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  1. That says a lot about the man and his attitude. Go for it and good luck.
  2. Flatland Shooter

    which comp for 9mm PCC ?

    Interesting. I picked up an aluminum blank that's about 3" long. My plans are to drill a single small popple hole and see what happens. If it helps, repeat with a second hole, possibly followed by a third hole. No side ports, just a few holes at 12:00 o'clock. (It will go on a 16"barrel.)
  3. Flatland Shooter

    which comp for 9mm PCC ?

    Put a new Venom comp on my match PCC last week. Its 2.5 ounces llighter than the Miculek style comp I used earlier. I shot it today and discovered the crush washer was not crushed quite enough to keep the comp tight. On the way home I stopped at my practice range to chrono some loads. Since the comp was already loose, I decided to play with it. I ran a bit of everything out of it (98 gr @ 106 to 157 PF and 147 gr @ 121 to 144 PF based on today's readings) with the comp oriented at 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 9 o'clock and even 6 o'clock. Finished off the testing with the comp removed. The dot movement did not change. FWIW, I was using a 5.3 ounce buffer, 12.4 ounce bolt, standard M4 buffer spring with $2.75 worth of quarters. At least to my satisfaction it answered what benefit I am getting from a comp on a 9mm PCC. Other comps may work better.
  4. Flatland Shooter

    Magpul 27 GL9 Magazines - Update

    The magazine body seems to be made of a smoother and harder plastic than the Glock brand magazines. Initially I was sceptical that they would be much smoother on reloads, but once I got one, I found that (at least for me) there is a noticeable improvement. Since most reloads are during classifiers, the 21 rd magazines (I download them to 19 rds) are just about perfect. I do think a slightly longer magazine would be a bit better. At least that's my hope for the 27 rd mag.
  5. Flatland Shooter

    Table starts?

    Took a while for me to find it. Go to around 15:30 for Jerry's demonstration. Thanks.
  6. Flatland Shooter

    Magpul 27 GL9 Magazines - Update

    For PCC reloads I really prefer the Magpul PMAG GL9 mags. The 21 rd mags are nice but I would like a couple of the 27 rd mags to round out the stable. The website still show they will be available in Summer 2018 but so far I've not found one to purchase. Decided to go straight to the source. Here is the (quick) reply from Magpul. Thank you for contacting us. These have not gone in to production as of yet and have not been released. We do have them in the works and are hoping to get them out sometime this year.Thanks again,Amanda  
  7. Flatland Shooter

    Table starts?

    That was fast. Thank you.
  8. Flatland Shooter

    Table starts?

    Can anyone direct me to some videos on retrieving a PCC from a table at the beep? I've added my feeble attempts to my dry fire practice but it just don't seem good. I'm slow, clumsy, just not good. Any pointers would also be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Flatland Shooter

    TIG welding

    A few years back I found a "good welding shop" for an open gun. They assured me they knew what they were doing and would have it finished in no time. It did NOT turn out well. Find a gunsmith.
  10. Flatland Shooter

    Do it yourself feed ramp

    Take a look at the pictures of the ramp found on the Stoner 9mm barrel at MidwayUSA. I think this may be similar to what Max L. did. How does yours compare? https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1018781574/ar-stoner-barrel-ar-15-9mm-luger-lightweight-contour-1-2-28-thread-1-in-10-twist-chrome-moly-melonite
  11. Flatland Shooter

    Whats the new hotness for the 9mm AR Bolt Carrier?

    Looks like the prior owner of the bolt swapped out the pin. Found them on Brownells. https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/bolt-parts/firing-pin-parts/firing-pin-retainers/ar-15-perma-pin-firing-pin-retainer-prod113469.aspx
  12. Flatland Shooter

    Whats the new hotness for the 9mm AR Bolt Carrier?

    I've not taken it apart but it appears to be a roll pin with a head. On the extractor side I can see the pin and on the other side is the head that appears to be about 3/16" in diameter. Will a standard AR cotter pin work as a replacement or do I need the "special" roll pin? Thanks.
  13. Flatland Shooter

    Whats the new hotness for the 9mm AR Bolt Carrier?

    It looks like there may be different versions of the Extreme bolt. Mine has a split pin (roll pin) with a head on it. Something I've not seen before. The diameter of the head is roughly 3/16" in diameter and is recessed into the bolt on the side opposite of the extractor.
  14. Flatland Shooter

    First PCC Build - Feedback Before I Buy

    I have several barrels that require bullets loaded short (pre-PCC PSA and Spinta) and all run well with the 125 gr Blue Bullets RN loaded at 1.100". The Taccom ULW barrel has a generous throating that allows most bullet combination to be loaded long. You should be good for just about any barrel you choose. Just checked the Taccom website. You can buy the complete upper with a ramped barrel. Cheap insurance.
  15. Flatland Shooter

    Best lower?

    I have several of the PSA Gen 2 lowers. On the first one I thought I was going the inexpensive route and just wanted to learn about the 9mm PCC. Although I had built several AR-15's from scratch, I never even saw a 9mm taken apart. So I buy the first PSA and as expected, changed out a few parts (trigger, buffer, mag release) and it worked wonderfully. Due to all the comments that it was a train-wreck waiting to happen, I decided to build a second "backup" gun. The second turned into a third and fourth. Each is just a bit different to test ideas. Bottom line, all are PSA Gen 2's and all run like scalded dogs. The main match gun (my first) now has over 13,000 rds through it. Even though I've had no problems with magazines feeding or dropping when the mag release is hit, the folks at PSA decided to fine tune the lower and came up with the new Gen 3 gun.