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  1. Flatland Shooter

    Closing the gap on A class

    If shooting minor means more trigger time, stick with it for now. Just know that to a some extent you are not competitive. Make going major one of your goals. Even shooting minor, with practice, you will get better. At this point you are still "learning to improve" and that should be your goal. When you get a chance, review your past match performance and compare it to those you are chasing. Not looking at the points, compare your times and number of A's and C's. And if you want to expand your math gymnastics, take the Practiscore numbers and score yourself at major. Where does that leave you in the pack? If you do not see you would have moved up in the standings, then going major would not help much at this time. It will also mean you are shooting mostly A's and not losing many points to C's and D's. Mostly A's is good as long as its not at the expense of time. On the other hand, if you see your position in the rankings move up due to major, it may give you the little extra incentive to start reloading in .40 major.
  2. What barrel and bolt are you pairing these up with?
  3. Flatland Shooter

    Generic Recoil Spring

    Might help if you could share some info on the gun.
  4. Flatland Shooter

    Thinking about PCC, Here is what I have

    Interesting. I had not seen this one before. Do you have any experience with it? Is it reliable?
  5. Flatland Shooter

    121 JHP PCC Load

    Picked up a case MG 121 IFP for shots past 70 yards. Over 3.9 - 4.0 gr N-320 I'm finding them very accurate. But for these long shots its also barrel dependent. PF with a 16" barrel is around 145. For targets at USPSA distances, I shoot a less expensive bullet.
  6. Flatland Shooter

    USPSA & Mark7 get married

    How much did he spend to get it up and running?
  7. Flatland Shooter

    Pistol Caliber Carbines

    If you have a registered lower that you want to use, then the magwell adapter is the way to go. But if not, the price of the high quality adapter is almost as much as a dedicated 9mm lower. Then you will have two complete guns instead of 1-1/2. A fellow shooter was at the range today with one of the new PSA Gen 3 lowers. Did not differ much from the Gen 2 lowers and looked to be functioning nicely. Looks good too.
  8. Flatland Shooter

    Pistol Caliber Carbines

    Well I did install the feedramp in my main PSA 9mm, but that was after over 10,000 trouble free rounds. And I only had problems with one magazine. The other dozen or so mags still fed 100%.
  9. Like Mike said, " I never had feeding issues until I did." My problems started when my main match gun had over 10K rounds on it and one magazine with an extension began to give me fits. The mag was only several months old and not used a whole lot. Since all other mags, including those with extensions, still ran 100%, I assumed it to be a spring problem. After adding the feedramp, problem solved. The spring may be going bad (but I don't think so). Xanatos903 sums it up well. All my 9mm uppers will be outfitted with the ramps in the future. Solve the problem before it ruins a match.
  10. Flatland Shooter

    Thinking about PCC, Here is what I have

    Bring 'em both to a match. You use one and let me play with the other. 👍 From watching a few new shooters with SBRs earlier this year, I highly recommend you use a handstop, I see the AR has one (good for you). I don't know if they were just inexperienced or more accustomed to longer handguards, but they kept trying to grab the gun way too close to the muzzle.
  11. Flatland Shooter

    Looking for a match

    Looking at the map, it appears Thunder Tactical Shooters is the nearest Saturday match. Shot it last weekend and it was 5 or 6 really well thought out stages.
  12. Flatland Shooter

    Looking for a match

    Champion Lake Action Shooting Society Range Address: BAILEY'S HOUSE OF GUNS - 3626 Bluebonnet Dr HOUSTON, TX 77053 Club Contact Information Stephen Jack (832) 512-9594 stephenjack@windstream.net Houston, TX 77053
  13. Flatland Shooter

    Looking for a match

    1st weekend: Kidlat at KellC Ranch (Rosenberg) - Saturdays 2nd weekend: Thunder Tactical Shooters (east of The Woodlands) - Saturdays 3rd weekend: Brazosland at CCC (Navasota) - Sundays 4th weekend: CCC at CCC (Navasota) - Sundays Lots more on the schedule around Houston (especially at KellC). Google Area 59. This weekend, Brazosland. https://practiscore.com/brazosland-pistoleros-may-20th-2018-uspsa/register A falling steel match (non-USPSA) is also the 2nd weekend at CCC. (JP Enterprise Steel)
  14. Flatland Shooter

    MBX Mega Mag Ext. Springs

    Are you seeing the problem with your ULW upper? It has the ramp, right? Had the same problems with the Mini mag extension. MBX indicated the spring should be good for a year under heavy use. Mine was only a few months old and not overly used. Solved the problem with the addition of a Taccom 9mm feed ramp.
  15. Flatland Shooter

    Possible lead poisoning

    Sounds like you had it bad. About 10 years ago I found out my lead levels were elevated during a physical. It had not progressed to the point I was displaying any of the symptoms you noted. Since I was tumbling outdoors and loading only jacketed bullets, we decided it was a poorly ventilated indoor range I was shooting at on a weekly basis. Still reloading but avoiding indoor ranges, my levels have not returned to the old levels. Glad to hear you are on the mend.