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  1. Well its now January 2021 and still no 550 case feeder on their website. The wait continues.
  2. Hey Southpaw, will that deflector fit any upper receiver or does it need to be mounted on a 9mm only upper? Thanks.
  3. Great story and great photos. Any chance there are more pictures you can share? Thanks.
  4. Max plans to post later today after a local match or two.
  5. OK. I give up. What the heck is the "fist-fire method"?
  6. I’m finishing up a batch of Eggleston Bullets and so far no problems. I did pickup some local bullets and hope they will be as good.
  7. So far I've tried 147, 124 and 95 gr projectiles. For accuracy, the 95 gr RN lead bullets are great to 100 yards (under 1-3/4"). For load data, try some VV N-320 at a little over 4.0 gr. I get consistent 138 PF loads. This season I hope to give Power Pistol a try. Per the forum, data should be similar to N-320.
  8. Sounds like pretty good customer service.
  9. Perhaps this will help. Its a PDF from the BATF that explains how the Shockwave is (currently) legal by Federal standards. Some states use the same or very similar criteria for making these firearms legal. Mossberg Shockwave-Letter-from-ATF-3-2-17.pdf
  10. I recently traded in my older Chevy for a new GMC. While the older truck had a hard fiberglass shell over the bed, I decided to put a metal/plastic tri-fold on the new truck. Most likely the tri-fold will be enough to stop common crooks but I decided to lock my guns under the rear seat with padlocks and cables. So far so good.
  11. But once you are classified in Production, either your Limited or Production classification may change to reflect which one is higher. The other will to one level lower or better. Say you have an "A" card in Limited, then your first classification in Production will be at least "B" or higher, no matter what percentage the Production classifier is calculated at.
  12. Under Appendix A3: Loaded firearm A firearm having a live round, empty case or dummy round in the chamber or cylinder or having a live or dummy round in a magazine inserted in the firearm. Per Rule 10.5.13 "Having a loaded firearm other than when specifically ordered to by the Range Officer." Dummy rounds are considered ammunition and if they magically appear at the "make ready" command, we are looking at a match DQ.
  13. Has anyone with a PCC ever had problems with ammo detonating when they tried this?
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