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  1. Y'all remember Brian's No Politics policy? I do. Closed for foolishness.
  2. Send me where dogs go when they die, otherwise, I'm not interested. A Heaven without dogs is no Heaven at all.
  3. So, shoot a G17 and kick their collective asses. Or not. Stop worrying what they can do and just do what you can do. Are you wanting to win against them, or yourself? Shoot your game and see where it falls out.
  4. There's no requirement for them to be vertical. Tilt/cant as you wish.
  5. When I first started getting into Limited, the hardest thing was remembering NOT to dump a mag every time my feet moved. Other than that, stage planning was the biggest adjustment.
  6. So sorry to hear, Eddie. Warmest thoughts for you both.
  7. Unsportsmanlike conduct? For shooting on the move between boxes, and presumably prepared to take a penalty for doing so? How would you, as an RO, support an Unsportsmanlike Conduct call?
  8. Their pre-curved belts are brilliant. I spent over $100 for one and have never felt like I overpaid.
  9. I have no experiences with those makers, but I'd add Milt Sparks to such a list.
  10. Yep, plus about $3,000 worth of period authentic clothing!
  11. Yeah, that would apply to new purchases, but that doesn't take into account all of the grandfathered mags people already had (and created). The BoD's published rationales at the time included the exact reasoning I posted. When the AWB expired in 2004 people started clamoring for a lift on the 10-round restriction (an issued as lively today as ever) thinking that was sole reasoning for the limitation. But that didn't take into account the stated goal of getting the tak-tickle crowd to come out with their Ruger P-95's and such.
  12. It's the closest I've come to forgetting I had one on (at least in the non-leather variety).
  13. If for carry, I've become very fond of my AlienGear IWB.
  14. That's not entirely correct. A big consideration for the 10-round limit in Production was to allow people to grab whatever carry/bedside gun they had and come out to try the sport. Capping the capacity at 10 rounds instead of as-designed capacity meant a 12-round .45 would not be at a significant disadvantage to say, a 17-round Glock G17. OTOH, Limited10 was introduced as a work-around for the legal restrictions at the time, and to allow those shooting Limited with single stack guns a more level playing field.
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