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  1. Thanks for posting. The pictures are truly worth a thousand words. Very enlightening.
  2. Let's remember we're here to talk about the rules point(s) raised. Not each other. Thanks...
  3. https://gununiversity.com/firearms-moved-itar-commerce-ccl/
  4. You would think so, but the mention of "low key" does raise the radar.
  5. We can't really say this is what's happening based on the limited information received. BUT, just thinking out loud about how some 'outlaw' L1s might be run. No, those conditions would not be acceptable, regardless of the MDs position. Especially if they want to call it a USPSA match in any way.
  6. A tuxedo target near the ground behind a soft-cover barrel.
  7. Matt, I respectfully disagree. You're making an argument that cheesecloth, and sheets, and screens, and barrels are somehow different when declared as soft-cover. That's not how it works. All of the above as well as plywood, cardboard, Grandma's Crazy Quilt, and other materials can be deemed soft-cover. The nature of the material is irrelevant. Its declaration as soft-cover is not. The rule is clear. If a target is obscured by soft-cover, it must be left whole and intact, regardless of whether it is available elsewhere. ***Lookit, I didn't come to know this by accident. While serving as RM at a very successful and rules compliant state championship, one I had served in the same capacity for a few years, I screwed a contender by making that same mistake. I damn well KNEW I was right in calling the target as shot. . .and not tossing the stage. . .until I learned I was wrong a few days later in an exchange with the then-DNROI John Amidon. Troy-Boy later agreed. I was and am heart stricken for screwing the guy through my ignorance. Thankfully, I later had the opportunity to profusely apologise to that competitor, and he graciously accepted my apology. It hasn't stopped me from feeling like dogsquat, but I know better now. Learn from my shame.
  8. As long as the targets are whole and intact, shooting them through soft-cover barrels (or other barriers) is permitted. Side story: A guy we used to shoot with believed in 'train like you fight'. His match ammo was 210 PF .45ACP loads. He did well with it, too. At a state match once, there was a culvert you had to lean way up into to engage the targets on the other side. He innocently asked is the culvert was hard- or soft-cover. With a smirk, the RO said it was soft-cover, but don't expect to be able to shoot through it. The targets, and his competition, didn't stand a chance.
  9. The complete rule... Cover provided merely to obscure targets is considered soft cover. Shots which have passed through soft cover and which strike a scoring target will score. Shots that have passed through soft cover before hitting a no-shoot will be penalized. All scoring zones on targets hidden by soft cover must be left wholly intact. Targets obscured by soft cover must either be visible through the soft cover or a portion of the affected target(s) must be visible from around or over the soft cover. I see nothing that changes the requirement to leave the zones intact, just because the target will be available from another location or view.
  10. Can't really do this. excerpt from All scoring zones on targets hidden by soft cover must be left wholly intact.
  11. I've heard the answer to that for years. . .they don't sell parts, just guns. (*not talking about mags, or sights, but major components)
  12. It appears from your post that you resolved this. If you're still having trouble, please shoot me a PM. -Admin
  13. Max ain't normal. He's a freak. Thanks for the link. I don't see that as an unreasonable challenge. I wish I'd had the same obstacle to address, (would not have done it so well), but I wasn't there. Shoot, and move on.
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