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  1. Flatland Shooter

    JP GMR15

    Not genius, simple math. Genius was walking out the door with an empty gun case telling the little lady I was going to the gun show to sell off a few guns. Then come home with the case loaded with a few new guns and complained that the sorry SOB's wouldn't give me anything for my guns so I brought them home.
  2. Flatland Shooter

    JP GMR15

    If you decide to take our game seriously, the cost of the JP or whatever quality PCC should be a minor consideration. If your gun is not reliable, it will hurt your scores even on stages where it runs 100%. There will always be that little nagging thought in the back of your head "will it or will it not" jam. Now for the big picture (or how you will explain it to your spouse). Many competitors will shoot 1000 rds a month in practice and matches. That breaks down where that $1700 JP PCC cost you 14.2 cents per shot fired. Not bad when you realize that you are spending a dime a round for ammo (my cost to reload 9mm). Shoot the gun for another year and the cost per round continues to go down. Or if you discover PCC is not your game, sell it for close to what you paid for it (its a gun, not a Ford or Chevy, guns don't lose 25% of its value the first time it goes to the range). If you like to tinker (I'm in this group) and can make a PCC run all the time, great. If not, you need to buy a quality PCC that runs. JMHO.
  3. Flatland Shooter

    PCC flatness

    Do you think you might have the same results if you had increased the size of the hole instead of cutting them into one oval shaped port?
  4. Nice thing about the new guys is they do dredge up some pretty good old posts. Give me a Winchester 52 sporter with all the 22LR ammo I can carry (in a half ton pickup) and I'll be a happy camper to the end of (my) time.
  5. Flatland Shooter

    Dry Fire and Live fire drills for the PCC

    Per the Amazon description, this is Ben's book for live fire drills. Since the OP is asking about dryfire drills too, would his book "Dryfire Reloaded" be a better choice? (Actually I'm asking for me too.)
  6. Flatland Shooter

    Faster reloading?

    On "can you count", load up the first mag but reload to a mag with just four rounds in it. First target count your shots, reload, then unload the second mag. Next time you are at the range, count out five shots and check the timer. Then load up just five rounds and fire those into the target. Which is faster? Go with the method that is faster.
  7. Flatland Shooter

    repair pro chrono worth it?

    Buy a new one. You will probably get it sooner.
  8. Flatland Shooter

    PCC Power Factor

    Not if his regular ammo makes the Minor PF floor. I shot a classifier match last year with 133 PF ammo and steel was not falling. After the first stage, if I had hotter ammo with me, I would have used it. Last year I shot 133 PF (147 gr plated RN bullets) but this year I've bumped it up to 145 PF (same bullet) and really like the results.
  9. Flatland Shooter

    Where are all the PCC shooters???

    Be nice and after PCC has taken over USPSA we will still allow the legacy shooters to bring a pistol.
  10. Flatland Shooter

    Have you seen the MEAN Arms Endomag yet?

    If they are looking at the competition market, they will need to get the mag capacity up to 36 rds or so.
  11. Flatland Shooter

    DIY Mad Scientist Lead removal from Comp

    If you are working with stainless steel, a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and peroxide will do a good job of cleaning out the lead. You can also use it on carbon steel but do so with caution. Do not leave it soak for more than 15 minutes. Longer can pit the metal. A lot longer can put holes in it. (The voice of experience.)
  12. Flatland Shooter

    Where are all the PCC shooters???

    Some of the local clubs welcome the PCC competitor while some seem to just tolerate them. At least all of them will allow PCC. Compared to late last year and early this year the growth has slowed down but it seems that maybe a third of new shooters decided to start with carbines. Some of the earlier adopters of PCC will switch back and forth between their old Divisions and the new PCC Division. That also seems to be match dependent. I signed up to shoot a nearby Level 2 match that so far has only a handful of PCC shooters registered but since the Match Director is one of them, I decided to give it a go.
  13. Flatland Shooter

    Cleaning a C-more window

    Went to PCC. That solved the problem.
  14. Flatland Shooter

    New Classifier Percentages

    That's the kind of consistency I would expect from a member of the super squad.
  15. What these classifiers show is that the HHF that jumped a bunch are those that the pistol shooters had to turn and draw. We PCC shooters could pick up a 1/2 second on them right there so the change is no surprise. The one that the HHF went down included a mandatory reload. Again, no surprise. I reviewed my classifier scores back through last Summer. In late Summer and early Fall I shot a few classifiers that included reloads. If we were using the new HHF back then, I would have had my last bump in class a few months earlier than I did.