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  1. Glad you've decided to post. As you know, lots of great info on the site. Be sure to contribute when you can.
  2. Nope. It would have been my first M class perecentage classifier if it fell. Remember it well.
  3. When I'd supply the "god" gun, it was a S&W 586 with 122 - 124 PF ammo. Only good reason for me to have a revolver.
  4. As for Level 1 matches, I do feel that if you are running poppers in a classifier, a legal "god" gun ( shooting ammo just under 125 PF) should be available. Just to be fair.
  5. Last time I called for a popper calibration, RO asked "who is shooting 9mm"? One intrepid soul raised his hand but advised his ammo chronos at 145 PF. RO said "good enough" It fell.
  6. Will be interested to hear your results on that combo.
  7. Got mine. Nice brass. Thanks Todd.
  8. This works. Over 30 years without a squib on a 550. As I've gotten older I've upgraded the lights. Now I have one in the center of the press and one just to the left of the press. I position myself so that I see into each case without any additional movement. Pull the handle, look and rotate. For loading rifle cases, I do it a bit differently. Since I cannot see into the case, I have an 8d nail cut off to a 1-1/2" length. After dispensing powder but before placing the bullet, I drop the nail into the case. If it falls all the way to the bottom of the case, no powder. If it only drops a small amount, its got powder. Not really needed but I put a mark on the nail with a magic marker to show approximately the right amount of powder is present. Edited to add - I must be a creature of habit. Even though I've never had a squib, I always bring a squib rod to matches. Never needed it personally but it has helped out a fellow shooter a time or two.
  9. If the buffer system requires a very firm grip (held tightly into the shoulder?) I feel it may not be too good for competition. I keep my PCC setup where it is reliable no matter how its held. A very sharp lean on the weak side may require you fire the shot holding the gun in both hands and the buttstock nowhere near my shoulder (thank you Mister laser). Same with some low ports. Its a total package. Buffer + spring + spacers (if desired) + ammo need to function 100% of the time.
  10. I don't just stand there. I usually give the RO a puzzled look over my shoulder. Seems to be happening a little more often lately.
  11. Transition drills at varied distances in both dryfire and livefire.
  12. I purchased an aluminum frame C-more to go on my Open class shotgun in 3-gun. Not that much heavier than the standard polymer frame model. My thoughts were it might hold up better on a 12 gauge that's getting tossed into a barrel. I was not disappointed. Replaced the polymer frame C-more on my 3-gun pistol for the same reason. To replace the battery on the polymer C-more requires an allen wrench where the aluminum C-more uses thumb screws. A nice feature. I've tried to find thumb screws to use on the polymer frame but it uses an oddball coarse thread. I've never needed to rebody a C-more but if the cost to upgrade to the aluminum body is not too high, I'd go that route.
  13. The Marriott is nice and good restaurants are nearby.
  14. Never shot Rosenberg during a hard rain but it seems to drain well and dry up nicely. Hope it won’t be a problem.
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