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  1. Looks good and works like a charm Love the Holosun 507C
  2. zhunter

    Reloading question

    Another question born out of the Black Friday deals. My Shadows shot .356’s more accurately than .355’s Any difference in the Sig P320 X-Five results?
  3. zhunter

    Reloading question

    Yes, it will be a 9mm and set up for CO I will be sending mine back immediately for a non-LCI barrel. Looks like I will need to do some load testing to his 131PF at a longer OAL
  4. zhunter

    Reloading question

    Thanks @jcc7x7
  5. zhunter

    Reloading question

    I’m coming from a CZ platform where short OAL was required. Is there a ballpark/consensus OAL for reloads on the P320 X-Five barrels? I still have 1000’s of rounds of 1.09 OAL left over from my CZ’s. I am sure they will be fine in the X-Five for practice, or I can use them for fun in my Scorpion, but really looking for a starting point. Sadly my Legion is back ordered so I can’t use the chamber to nail it down. Any guidance is appreciated
  6. The LCI creates issues on the RDS’s glass due to escaping gas. Romeo 3 currently needs a plate to mount on the Legion rather than a direct mount of the Romeo Pro 1
  7. Hey Big Guy Yes I am gonna shoot the P320 X-Five Legion in CO next year. I bought it before my current work trip and will send it to Sig to have the barrel replaced when I get home. I already have the Sig Romeo Pro 1 dot. I have done a lot of reading, and will be going with the GG Competition kit and possibly the Tactical Pontoon sear springs. I have 3 17-round mags (comes with the Legion) and will use the Henning +6 magazine base pads and will make a plan for my other 3 21-round mags, possibly the TTI +2’s if they work with the factory 21 rounders. I will work out having 6 reloadable 22-23 round magazines. Looking forward to getting back into shooting next year when my schedule allows, but work is changing and I will be in Florida a lot the next few years. I will be making changes to my whole setup with an eye towards economy of motion being I have not shot for the past 18 months I feel now is the time to make changes like mag pouch configuration etc... So there ya go
  8. Has it been mentioned that the factory trigger geometry on the Legion is different from the regular X-Five triggers?
  9. I was a Shadow guy too, and hope my results and feel mirror yours. I did just shoot Keres a few questions about integrating their with Gray Guns Competition kit and possibly a Apex trigger bar. It seems the polishing and tuning of the Gray Guns parts are key (Seems Burke polishes parts as well as some welding), but I am looking to possibly shorten the trigger travel of the GG kit while maintaining their 3#ish trigger pull
  10. That thought has crossed my mind, but it limits options
  11. Great info and numbers, so thanks. Another question, how much does the trigger bar have to do with trigger travel in the P320 FCU operation? Or is it more of a function of the trigger/trigger shoe rather than the trigger bar? It seems that there must be some sweet spot to combine parts of different “systems” (eg. grays polished sear and lighter springs with a Keres trigger and an Apex trigger bar) to achieve the best possible setup apart from going the Burke route. Thoughts?
  12. I want to hear about this combo.... I am a trigger rider and I struggle with long resets that cause the occasional “trigger freeze” on hoser stages. Looking forward to picking up my Legion when I get back from this three week work trip.... Of course the first thing I am gonna do is send it in to get the non-LCI barrel
  13. zhunter

    P320 X5 Thread

    What is the story on the Henning +6 basepads? Is 27 a possibility or are they just for the 17 rounders to get to 23?
  14. zhunter

    Tuning the P09 for USPSA

    I did a huge testing run of different springs etc for the P-09 a few years ago, I’m sure you can find it be searching. It was very detailed and step by step
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