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  1. ima45dv8

    Spam PM from diane125

    His/Her IP address in now blocked (had to setup a range to ban; hope it works!).
  2. ima45dv8

    Guy shot himself during “make ready”.

    Is this thread about ROing shooters, or ordering coffee?
  3. ima45dv8

    Reshoot on this classifier?

  4. ima45dv8

    Rule clarification

    When engaged in stage design, I've always tried to keep this in mind... "You should compel through physical setup (walls, barriers, etc.) rather than command through the Written Stage Briefing". And build in as many options as possible. Let the shooter come up with their own best solution to the problem. That in itself can often be very entertaining. 😊
  5. OK. I give up. Where is South Central Gun Club?
  6. ima45dv8

    Failure to communicate--yet again with TSA

    This Hate rant has turned into a discussion, which is beyond the bounds of the rules for the Hate Forum. Thus, it must be closed.Please review the Hate Forum Rules:http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=8097[note: this is a generic response]
  7. ima45dv8

    Failure to communicate--yet again with TSA

    Sorry, Rick. It's become a conversation. So...
  8. ima45dv8

    Binding/timing issue.

    With the muzzle straight up and the cylinder open push and hold down on the extractor rod. With something like a camel hair brush clean the exposed rod. Try to force the brush up a little where it enters the cylinder. I had a few grains of burnt/un-burnt powder causing very similar symptoms and even though I couldn't see them very well, this knocked them loose and the binding on the cylinder and extractor rod went away. HTH...
  9. ima45dv8

    Match DQ Fair or Not?

    Our safety record in these games is beyond 'pretty damn good' for a reason. We stop people who have exhibited that, for whatever reason, their head isn't fully in it right now. We have to. To allow them to continue would be negligent. We still love 'em. We want them to come back next time after absorbing the magnitude of their actions. But, to allow them to continue shooting that day would invite a level of liability that the organization(s) could not bear.
  10. This is one rule you don't want to screw up. As Chuck pointed out, it applies to all divisions including Open. There's no division to move you to if it's over 2". If it's over you would be shooting for no score.
  11. ima45dv8

    consolidation (also on CZ board)

    Link to same question in CZ forum *Please don't cross-post the same topic in multiple forums. It makes a bit of a mess with different answers scattered about. Thanks...
  12. ima45dv8

    Michael Voigt

    First met him at the last "Run What You Brung" All-in-One Nationals in 2004 at PASA Park. No reentries in other divisions. I have to confess I had an issue with him at that moment and told him, "If you lose the next election by one vote. . .you can thank me." He was so composed, and such a gentleman. He thought over what I had said, smiled, and replied, "Thank you for being part of the electoral process." Hell! He even sent me an email the next week saying the same thing! A class act, indeed... **I learned of Michael's illness a few years ago at work. The small group of us there who knew him were shocked by the news but it was tempered by an admonition to not spread it around. We didn't. I hoped it wasn't true.