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  1. It's my impression that the OP was NOT trolling, and very likely has already had someone at his home range try to explain to him the necessity to help out after the match (as most the responses have tried to do). The result was a serious case of butthurt which he drug over here looking for some sympathetic souls to say, "Yeah - you're right! It shouldn't be that way!" And I'm equally sure he's disappointed that v-e-r-y few people here gave him a hug, and a backrub, and a cookie, and joined in expressing his sorrow over the onerous treatment he's been forced to suffer.
  2. I think a lot of people have missed Sarge's humor. Seriously, y'all need to lighten up a bit. There might be some grammatical errors in that post, but I take to mean he was asked to be RM for a local match (maybe/probably not his home club), and was then asked to rule on a popper. . .a popper he never had the opportunity to examine before that moment. I've been in that exact situation. Walkin up to a popper you don't know for certain was set right to start with is a no-win scenario. Shoot it with a .44Magnum if available, or in his case a .3
  3. ima45dv8

    Small Gun Parts.com

    Like everyone else....
  4. I wish I knew an answer for you, but I don't.
  5. Invision has a mobile app which I guess would be optimized to their software (which powers this forum). Has anyone tried it? As opposed to TapaTalk?
  6. Uhhhhh. Why, why, why? As I alluded to before, maybe your OS/browser requires an update. You referenced an older version of Firefox on another computer. I don't know what that might mean, but try an update. We (this forum) are users of a software set provided by a vendor that gives us a platform to operate. They PUSH updates to us pretty much without warning. We don't write the code. I appreciate the fact that your having problems, but we're not in a position to provide line-by-line tech support. Try updating your browser (just as the forum
  7. Maybe an update is in order?
  8. Could your grip have changed?
  9. Nah. He got those overhauled a few years ago, and they came with a new 30,000 mile warranty.
  10. You don't get a certificate (free gun) for renewing. You get a coupon (for a discount, in the form of a Blue Label purchase). Even if you've been expired for a while, you get the coupon right away.
  11. Jesus, people. What don't you get when we say we don't do customer service issues here? And we especially aren't going to do 3rd-party CS complaints. Closed.
  12. I've gotten them both ways (from larger matches and a couple I bought on my own).
  13. https://www.dillonprecision.com/rl-550c-reloader_8_1_23594.html Brand-new with one caliber conversion kit is $509.00 Something's amiss here.
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