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  1. I heartily agree with you excellent post with one minor exception. Be it right or wrong, I do not exert much force on the pistol grip. I find a looser grip helps my trigger control. Pull too hard with the strong hand and my trigger finger loses that delicate touch needed for long shots and the speed needed for fast splits. Like I said, be it right or wrong. But I would like to hear from others how they do it.
  2. To minimize head movement, play with the height of your red dot. I added a 1/2" riser to the bottom of my Cmore. (Initially I made some aluminum spacers each 1/8" thick and stacked them at different heights all the way to 1" before deciding 1/2" was my sweet spot.) In my case it consistently reduced the time it took to go from the belt to first shot. These are an example. (Cmore Railway requires two.) https://www.brownells.com/optics-mounting/rings-mounts-amp-bases/rifle-bases/1-2-2-piece-picatinny-riser-mount-prod104294.aspx
  3. Have you chrono'd that load? Shot with a Taccom ULW barrel? At 3.3 gr N-320 and Xtreme 147 gr RN bullets in a 16" barrel I got a 144 PF.
  4. Its really comes down for what works for you and your equipment. Late 2017/early 2018 I played with 147 gr RN plated bullets. I developed a load that seemed reasonable and made minor. Then I played with different combinations of buffers, springs and bolts. Once I felt I had the perfect setup, I went back to experimenting with the ammo. With the 147 gr bullets I ran everything from 115 to 150+ Power Factors. For most of the 2018 season I ran this bullet with a 144 PF and loved it. Good accuracy, OK recoil and little dot movement. It was hot enough that the bolt did not feel sluggish. Late Fall of last year friends recommended I give some 98gr .380 bullets a try. Again after a bunch of experimenting, I settled on this bullet run at 138 PF. Its now my "go to" load. I did try different weight buffers and bolts as well as different springs but found that (for me) the perfect setup for my 147 gr load was also the perfect setup for the 98 gr bullet. Again, for me its the perfect setup and load. I've allowed several others to shoot my gun and very few liked it. Some felt the recoil needed to be reduced. Others felt that the dot moved too much. Others thought the gun is too heavy (6# 4 ounces), I've only shot one other PCC that "felt" better to me than my gun. Like mine, its a Frankengun but something about that gun just felt better. It was a prop gun in a man-on-man shootoff and I got to shoot a little over 100 rds through it. The owner was gracious enough to answer all my questions but I was not able to "exactly" duplicate that gun and feeling. Can't please everyone so please yourself.
  5. Well maybe not free, but darn close. I did a massive spring cleaning of my garage (a 3 car garage that I've not been able to put a vehicle in for over 18 years) and was surprised how many forgotten gun parts were scattered about. After a while it looked like I might have enough to build a complete AR. Turns out everything was there except a front pivot pin retaining spring (like a $1 part?). Got the Ebay spring yesterday and spent the afternoon putting it all together. Now to take the time to go to the range. And all I need for a 2nd gun is a barrel, gas tube, gas tube pin and a bigger gunsafe. Maybe I should take another look around the garage.
  6. That's something I had not thought about. Back when I bought my safe (around 1995) I was about to buy one with an electronic keypad and lock. A fellow employee told me he had been locked out of his safe for several month when either the lock or the battery failed. Locksmith advised cutting a hole in the safe to get to the contents. Hopefully the electronic locks have improved and some safeguards are in place but it is something to at least read up on. I went non-electronic. It has a mechanical lock that should be serviced every 5 years or so. Instead I just change out the lock and dial myself. Not that hard to do and cheaper than the locksmith service call.
  7. Maybe or maybe not. I'm one of the folks that would assume a door would need to start closed. Hats off to the folks that saw the stage a little bit differently. As for throwing out the stage, all of the competitors could have come up with the same idea. It was shot as the WSB was written so the scores should stand. You would be surprised what competitors can come up with that even the most experience RO's will not pickup on the pre-match walk through. Years back I designed stages for several Level 2 and 3 matches. These were prepared months before the match and reviewed by not only several experienced RO and competitors but also by the NROI. Come match day, there was always someone that invented a better mouse trap. You could scratch your head and ask why we didn't think about it, but by then that's all we can do. Bottom line, design the best stages you can, write a WSB that hopefully will keep the stages fair and equitable and don't be surprised when something like this happens.
  8. Not necessarily so. My PCC with a 14-1/2" JP barrel, Blitz 2007 and JP .308 carbine spring has less dot movement at 138 PF (98 gr Eggleston + 4.6 gr N-320) than it does with a lighter less recoiling load. I've tested a few barely sub-minor loads that are very soft recoiling but I'm getting a bit more dot movement.
  9. Thank you for looking. I rummaged around and also did not find it. (But did come across some other neat stuff.)
  10. Interesting. Is the video available to watch?
  11. There's a whole chapter (10.3) on what constitutes a DQ. Good reading, especially before you get DQ'd.
  12. The Dillon press as designed is very safe. To modify the device may results in unexpected consequences. Best left well enough alone. Always wear safety glasses while reloading. I''ve run my 550 for over 32 years without a single incident of primers going off, but I still will not reload without eye protection.
  13. Have you visited with the club's officers? I would think their insurance would cover your match since its a club function on the club's property that also benefits the club.
  14. I could not make out what the RO said (blame it on old ears and years of loud noises) but looked like possible sweeping his left hand. The dropped gun comments caused a bit of confusion. Thanks.
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