigger bar with the GG sear and springs
  4. Armory Craft trigger and the GG kit hit the sweet spot so far.
  5. I just don’t have the tools needed to make a decent video. Sig Guy has one up tho. Here it is
  6. Armory Craft trigger installed with GG sear and competition springs Pull weight is a 5 pull average
  7. Thanks All I needed to know
  8. Is this normal? It seems very loose slide to frame
  9. I have an old one laying around, will do
  10. My GG Hybrid Trigger Shoe will be for sale as soon as my Armory Craft arrives next week.
  11. I am currently running grip tape, I am scared to use a dremel on my grip being it is $200+ to replace it I have the JB Weld, 60 and 80 grit silicone carbide and all the necessary tools. I only lack courage
  12. Black ones should start hitting mailboxes today, I ordered a red one that should ship Monday. From the YouTube videos I have seen, it should be a game changer when paired with the GG kit
  13. I see they have a slide ride adapter for the dot, will this be legal in USPSA CO? As for Production, seems like it could be a game changer with the low bore and stationary sights
  14. You can turn it off while it is in the holster on most RDS’s
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