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  1. Has anyone with a PCC ever had problems with ammo detonating when they tried this?
  2. Not so. Brownells for one offers the 4# containers of N330. https://www.brownells.com/reloading/powder/rifle-powder/n330-smokeless-powder-1-lb-sku749018466-122995-225068.aspx Same price as N320 and N340.
  3. Shooting Boxes and Fault Lines should be constructed of wooden boards or other suitable material, must be fixed firmly in place, and provide both physical and visual references to competitors. For hard ground surfaces clear of debris, 0.75-inch material is the minimum allowable size. On other range surfaces, such as covered with turf, sand, gravel, wood chips or similar, thicker material which rises at least 1.5 inches above the surface is recommended. The rear fault line does not appear to be in compliance. Did anyone actually have a foot fault on this stage?
  4. Not yet. Someone called the manufacturer and found out delivery may be closer to the end of the year.
  5. I agree but it may be a bad habit to get used to. If I want the hammer back, I do it outside the holster then apply the safety followed by placing the gun in the holster..
  6. The back surgery was an L4/L5 Laminectomy. Took several months to realize I had become faster going right to left versus left to right. Part of my dry fire practice is running different classifiers and so far it seems to work best for me.
  7. I'm right handed and one of the 10% that shoot it right to left. I've been that way since back surgery back in 2015. I agree that the section coordinator should be the one to lower the boom.
  8. Not a big deal as a individual stage but what about the other USPSA shooters at other matches that shot it correctly? Just because someone has "CRO" behind their name does not make them any smarter. To top it off, they actually got two more CROs to agree with the first CRO's faulty interpretation.
  9. I don't see any dates on the stage. Possibly an older (pre-January) stage?
  10. Texas45 actually sold off his JP PCC to pick up a Sig PCC. Having second thoughts Tom?
  11. I'd also like to see the number of GM's in USPSA.
  12. We have a local club that hosts IDPA/USPSA matches on a monthly basis. Range limits are 50 cal and shotgun slugs. I don't see any reason to not try a 3 gun match. https://saddleriverrange.com/
  13. For me the benefit of an ambi-safety is I like to switch the selector to the "safe" position with my trigger finger. After a while it felt so natural that I've put ambi's on all my AR's. Early last season I gave one of the 60 degree throw safety selectors a try. I quickly put them on all my competition PCC's. I'm a big fan of the Hiperfire triggers so it was an easy decision to try the Hyperfire selector safety when they became available. An excellent safety.
  14. I replaced mine with an industrial strength paper clip. It been in place for several years now. I tried other things (like a small cotter pin) but the trimmed paper clip has worked the best.
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