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  1. Flatland Shooter

    Magpul 27 GL9 Magazines - Update

    Looks like the PMAG GL9 27 rd magazines are now headed to the market. https://gatdaily.com/magpuls-gl9-line-adds-27rd-pmag/?trk_msg=V660LQNSN7A49DASE68SJAC8OS&trk_contact=8PC7KIJR5RSIG11SBH177ENI98&trk_module=new&trk_sid=2OGBHV5BJOV7QFBS6FBBUNKGGK Still don't see them in stock with any vendors.
  2. Flatland Shooter

    Mirror adaptation for 550C?

    Do you power this with a battery? battery charger? other?
  3. Flatland Shooter

    Real RNDs / Hour Reloading

    The 550 I got back in the mid-80's is plenty fast for me. Good for 400 - 500 rds per hour. In my case, I come home at Christmas break my freshman year and found a chainsaw, riding mower in the barn and a color tv in the house.
  4. Flatland Shooter

    MBX buffer system

    Curious about where this information came from. I've read that Max L and several others run the Blitzkreig but that's about all I've read about it. I have a 5007 Blitzkreig and so far do not see that much of an improvement over other buffer systems. Tried a almost a half dozen buffer springs with different weight buffers and 9mm loads. Received their stainless steel short stroke cylinder last week but have not yet tried that route. The testing continues.
  5. Flatland Shooter

    Cleaning after loading

    I think the typical reloader only cleans his dies after there is a problem. (Voice of experience.)
  6. Flatland Shooter

    Advice for First Time USPSA Competition

    Last time I shot revolver we had two of us signed up. I took second and he took next to last.
  7. Flatland Shooter

    Belt Magnet OK in PCC?

    Not true. Add a metal key ring to your chamber flag and the magnet is the perfect place to store it during the COF. (One less thing for RO's to complain about.)
  8. Flatland Shooter

    Ruger PC carbine

  9. Flatland Shooter

    18-09 I Miss That Kind of Clarity

    We shot it last month at a local match but not as a classifier (maybe not setup 100% to the WSB). I've practiced a moving forward reload with a PCC but reloading and backing up? Never tried it. I ran 1st string engaging three targets and then reloaded as I moved forward. On the second string I shot the right target and two middle targets. Then a reload, engaged the far left target and moved back. Probably not the best way to do it. Second string was just under 3 seconds slower than the 1st.
  10. Flatland Shooter

    subsonic .22lr & bolt cycling

    Thank you.
  11. Flatland Shooter

    subsonic .22lr & bolt cycling

    What areas of the 10/22 bolt do you polish? Any polishing done on interior of the receiver? Thanks.
  12. Flatland Shooter

    New Magwell from Titan Rocket......

    They now list one for the New Frontier/Joe Bob lowers. https://www.titanrocket.com/product-page/new-frontier-joe-bob-outfitters-magwell Looks like its the same as the PSA PX9 (Gen 3) magwell.
  13. Flatland Shooter

    AR magwells

    Could it be Titan Rocket? https://www.titanrocket.com/product-page/ar-magwell