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  1. I don't see any dates on the stage. Possibly an older (pre-January) stage?
  2. Texas45 actually sold off his JP PCC to pick up a Sig PCC. Having second thoughts Tom?
  3. I'd also like to see the number of GM's in USPSA.
  4. We have a local club that hosts IDPA/USPSA matches on a monthly basis. Range limits are 50 cal and shotgun slugs. I don't see any reason to not try a 3 gun match. https://saddleriverrange.com/
  5. For me the benefit of an ambi-safety is I like to switch the selector to the "safe" position with my trigger finger. After a while it felt so natural that I've put ambi's on all my AR's. Early last season I gave one of the 60 degree throw safety selectors a try. I quickly put them on all my competition PCC's. I'm a big fan of the Hiperfire triggers so it was an easy decision to try the Hyperfire selector safety when they became available. An excellent safety.
  6. I replaced mine with an industrial strength paper clip. It been in place for several years now. I tried other things (like a small cotter pin) but the trimmed paper clip has worked the best.
  7. If the RM/MD wants to, they can find a "something" to support their position when backed into a corner. A while back I actually wasted my time taking something to arbitration. The MD/RM (who had no RO or CRO credentials) advised he was the final say in the matter. He spent 15+ minutes going through the rulebook unsuccessfully trying to justify his position. I on the other hand quickly found the relevant portion of the book that supported my side. The bottom line he decided that if I wanted to push the issue I would be DQ'd with USPSA Rule 10.6.1 (Unsportsmanlike Conduct).
  8. Since you indicate "subtitles" I suspect you are referring to the Korean made (2003) version of Oldboy. Have you seen the English version with Josh Brolin (2013)? How do they compare?
  9. Throwing ten charges and average should be sufficient unless you are trying to get the bare minimum PF. The closer you shoot for 125 PF minor or 165 PF major, the larger your sample needs to be.
  10. The opposing bays with covered areas in the middle is a good idea. Tables under the covered area would be nice. Sufficient number of bays to handle whatever kind of match you want to hold. Six or so for the monthly matches. Twelve for any kind of major matches. At least a few large bays to allow spread out stages. If possible, orient the bays so that you are not staring directly into the sun early in the morning or late in the evening. Sufficiently high berms on both the end of the bay and both sides. Sufficient drainage so that a little rain does not turn the bays into a mud pit. If you must use Porta Potties, keep them well maintained and clean. Have more than one and spread them around the range. Several scattered well marked Safety Areas each large enough that several shooters can gear up at the same time. Place them where they cannot interfere with active stages. Sufficient parking that is close to the range. Just my thoughts for the perfect range.
  11. But it will not be a USPSA approved target.
  12. If as you say it had a 3/4 hit with a 9mm bullet (~ 0.26") it was on either a defective target or a non-approved target. Per Appendix B-1, the USPSA Target has a 0.20" non-scoring border all around the target.
  13. Working this morning on a fencing project. Start early and shut down as soon as it gets a little hot.
  14. I have not used a set of check weights in years. I match my load to the chrono. Not important to me that 3,3 gr N-320 is not exactly 3,3 grains on someone else scale. Back in the good old days when these things were important to me I had a friend with a scientific scale weigh some change for me. I had good weight measurement on a penney, dime and nickle. Kept them in a small case (should it turn out not all pennies weigh the same).
  15. Its pretty much 100% compatibility between all the models of 550. The only difference I have heard between my early mid-80's Dillon 550 (no letter) and all newer models is mine will require some milling on the frame if I want to add a Dillon case feeder. Through the years I've upgraded to newer versions of powder measures but I believe everything else on mine is original.
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