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  1. Almost blind for practical purposes. Just reading my desktop's screen requires me to get within ~6-8 inches. Smart phone a little closer, depending on font and other factors. I fired my first opthamologist due to poorly executed tests administered by a trainee or intern. Apparently it didn't rattle the doctors confidence when reviewing tests results, and one result caused her to blurt out, "That's not possible!" Her next statement was, "Well, we'll re-run that test the day of surgery before we begin." I was very lucky to receive highly qualified counsel from one of our members here, who wasn't too impressed, either. First meeting with new doctor scheduled for 28Feb.
  2. Housekeeping. When it gets big/popular enough to justify it's own forum, we'll consider it then. Thx.
  3. 40mm? Do you by any chance mean 40S&W? 40mm would be, well, 4 times larger.
  4. Please do not cross-post topics in multiple forums. It makes a mess. Thanks.
  5. Please do not cross-post topics in multiple forums. It makes a mess. Thanks.
  6. Unless you can prove it in court, do not post slanderous crap like that again. We all get that you don't like USPSA, Joe. In which case, just leave it alone. Closed.
  7. Strangely enough, his post count just went to zero. Hmmm...
  8. After cleaning up almost 100 bullshit posts you made in an hour, it's not too likely that will ever happen. -Admin
  9. Custom enough for me, I guess. Full custom? Harrison Custom. John does amazing work.
  10. Les Baer and Wilson Combat. Between the two I have about 7.
  11. After the mess you made, don't you want to leave this up a while longer? You know, sort of a Public Service Announcement to other new members? *Be good-natured about the teasing you're currently enduring. Our usual course of action would be to ban you from the Classifieds for a while, or maybe even forever. This is much better.
  12. ^^^ A good answer from somebody who knows.
  13. Yeah. There needs to be a place. This ain't it.
  14. Topic moved to Shotgun - Technical. -Admin
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