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  1. He was a class act. Passed at 86 years old.
  2. Closed in favor of existing thread. Please don't cross-post topics. It spreads th responses over multiple sub-forums. Thx...
  3. Oh, I've seen them alright. Up close. And you're right. But this is different as it's a stand-alone replacement product that says it's better than the factory assembly. That's historically a no-no with management and they get stressed about employees supporting such claims.
  4. Is Shane still shooting for GLOCK? I found it sorta weird that he was promoting an aftermarket trigger, if he is in fact still their "hired gun". They tend to frown on any employee promoting the idea that ANY part or assembly is 'better' than factory-original.
  5. Saw Mountain at the Fox Theater in Atlanta long ago. A great show.
  6. The post that came up through the trigger guard wasn't a defective design element, but the occasional stupid person would try to box their gun while loaded. In an effort to protect those dummies from themselves, and to reduce the likelihood for frivolous lawsuits resulting from other people's bad decisions, the post was removed. And a lot of people had trouble getting the lid to snap back in place so the hinged covered was brought into play. I actually like the new boxes better.
  7. Fortunately, the rulebook has the same reverse-engineered definition in the glossary. Draw The point at which a handgun is removed or disengaged from the holster so as to allow access to any portion of the interior of the trigger guard.
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