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  1. The advantages? I dislike cleaning guns but also realize that a clean gun is a happy gun. The days of running a gun until it fails is OK for plinkers but not for competitors. To pull out the 10/22 bolt, just slip back the top cover and pull the bolt without dropping the stock and the trigger assembly. (Yes, it does come with the removeable cover.) If you plan on shooting Steel Challenge, you will need to run a patch through the barrel every 500 rounds or so. I've not yet ordered one since I'm waiting to see what "upgrades" become available. Not sure the receiver has a hole for the cleaning rod but would like to see one available. Not in a hurry to build another gun but I do want the next gun to be the "right" gun.
  2. After reading all the comments, TaterHead has the very best recommendations on how to proceed. Let the shooter know that the staff messed up and there are no hard feelings toward him.
  3. Especially if you were a Super Senior. Out of 15 competitors, over half (8) were DQ'd.
  4. Have you recently added a new magwell? I have a Palmetto State Armory gun that got snug on several Glock magazines right after adding a magwell. The magwell was an early aluminum version from Brian Miller that locked onto the lower receiver with several setscrews. A little too tight on the setscrews and it soon squeezed down the lower just enough to cause problems.
  5. I have zero experience with them but I saw on the internet this morning that Zinc Point Manufacturing is building new facilities in Huntsville, Texas. Hopefully this is encouraging. At this point I'm good on primers but will keep an eye on them to see how they are doing in the near future.
  6. Yes sir. Its the May/June issue. Hard to believe I actually got an issue early.
  7. I received my latest Dillon Blue Press yesterday. Of some interest is an article by John Kleespies titled "Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCCA) Performance Gains Through Handloading" (page 55 - 57). Its an interesting article documenting the benefits of light loads in PCC shooting. Of special interest is his reference to a new Pacesetting Design Tunable Buffer. The website listed for Pacesetting Design (pacesettingdesign.com) comes up as a dead link. So far no luck locating further information on the company (so far). Has anyone else used this buffer and can give me contact information on the company? Thanks. Bill
  8. Well its now January 2021 and still no 550 case feeder on their website. The wait continues.
  9. Hey Southpaw, will that deflector fit any upper receiver or does it need to be mounted on a 9mm only upper? Thanks.
  10. Great story and great photos. Any chance there are more pictures you can share? Thanks.
  11. Max plans to post later today after a local match or two.
  12. OK. I give up. What the heck is the "fist-fire method"?
  13. I’m finishing up a batch of Eggleston Bullets and so far no problems. I did pickup some local bullets and hope they will be as good.
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