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  1. I have a whole thread on tuning the P-09 for competition. It details the step by step process I went through to get to the finished product. It is a fantastic platform, and the DA is not horrible after you do the tuning. Search the thread and you will have plenty of info to get you going
  2. zhunter

    P09 Question

    AFTER the appropriate amount a dryfire (this varies), iron sights are much slower. But it takes time to get there. Irons are like training wheels on a bicycle, take them off and you learn faster
  3. zhunter

    Shadow 2 Legal Date

    When will it get the nod?
  4. zhunter

    P10C arrival date

    Lol I am a full sized EDC guy, so I am happy with my P-09. But I would look at a P-10F if it ever comes about
  5. The Shadow 2 is not going to be CO legal due to weight, so I hope they keep importing/selling SP-01 Shadows
  6. zhunter

    P10C arrival date

    I'll check back in when the full size P-10 starts shipping
  7. As stated above, Dry Fire is your friend. No need to go fast, just draw to your dot. And.... Reload to your dot. Speed at this point is not a factor, consistency IS the main factor. Let me warn you, you will not initially be faster with a dot, but you will be more accurate. The speed will take some time. Enjoy the ride
  8. I will just say, the scale at the chrono stage at 2016 CO Nationals had ZERO problem with either mine nor my wife's CZ Shadow SP-01's Shadow's are good to go
  9. Been there and did that, way too many politics, I stopped and just starting paying my match fees
  10. zhunter

    Low Cost CO Set Up

    Springer Dovetail mount is very good
  11. As an A Class shooter, I am typically in the 5-6 HF range for field course stages at our locals and most majors. And try to shoot a 4.5-5 to 1 ratio of A's to C's if that gives you an idea of my slow a$$ shooting Yep, I need to get faster, and I know where the low hanging fruit lies, it is just a matter of time to get it done
  12. I shoot slow Kidding aside, with a dot it is pretty easy to shoot A's and C's. I really think, could be wrong, that the option to go 24 with no slide lock is a potential advantage in a rare stage that can be an advantage in the match results.
  13. Cool, glad you guys have tried it out. I get that equipment rule changes ahve made it difficult. Obviously I have had to make some changes along the way. Not sure I like the new capacity rule, but I will be buying mag extensions, just not sure if for my P-09 or Shadow. I like the idea of 24 rounds rather than 21-23 rounds with the Shadow. I think there is a huge advantage to 24 at times as it gets you through 3 arrays. Off Topic: Now if we could just get USPSA (generalization coming) to move away from 8-8-8-8 stage designs it would be a lot better and more interesting. AND the 24th round would be less important Please, I do not want to hear any comments about get out there are start designing and building stages.
  14. Have either of you up to this point shot CO? You both seem to have opinions about it, just wondering? IF you have not shot it in the past, do you intend to shoot CO in the future?
  15. t's funny, kind of like people complaining about election results but did not vote isn't he election. That is NOT a political statement, just an analogy of people complaining about CO who don't shoot CO and likely won't shoot CO in the future
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