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  1. Fun match! Enjoyed it all, even the stage my shotgun decided was a good one to choke on. Thanks to the ROs on stage 1 who let me shoot it over for fun. Liota
  2. When your friend asks you what kind of stocks you like and you reply, "Ace."
  3. The match was a lot of fun. It was one of the two most challenging matches I've shot. Not all of the stages had water on them. Looked for it both at parking and up at the stages. Just one more minor request. Can we keep the deer in check next year? Liota
  4. At A gun show... Me: Can I look at that? Re-teller, with a pants hitch-up: If you can handle that there SIG Sauer Peee-two-two-six!"
  5. Does that mean you're for-ahem-hem-hem years old?
  6. Oh My Gawd! That is horrible!
  7. Thanks for the updates, guys. dsb45acp, keep going. Do the workouts. Visit the beachbody website and www.wowy.com. You'll be surprised how much help is on the site. I, much like Sean, haven't lost squat for weight. I have, however, lost an inch off my waist in the short few weeks I've been serious about this. It drove my PT test score up to just over 90%. I love it. Liota
  8. dsb45acp, How about an update? I started doing P90X awhile back because it looked like fun. It's still fun. I can't do everything, but Tony Horton has at least one of his folks showing you how to do the exercises if your skill level is not there yet or you have physical limitations like bad joints. He also stresses throughout the video that you don't hurt yourself. It's okay not to be in perfect form at first. You'll get there. Same with number of reps and speed. The variety of programs is good for keeping my interest. It kicks my butt, but I love them anyway. I have a partner who works out with me. I also have a couple of transient partners who come in and work a couple of times a week. It's fun and heartening to see all of the big in-shape guys collapse on the floor from the strain of an exercise when it's done. Let's me know I'm not just being a weenie. When we do the KenpoX workout I have yet to get all the combined punches correct. I end up looking like such a dork. I look over at my partner and we end up laughing when the workout is done. I'm lovin' it! One thing to keep in mind, you need to eat more to lose the weight. I'm working on that. One of our guys was working out with us and couldn't lose any weight. Came to light during a fitness review panel that his body was in starvation mode. They upped his food intake and he lost 20 pounds in about three weeks. P90x Plus, on the other hand, is an whole different bird in the world of kicking my butt. I am definitely ready for it yet. Liota
  9. I think it was breaking my ankle at the 04 Nationals at Barry. I was presented with a little purple Nuby cup, which I still have, for "grace and poise while not shooting." Aaahhhhh! Family. We luvs them. L
  10. Liota

    not a pig

    Funeral is Tuesday @ 9 a.m. followed by a steak and beer party at the house.
  11. A bunch of us from West Texas tend to say "pop pop" for paper then "ting" for steel. It sounded funny the first few times I heard it, but now I do it too. Liota
  12. The dish soap works well. You can also get some anti-fogging products at a scuba diving shop that are used to keep your mask free from fog during a dive. I would recommend the "natural" cure for it, but it doesn't work well if you don't keep the glasses wet. Liota
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