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  1. Thanks. I hadn't thought of that (I'm obviously right-handed).
  2. I don't mind doors and I think they have a valid place in our sport, provided the prop is constructed properly (meaning, it presents a fair and equitable challenge to each shooter). Just because some people have a problem negotiating that obstacle isn't a valid reason to eliminate them entirely. Doors, stomp pads, swinging bridges, etc. aren't a shooting challenge element any more than say, moving, or reloads on the clock. Neither of those involve firing shots but are accepted as reasonable challenges. What they (doors, stomp pads, swinging bridges, etc.) do is serve as a distraction. Distractions cause a shooter to 'think on their feet', and being a dynamic activity, it adds some spice to the challenge. If we eliminate everything that isn't actually a shooting challenge (acquire, aim, press, fire) what's left? Bullseye?
  3. Thanks for dragging this back up, Kyle. Lots of good memories in there. I just re-read the entire thing, and I'm laughing and crying at the same time. Lots of folks have asked how the TSCR name came about... John (Singlestack) and his wife Debi were somewhere shooting a match. They were people-watching and eating the lunch they had brought when Debi asked about all the fancy shirts people were wearing. John explained that a lot of them were (or wanted to be) members of one team or another. She asked why they weren't members of a team, and John said, "I guess we're not good enough." She said that maybe they should start their own team, then. A little while later she wondered out loud what the team name would be. Still chewing, John took another bite of the tasty dessert snack she brought, looked at it, and announced it would be Team Swiss Cake Rolls. I'm truly thankful to have been a part of it. RIP, my good friend. I miss you already.
  4. The third author should have been listed as, "Ol' John Barleycorn".
  5. Team Swiss Cake Rolls. We had more fun than allowed by law. I'm surprised we weren't arrested.
  6. South River Gun Club just ESE of Atlanta certainly has the proper facilities, access to food, lodging, air transportation, etc. to host a Nationals, and was in negotiations to do so about 7-8 years ago. The deal came off the rails due to demands from the host club that didn't fit with USPSA's model. As for props, SR was told a truck with the necessary props would be delivered for the event (I got to read the email exchanges of the negotiations).
  7. This Hate rant has turned into a discussion, which is beyond the bounds of the rules for the Hate Forum. Thus, it must be closed.Please review the Hate Forum Rules:http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=8097[note: this is a generic response]
  8. ima45dv8


    This thread was closed because the content/topic was judged not to be in line with the rules of the Hate Forum. (mostly likely politics or shooting related..which are out of bounds)Please review what you are..ahhh...allowed to hate. :)Hate Forum Rules:https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/8097-hate-forum-guidelines/[note: this is a generic reply]
  9. I'd like to hear more. Is this a single unhappy customer, or. . .? **Having been involved in the GA State match in the past, and knowing a little about the parties involved (the SC, etc.), I'm curious about the overall match experience, good or bad. **Randy isn't just good folks, he's Best Folks. markcurrington had a less than ideal experience. What about the rest of y'all? Feedback is helpful. Good or bad. Let's hear it.
  10. That is exactly why CYC was designed with a 5 round requirement. Maybe it should have been named, "Can You Count and Think On The Fly".
  11. Next time I talk to him I'll ask. Maybe it was part of his purchase records with Dillon.
  12. The biggest advantage I found with the 1050 is that it primes on the downstroke, and to a preset depth. Every other Dillon requires you to complete a full down-then-up cycle with the handle (which minutely pulls your body toward the machine), and then you have to push up on the handle to seat the primer (which minutely pushes your body away from the machine). I know it doesn't sound like much, but I don't really like reloading and do it only as a necessary evil, so I tend to reload lots of ammo during a session. All that pushing away and pulling towards the machine requires your body to continually make corrections, and tires you out sooner than just the single-direction effort of a 1050. Just lean in a little and start pulling handle. Less effort. And knowing that every primer will be set to the same required depth with no extra effort is freakin awesome. My normal rate was about 1,200 rounds/hour, until I added a Mr. Bullet Feeder. It instantly increased by 50% to 1,800/hour. No Lifetime Warranty? That's true. However, a local shooter and kydex bender who runs Talon Tactical (Mike Benedict) got me past that concern when I was considering my first 1050. He said he had RL-1050, serial #3, and after 1,000,000 rounds sent it back to Dillon for a inspection and overhaul. It only cost him ~$250.00. I can live with that.
  13. Best thoughts and warmest wishes for Loren and you.
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