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  1. I agree. I've said for almost 20 years that this place is the best acid test for USPSA rules/changes/suggestions. And You are one of the exact reasons I would use to support that statement. I too, saw nothing from the OP rustychev that was ill-intended. He was asking a good question.
  2. Thanks for taking a minute, Mac. I've noticed Jodi hanging out recently, and hoped it might get your attention, too. Don't be a stranger around here. ================== Robert, I can tell you that I helped produce six successful Area 6 matches that were so good because the MD managed it thoroughly and had pulled together a great staff. Any of y'all who remember Cindy's matches know how good she was (still is, at GSSF). AND, one year after a number of reviews of the match book by several people (yeah, I was one of them ), we published a match booklet wi
  3. An email and/or a call to your AD is the right way to make these suggestions. Complaining about it here serves no real purpose, except to maybe get this thread Closed.
  4. An 8-round .45ACP revolver sounds pretty cool. *made in this century, maybe by a company that starts with S and ends with W.
  5. Yeah. I think you maybe answered your own question. You're already bringing a full back-up gun, right, so if you have a bad enough equipment day to need even more spare parts, you may as well start laughing because the gun gods got your a$$ that day! No amount of spare parts will save your match score then, so grin and shoot it out. It's still fun.
  6. If you're going to carry them, then maybe some sort of clear-top tackle tray or camera case. They're small, (mostly) watertight, and you can what you have or need quickly. But you would have to pick out the right one.
  7. I remember something Brian (our host) said long ago. . . If you buy something you are not satisfied with you'll recall the sale price, to the penny, until the day you die. If you buy something you're totally satisfied with, you likely won't remember the price. That has proven true for me. I don't recall the money I spent for my SV, but I never regretted it.
  8. For little while, and once they're stocked it should return to normal-ish. I think prices will lower but not to pre-Covid/whatever levels.
  9. There are springs under pressure. Wear some eye protection.
  10. boat: A hole in the water you throw money into.
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