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  1. ima45dv8

    New security question

  2. ima45dv8

    Farthest shot in a uspsa match

    AL State had an array of full-sized poppers (3?) at about 70 yards a few years back. Lots of Mikes and calibration challenges on those.
  3. ima45dv8

    GSSF practice.

    I gotta work on that whole reading-comprehension thing... <head smack>
  4. ima45dv8

    GSSF practice.

    Five to GLOCK will generally go out to 20 or 25 yards (the maximum) for the furthest target. GLOCK'M has many variations, but the furthest target is usually around 15-20 yards. One hard-set popper that doesn't fall is now the norm (less work for the ROs). Plates will be at 33 feet.
  5. ima45dv8


    I understand this is your opinion, i also understand that you still have never quoted a rule to support it. Interestingly enough, i have shown three rules that support my opinion. I will stick with what the rule book actually says and not what i feel it should say. And actually in the same sentence that is says a shooter must have eye and ear pro before they get in the start position, it says that their handgun must be in accordance with the wsb I may be wrong, but it sounds like Sarge is (still) saying just what I said. We must enforce their start position, but the condition of the firearm is on the shooter. If they insert a magazine and don't chamber a round, that's in accordance with the WSB, and the lack of a chambered round is on them.
  6. ima45dv8


    I don't think I've ever seen one worded just like that. Sounds like it would be an attempt to write an idiot-proof WSB. I guess I'd have to switch into Nanny-Mode as dictated by the stage designer and tell them to chamber a round. But I wouldn't like it...
  7. ima45dv8


    Please bear in mind that on a loaded gun start, the RO is not responsible to ensure that the gun has both a loaded magazine inserted and a loaded chamber. Either of those situations meet the requirement for a loaded gun. Ammo inserted, in any fashion, meets that requirement. And has already been pointed out several times, the RO cannot direct the competitor to rectify the "half-loaded" gun condition.
  8. ima45dv8


    ? Are you indicating that what I wrote is not supported by the rulebook? If I missed something, please let me know.
  9. ima45dv8


    Loaded gun starts... -- Competitor does not insert a mag or chamber a round. Gun is not loaded per start condition. Repeat MR until gun is loaded, in some compliant manner. Proceed with process and ensure competitor assumes specified start position. -- Competitor inserts mag, chambers a round, removes the "Barney" mag and places it in their preferred place, and neglects to insert a fresh, loaded magazine. Gun is loaded and complies with the stated start condition. Competitor then assumes specified start position. You as the RO see all of this, but cannot say anything. Move on to AYR and start signal. -- Competitor inserts mag and does not chamber a round. This complies with the stated start condition. Competitor assumes specified start position. You as the RO see all of this, but cannot say anything. Move on to AYR and start signal.
  10. ima45dv8

    But seriously though....

    Enough. If anyone thinks they have something constructive or intelligent to add, feel free to PM a Moderator and we'll take it under consideration. Closed.
  11. ima45dv8

    USPSA Division for New Shooter?

    That's pretty much spot on. Shoot what ya got, within the rules, and stop worrying about placement until you're able to place.
  12. *Small side note... In defense of pskys2 and others who vividly remember the mud from the first couple of years, it WAS bad. The sod hadn't fully taken root to be able to withstand the torture it received and got chewed all to Hell and gone. The resulting mud smelled exactly like chicken manure. It would gag a maggot! I'm SO glad to hear time has treated the range grass and it's guests well. Wish I could be there.
  13. ima45dv8

    Tanfoglio Stock II Upgrade

    Cross-post. Please see other thread here:
  14. ima45dv8

    Why does USPSA have its own rulebook?

    That sounds like a harsh indictment. Can you back that up with fact? Or was it was meant as a joke?