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  1. Maybe a wild swing, but it does happen. Especially on "Can You Count", and just like on a Bill Drill. Until you practice and actually shoot 5 or 6 rounds in rapid succession, you might not realize how quickly your trigger finger can get tired. If it does, those last few, sometimes especially the very last shot, can get sideways. I've been called in to score a lot of targets that HAD to be doubles, but most weren't. Granted I had a few that were verifiable doubles. Those are actually fun to find.
  2. Good synopsis. Thanks. I like the sound of some of the longer and partial target presentations you described. I still might screw something up, but I'm not intimidated by them. Even if I'm not ready for a particular challenge I still welcome it. Bigger matches should be fun, but they should also be harder.
  3. And maybe the new one will push to go back to sponsoring The Ladies instead of The Juniors. Worst budget and strength move USPSA could have made... Kids don't vote, and they are ALL sponsored shooters. Usually by Mom and Dad. (Bless their hearts) Moms on the other hand do participate in our legal process, and control most of the money in our economy {Yes they do!}. Most household budgets are run by Mom, and she decides where discretionary dollars are spent. If she's involved and decides that the money for the weekend out with kids should be spent at a match, what else do you think will happen? She'll bring the kids along to the match because now a babysitter isn't in the budget (not after all that match gear). And all of the folks wanting Juniors at a match just got what they wanted. Not by spending money of promoting them, but by supporting their Moms. And we get their strong support. That math looks pretty easy to me.
  4. I know. But while not a factory warranty tech, I worked on a few hundred Glocks, at matches. Maybe half(?) were repaired by replacing aftermarket parts with factory parts. No sh!t. Maybe more. All I'm saying is that I've personally seen factory mags cut down that worked, and I've seen aftermarket mags that meet the requisite dimensions, that did not. I'd stick with OEM mags that were appropriately modified. I do remember people talking about how difficult it was to cut them down and make them work, but if John could do it maybe somebody else could do it today. I'd like to see that level of real competition between manufacturers.
  5. A Major PF Open Glock that runs? Yep. I know at least most of y'all have heard of SJC Custom. Pretty successful outfit in the aftermarket arena. Particularly for Glocks. But before that they made their name building Glock Open guns. And they worked. The J stands for John. Local guy who thought the money for an S*I open gun was way high. He wondered why a much less expensive option, like a Glock wouldn't work. He set about studying the question with a tight focus. I'll tell you why I think his guns worked in just a second. Cha-Lee and others have made accurate claims about KC's Glock Open gun when he was the factory shooter. They 'looked' cool, and had a hot new name associated with them, but they were not Glocks. I was working with KC then and asked him a lot of questions about the guns after majors, particularly when he said it failed. At least for the ones I talked to him about, just about every one was a Feed Failure. Hmmm... Last thing. . .Dave Sevigny won a truck load of National, Area and State/Sectional titles shooting Glocks. Pulled down a couple of World titles, too, IIRC (maybe it was 3?). Dave shot Glocks with only OEM parts in them. Not tricked-out, ZEVed-out space shooters. Just OEM Glocks. BUT, he always competed in Production because it only required a maximum of 10-rounds per mag. Hmmm... At some point Dave wanted to campaign the Glock in Limited, and with his skill would have whipped most, and maybe sometimes All of folks with all-steel S*I blasters. He's done it in Production. But he couldn't make the guns reliable with extended basepads. With Glocks assistance he got onto every extension and spring available. And know this - he was very analytical and methodical in his trials. In the end he said no combination he could come up with was reliable enough to risk a Major win on. He shared that with me as a squad mate at a local L1 match before I went to work there (I asked). I hope some of y'all just caught onto something. Extensions on Glock magazines work, but they're not reliable enough. 9mm Major Glocks worked, but limited to only 10-rounds to be reliable, what good were they? Not much, for trophies. **The point of all this is, John Nagle of SJC built 9mm Major guns that RAN with the maximum capacity, for length of mags allowed, because he didn't use mag extensions. A good bit of his business back then was taking factory 31-round G-18 mags made for the full-auto giggle-gun, and cutting them down to 170mm. NO extensions, and they worked. I think that's why KC's guns didn't work. A lesson Dave had already proved to himself in private, and which KC unfortunately learned in public. ***Any of you young entrepreneur types with machining skills who can cut down mags like that today would likely do a brisk business.
  6. If it's working that fine. A simple and elegant solution. I kept wondering how sensitive the outside of your leg must be to be that irritated, but 1:30? That explains it. Way back in the 20th Century, when all this stuff started, it wasn't too long before people were sporting holsters of leather and steel being worn the same way. Pretty fast from what they say.
  7. I think that's the first problem you need to fix.
  8. I bet they are! This, and the recognition of extraordinary circumstances like Mr. Watson spoke of were smart moves. It kept people interested and invested during a rough patch. And still is I bet. But do I want to see it incorporated into every USPSA match? Nope.
  9. The biggest/worst thing I've been seeing here is new members with zero posts, but with a bunch of Private Messages in their stats. We can't read those messages, but we can see the volume. Too often we find out those people created an account with no intention other than to cheat members here. They like to target Want To Buy (WTB) ads. Post one and you might get an offer that's too good to be true, that also includes a soft payment option that's actually a requirement (gift cards, BitCoin, XYZ transfer app, etc.). Beware.
  10. I'm gonna have to split this into a separate thread! I'll admit that part of what I like about my Glocks over my CZ, is it doesn't require any special tools or tooling. No pin-punches or roll-pins needed (or deformed). My SP-01 was one worked to goodness by Matt Mink. Besides Angus, he was the go-to guy. AIIRC, he was schooled up by Angus. I love shooting it, but I hate working on it compared to simplicity.
  11. You? What made you see the light? Did you dump all those CZs?
  12. The GLOCK OEM locking block is the most appropriate. What issue are you trying to solve?
  13. That is a sad shame. Had it happen to one of my favorite matches -- Cool Springs Gun Club. They were there for a long time, and then one day they didn't have a lease any more.
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