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  1. Ask for whoever is doing RM (Range Master) duties that day.
  2. The only thing that immediately comes to mind is dumbing down the intro even further. I know, you shouldn't have to, but based on this lesson you may want to include very specific warnings during the pre-range lecture that no one is to draw a firearm except when specifically commanded to do so. But even that may not prevent a repeat... Best of luck with the next class.
  3. That's great news, Rob! I fondly remember meeting you at Nationals a few times years ago. I had no idea of that struggle, or perhaps that was before. Either way, I'm very happy for you. And yes, I checked the box long ago.
  4. My girlfriend is from Brooklyn, and was across the bay in Keyport when it happened. We talked a lot yesterday about the number of young people who either weren't born yet, or were so young they have no real memory of the event or it's aftermath. I hope schools are giving an honest treatment to lessons about that day. We watched "102 Minutes That Changed The World" last night. Chilling.
  5. I remember Velocity. I think he was selling primarily Bedell blasters?
  6. In 2004 I shot the Alabama State match on a very strange day. Literally, there was snow and ice on the roads making the trip in REAL sketchy (in Alabama!!!). By that afternoon, the skies had cleared and we were stripping down to t-shirts and actually getting sunburned. But that was nothing compared to this crazy sumbitch the MD introduced me to and said would be shooting on our squad. Tony (who I immediately started calling, "Yo, Antny!" ) had just processed out and was fully charged with piss and vinegar. I had more fun that day than the proverbial barrel o' monkeys. I've been able to bump into him at a couple of matches since then, and though we weren't shooting together, it was always a hoot to catch up with him. Tony's a good guy who deserves the good things coming his way.
  7. ima45dv8

    My Brother-in-Law

    I don't know if I can find a good way to this but, often it's hard to be friends with family. Sure you love each other, but you don't always have the sort of interest-sharing experiences that you do with your 'outside' friends. I know this to have been true in my life. Having a family member that you are actually friends with is like the best of all worlds. Fighting, fussing, loving and laughing are all better than we could ever expect. I know this to have been true in my life. Grieve well, and find peace.
  8. ima45dv8

    Lazy Shooting Community

  9. ima45dv8

    Lazy Shooting Community

    Way out-of-bounds. >>Hate Forum Guidelines<<
  10. ima45dv8

    FTE / FTSA question

    Lee/George -- Thank you. I learned something from this, and that makes it a good day.
  11. ima45dv8

    PCC Flag

    One of the Moderators closed this because the question had been asked, and answered, and the topic then drifted into some silly responses that drug it further into the weeds. Some posts were removed to reduce the 'noise' contribution. Thanks, -- Admin
  12. ima45dv8

    Shooting First in squad....

    I can't say I did it from the first time, but I've worked as a CRO at a good many Level II's and IIIs. I soon got into the habit of giving the 1st shooter their own look. After clearing the stage at the end of the 5 (or whatever) minute walk-through, I'd allow the 1st shooter their own look at the stage. It seemed only fair.
  13. I cleaned up a couple of posts that don't belong here. Please play nice, or play somewhere else. -Admin
  14. Locally we've had a lot of Level II's where the shooters finished 10-12 stages in a single half-day format. Small squads with lots of RO's to do all of reset while the shooters are preparing for their run at the stage makes things go quickly.
  15. Yep. More work for the RO's, but an easy time for the shooters. Usually they have smaller squads (5-7 shooters ea.) and get the squads through very quickly.