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  1. This may help more than the card... https://nolecentral.dsa.fsu.edu/organization/fasc
  2. I'm pretty sure FSU has a team. I met them over dinner 2 years ago in Tallahassee. One of them gave me a card. I'll see if I can find it.
  3. Designing quality stages, and building quality stages, are two distinctly different skill sets. ======== One thing I think more matches could do is set up a 'club' and sell memberships. Offer a branded polo shirt with the paid annual dues. Have an annual cookout, party, whatever. Let them belong. This is not to be confused with a membership at the range. This a USPSA club, if you will. Doing this raises money for the club to buy supplies, props, etc, but most importantly instills a sense of ownership of the matches. You can hold 'club' meetings maybe once a month after a match, get input and feedback, and then introduce the calendar. The calendar where people can commit to help with setup upcoming matches. Depending on the number of volunteers, the number of matches they need to commit to will vary, but it plants the right seed. "Oh, honey, I have to be there on that day to help with setup. It's my turn."
  4. ima45dv8


    Ask and you shall receive... Kevin Imel wrote a series of excellent articles for FrontSight magazine on the subject. https://uspsa.org/magazine/display//2013-07 Part 1, page 22 https://uspsa.org/magazine/display//2013-09 Part 2, page 18 https://uspsa.org/magazine/display/2013-11 Part 3, page 22 https://uspsa.org/magazine/display//2014-01 Part 4, page 20 https://uspsa.org/magazine/display//2014-03 Part 5, page 20 https://uspsa.org/magazine/display//2014-05 Part 6, page 22 https://uspsa.org/magazine/display//2014-07 Part 7, page 22 https://uspsa.org/magazine/display//2014-09 Part 8, page 28 https://uspsa.org/magazine/display//2014-11 Part 9, page 38 https://uspsa.org/magazine/display//2015-01 Part 10, page 24 https://uspsa.org/magazine/display//2015-03 Part 11, page 28 https://uspsa.org/magazine/display//2015-05 Part 12, page 22 https://uspsa.org/magazine/display//2015-07 Part 13, page 28 https://uspsa.org/magazine/display//2015-09 Page 24 It's a lot of reading, but lots of very good stuff there.
  5. For me, I learned that a perfect plan poorly executed isn't as good as a near-perfect plan well executed. *Slight drift. . .we used to have a kick-ass club south of here called Cool Springs. Some of the best stage designs and setups you could find. I've been to many Level-II's that didn't put up stages as good as they did every month. People routinely got there early on Sunday to have a good look and work up their plans. One Sunday morning the MD had one of his crew quietly remove a target from a stage during the shooter's meeting, and replace the WSB with an updated version reflecting the new total number of targets. It was pretty funny to see people looking for that target once their squad got on that stage.
  6. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1004617853/arredondo-squib-rod-multi-tool-nylon-black Before the new rule it was possible to insert an offset squib rod like the one Midway sells above without sweeping your fingers. You'd then slam it into a wall or some other structure to (hopefully) dislodge the bullet. Never saw it done, but I've heard stories...
  7. The obvious answer to the original query is, No. There are many states whose restrictions remain, despite what happens in California. And because this thread is very political in nature, it is closed.
  8. As has been said, it's not an automatic DQ. However... As I read the OP, that was my reaction, too.
  9. You could petition your Area Director to raise that at the next board meeting.
  10. I don't think I've ever stopped someone for a popper, but I've called a halt on a lot of shooters for plate failures. No sense wasting ammo on a slam-dunk reshoot.
  11. He manned up to his mistake. Kudos to DNROI. It's not easy to admit an error, and the particular audience can make it even more difficult.
  12. And the world once again rests securely on it's proper axis.
  13. Now that you mention it, Chuck... 2 years ago I visited Manhattan and talked to a lot of NYPD officers while I was there. Even though GLOCK is the standard issue duty sidearm, more than a few were carrying 4506's (or something so similar as to make no appreciable difference). A few joked that the piece could still be employed as a bludgeon if shot dry.
  14. It true that DNROI has the final say, but until it's published in a manner that aligns with USPSA process, an email carries no weight. As we are supposed to do, I'll wait for an official ruling to be published on the USPSA website, or a blurb in his FrontSight column, or a change to the rulebook. Unless and until one of those things happen, nothing has changed.
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