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  1. Thanks all. Mine will be in the basement as well, no need for AC, so I'm looking at demumid only. Right now it's at 48%. Looking at Sarge's post, I started searching the target levels, looking around, maybe I'll be ok without anything. It's a lot drier here in winter. Blue edge,.. where did you get yours? I can find a lot of theory about them, but not real units
  2. For those of you that have gone to gun rooms or vaults: How are you controlling the humidity? Portable dehumidifier on a timer? with a drain hose or you dump it manually? thanks in advance, Dave
  3. Just a reminder: coming up... March is Colon Cancer Awareness month. https://healthfinder.gov/nho/MarchToolkit.aspx
  4. Thanks, I don't have a powder measure on it, I was doing individual measures with a dispenser and a 500 powder die to work up some loads, but I threw on on there, and no change. Taking off the shell plate and trying a different tension did the trick, I had just tightened down the bolt too far. It seemed fine after so long, but the new tension, now that i tried it, seems very familiar.
  5. I'm sure this is a real easy thing, but I just can't see it. I haven't loaded on the 550 for a few years. I switched it from 45ACP to 10MM, and now the primers are sitting high enough in the primer seating cup, the shell plate can't rotate. The shell plate rotates fine without a primer in the cup, and if I raise it, it turns fine. Before I switched it out, I loaded 500 45s and had no issues, there isn't anything stuck in the primer cup.. what am I missing? thanks, Dave
  6. Thanks, I skipped right over that... too focused on measurements
  7. I just received a Taran Tactical Glock basepad from Brownells. It's supposed to be a +3/4 basepad, but it seems so short. I'm wondering if they sent me a +0 pad. Before I take it out of the package and try it, can someone post the height of their +3 basepad? Thanks, Dave
  8. Thanks all. Eric, I've never seen that hood.. that looks like a good combo. I have what they say is a 4 moa dot now, but it's a very cheap reddot, so maybe it's smaller than it's supposed to be. At 25 yards a 4moa dot should look to be about 1" right? a 6 would be 1.5 and a 8 about 2"? Bigger just seems like it would be faster
  9. I'm really new to dots, so I'm still trying things out. Is there a cheap but decent red dot sight that has a 6 to 8 moa dot like a Cmore?
  10. Yes not even close, sorry for the mistake. I was thinking about the powder measures as a whole which I do interchange, never even noticed the funnels were different in the same caliber
  11. There's no difference between machines. The funnel fits the powder measure which is interchangeable. I load on 550s and a 1050, the powder funnel for 38/357 has a D stamped it where Chuck posted The part that goes into the brass: The inside diameter of the drop is .235" and the outside is .354"
  12. Control-0 [zero] usually gets the font back to normal on a lot of browsers
  13. I've seen some posts about making cay holders from angle iron but all the picture links are old. Anyone have a picture of one?
  14. I did it, a friend fitted the barrel for me, actually fits nicer than the original barrel. I don't think it's hard for an experienced gunsmith to fit the barrel Didn't need the ejector or firing pin, I do use a different recoil spring too between the 2 eta - added the recoil sping
  15. Go to your local recommend place.. see if they'll let you try them for a week
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