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  1. Read the rulebook. You have to know what's allowed.
  2. ima45dv8

    Historical List of USPSA Champions

    I moved several posts to a new thread started by Jcgatus, located here: https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/268805-who-is-in-your-mt-rushmore-of-shooting-need-some-opinions/ Let's not string this out over multiple threads. Thanks.
  3. I agree with those, but I'd have to add Jerry Miculek as one of the very best multi-discipline, multi-platform shooters ever.
  4. Your points are all well taken, and I don't necessarily disagree with all of them. But looking at the excerpt below from the rulebook, which was in there as long as I can remember, it seems to indicate HHFs should be based on an average. While it's not specifically mentioned there, I know I've read it was supposed to based on the top 10 HF's for a given classifier. And that idea has some merit when you consider a crazy hero-or-zero, almost impossible to duplicate run could set the HHF while not being truly reflective of actual efforts:
  5. Isn't that as it should be?
  6. ima45dv8

    Creeping / False Start

    If you're last in a squad, and listen to each start for the other shooters, it's not hard to pick up the timing if a particular RO always uses the same delay (and some do). It's not really hyper-analysing, it's just observation.
  7. ima45dv8

    Starting Position "standing in box"

    A simple and elegant solution.
  8. ima45dv8

    Is Single Stack Dead?

    I must've missed that.
  9. ima45dv8

    Is Single Stack Dead?

    “Hokey religions and ancient weapons"? I think not...
  10. ima45dv8

    Sending Money to Strangers

    xtian999 -- Your profile lists your location as "Deep in the Heart of Texas", and your real name as "Not Me". That's absolutely OK here, but it means the seller knows way less about you than you know about them.
  11. Closed in favor of the existing discussion: https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/254945-2018-single-stack-classic/ Post 23 on first page.
  12. That's a logical and excellent idea.
  13. ima45dv8

    Mark7 Evolution

    For your viewing pleasure: >>The BE Forum Guidelines<< I just cleaned a considerable amount of noise out of this thread. If I have to do it again, the parties involved will be disappointed by my next actions. Play nice, or play somewhere else. -Admin
  14. Great thread, Cha-Lee. This one might get "stickied". I've had the honor of being invited to perform RM duties at many local matches, and a good number of LII's. When a clubs match team has spent months working on hundreds or thousands of small details to produce a quality State or Sectional championship event, my actions (or lack thereof) could cause failures that reflect poorly on them. I've seen it happen at many matches I've shot. For this reason, the LII's caused me nights of bad sleep on many occasions. I approached these duties very seriously. I offer these suggestions to anyone who may find themselves faced with such a weighty task. Even though it might cause an additional expense for the match funds, I always insisted on being there for the last couple of days of setup. Helping build them gave me a chance to inspect the stages before they were finished and many issues were resolved before it was time to "bless the stages". When the blessing time came, I walked every stage 3 times with a different mind-set each time. First, I put on my Gamer hat and tried to find any/every hole in the design that I could exploit as a competitor. If someone was on-hand that I knew was even more 'gamey' than me, I would enlist their help to identify holes. Some options were deliberately left in (after discussion with the match staff) as it's sometimes fun to watch shooters over-game a solution to the problem. I've corkscrewed myself into the ground with cleverness and it provided some great entertainment for my fellow shooters Second, I would put on my RO/CRO hat and imagine running shooters through the stage. How would it likely flow? Where were the pinch-points for me while running the timer? What would be the best and most efficient way to manage resetting props, and scoring and pasting of the targets and props? Where were edge-hits likely to occur, and how to handle them? Etc. Lastly, I put on my RM hat, and with WSBs (and a pen for editing) in hand, I looked at potential scoring and penalty issues. I tried to determine in advance whether, at a likely spot that someone might fault a line while shooting, should it be considered a 'significant advantage' per-shot penalty or a single penalty? Did a prop have the robust construction needed to survive 400 activations over the course of the match (I've broken a few that caused rebuilds)? Did the start position need clarification or demonstration? Were the stage instructions for the competitors clear, or clear as mud? Etc. Armed with all that I had learned, I would have an RO walk-thru on staff day with a trusted rep from each squad. These usually were imbedded ROs shooting with the rest of their mates. Yes, dedicated Stage ROs during staff shoots would be awesome, but almost always impossible to arrange due to not having enough bodies. The walk-thru would go stage to stage, pointing out what I had learned from my own activities. I encouraged the imbedded ROs to confer at the end of the day with the stage-dedicated ROs to pass along any insights they had gleaned during the staff shoot. The next morning I would have another RO walk-thru with the stage ROs to cover the specifics for each stage. I know it sounds like a lot, but the goal was safe and consistentent officiating, for every shooter, for the entire event. The effort was worth it. Slight drift... A few years ago, at an LII, I was giving the competitor briefing at the start of the first relay (half-day format), and on the fly added a warning to the shooters when I recognized a few whose consistent demeanors included bad behaviour towards match staff. I reminded the entire group that USPSA is a small community and many of the shooters would at some point be match staff at another event, and I expected the shooters to treat our staff with the same level of respect they would wish for themselves. I finished by saying that if I caught anybody being abusive to match staff, I would DQ them on the spot for unsportsmanlike behaviour and they would be leaving the range soon after. Disagreement with staff is fine, and expected, but everyone was reminded that they were expected to act like an adult. There were a few faces that betrayed that they knew this applied to them, but most of the audience smiled and nodded their agreement. This warning was of course included in the remaining shooter briefs for the rest of the weekend.
  15. ima45dv8

    Virginia stage penalty question

    I wish you had called the RM(s) to comment on this. I'm sure they would have corrected the scoring error and quietly supplied some remedial training for those involved. Can't fix a problem until you're aware of it.