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  1. With humble appreciation to Soderquist, I have to disagree. ^^^THIS is the most intelligent, and more importantly, most honorable thing I've read in this thread.
  2. I agree that the second situation moto described would probably warrant a DQ, but until the rulebook is adjusted to allow for that there's just not a lot I could do at that moment to further that result. As has been said many times, it's not a Suggestion Book. We could continue to go back and forth on this ad nauseum, but a more productive course would contacting your Area Director and encouraging it to be discussed at the next board meeting.
  3. You pick a thread asking the same question, that's 1-1/2 years old, with no responses either way, AFTER you made the purchase, and just NOW you're making an attempt at due diligence? I'm not trying to be harsh, but the cart seems to have migrated itself around in front of the horse. I'd cancel the order, do more research, or purchase from a well-known reputable dealer even if it costs a few dollars more.
  4. Old Fourth Distillery. The report you saw may have some facts confused or reversed. O4D ceased all commercial distilling of their key products: gin, vodka and bourbon. They're now only making 'grain alcohol' (95%) and mixing in with aloe vera gel in a 2:1 ratio (2 parts alkyhol to 1 part aloe). So I think the 70% is the level post-mix. BTW, They have not charged a penny for this. It's strictly a free public service. They've now scaled back on making it available to the general public and ae focusing on making it available to First Responders. I think FEMA is also trying to contract some swimming pool sized order with them.
  5. Tell me which ones do. I'll be glad to research it. We don't have a lot of experience with that here.
  6. To love a dog is to learn to cry. The cruelest joke ever played on man was making his life longer than his 4-legged friend. I have no idea who said that. I heard it many years ago, and its truth has stayed with me always.
  7. I truly don't believe Andrew was trolling us with this. It's a legitimate and [obviously] debatable question.
  8. Now that the members who (through their own actions) have brought Forum Moderation upon themselves have expressed their feelings over it, let's get back to the question Brian asked. Thanks...
  9. Letter of the law vs. Spirit of the law... I admit that on a couple occasions, I have (as Moto stated very well) observed a shooter having an "Oh S#!t" moment after firing a shot that I would call an AD, but that the rulebook maybe wouldn't. Those situations didn't strictly fit the rulebook definition, but I called Stop anyway. In those cases I would have a private, quiet talk with the shooter, and most times after a moment of reflection (and letting the adrenaline level drop) they would admit they didn't intend to fire the shot. At that point they weren't asking what rule I would cite. They were declaring themselves Done after examining and absorbing what just happened. All's well that ends well there. Over time, I learned that to be the best RO I could, I needed to back up an action with a rule. Every time. I'm not a fan of the catch-all UGH method. It makes me feel a bit lazy. I have to do better than leaning on the "but not limited to..." phrasing. Was the shooter still under "Make Ready"? I don't think so. Charlie said he felt that "Are You Ready" didn't change that, but unless the shooter gives a negative response (no indication here that he did), we're past that and the associated Load phase. Please know this -- I would desperately want to follow waktasz's advice and "send this clown packing", but I have taken my training to heart and made it my personal standard to have a rule to validate every action of that magnitude. Others may choose differently. ============= *Some of the most shameful behavior I've ever seen in this sport were people who have successfully arbitrated a safety-related DQ and won (often because an incorrect rule was cited), and then felt justified after weaseling their way back in the match. I have totally lost all respect for some folks after they did something that. . .slimey. They should have admitted their fault, put away their gear and grabbed a role of pasters.
  10. Not really. The 'exception' as you call it applies to pistols as well. If the shooter in the OP had been shooting a handgun, yanked it out after loading was complete but before the Start Signal, and started shooting, it's just handled as an early start (provided the conditions of an actual AD are not present).
  11. That's quite a stretch, but no, it's not a procedural. Reset if needed, and restart.
  12. Read the book. Do the work (yourself). Closed.
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