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  1. I don't do it for skills training, although that's not a bad idea. Especially if you typically compete in a division with optics, but don't use an optic carry gun, etc. My carry gun has a laser grip, but since I don't normally compete with iron sights, I can see why shooting an iron.sight division once in a while could be good training. No I mostly just do it based on if I have enough ammo on hand to shoot whatever division, and how lazy I feel about loading more ammo that night before, or the morning of a local match. Sometimes I might have a gun at the gunsmith, or I haven't zerod my optic, then I'll revert to something else just for a change. But mainly ..... #AlwaysShootOpen
  2. And where does muscle memory come from? Practice!
  3. Best to contact PT directly with questions 1 & 2. They are very responsive with questions via email at info@ptrinity.com. And to your 3rd question, I've had good luck with all kinds of mags... I mainly use old style SV mags in mine, but MBX mags are a great choice too since they are readily available, and generally pre-tuned, although sometimes you need to double check the feed lips, and I always change the guts out for Grams springs/followers. But I've also been able to get STIs gen 2 style mags to work in mine, although I don't have extensive data with the later, just ran a couple mags worth of 9mm through so far. Bottom line is you won't be disappointed in the purchase. I would do it all over again. Yes, I'm a sponsored shooter, and got mine for free, but I may be the biggest fan of this gun. The ability to shoot multiple calibers/divisions is so much fun it's kinda addicting! Haha. I mainly shoot Open in USPSA, but I shoot allot of falling steel or PRO AM style matches where I can shoot 9mm minor, and I like to shoot 9MAJOR in local matches, and then 38 super comp at major matches, and I never have to re-zero my optic. I switch loads and it's always dead on. No other change other than the changing out the barrel between 9/38. It's not for everyone, but for me it's been a dream gun.
  4. Paragunner, I shot this 5 shot group from a rest tonite at practice @ 25 yards. Gun is zero'd @ 15 yards so it's hitting a little high at this distance. For pistol, I prefer a 15 yard zero because in USPSA we generally shoot anywhere from 5-25 yards, so 15 is kinda like a happy medium. For me anyways.
  5. Back to the original question, "what is so special about Honcho barrel system?" The linkless barrel is the key component that makes it so special. The patent pending design to the locking block/barrel is what dampens all the recoil. The barrel only has to drop down a tiny bit to allow the slide to cycle, and the design of the locking block itself makes that cycling action very smooth. Seriously, I've had people shoot the .40 & think it was 9mm. And folks who shoot the 9MAJOR barrel ask if it's really MAJOR? The most impressive part is all of that is accomplished without any popple holes in the barrel. Originally we we're going to add 2 holes in each of the Open barrels, but quickly realized that wasn't necessary. Any of you who already know me, will know that I've never been a fan of popple holes. I think they rob power from the comp, and they cause you to use extra powder in order to achieve the same power factor compared to a gun without holes. The Honcho really is that soft & easy to shoot. You'll just have to try one for yourself to find out what I'm really talking about.
  6. N105 is comparable, but only available in 1 pound cans, and sometimes hard to find, like all VV powders. I've tried AA7 and it's easy to find, cheap, and similar to 3n38. But it is a little dirtier.
  7. Yeah Shooters Connection is where I get replacement pins from. I have lost a few over the years so I keep a few spares in my range bag now.
  8. I like HS6 or Accurate 7. Nothing will ever be as clean as VV powders, but if you want comparable, plenty of gas, and easy to find powder you can't beat HS6 or AA7.
  9. I had a 6 moa RTS2 on my Open gun & recently purchased an 8 moa RTS2 for comparison and found the 8 moa is not only bigger, but much MUCH brighter than the 6 ever was. Tried new batteries, tried cleaning the diode, but always felt like the 6 moa RTS2 wasn't bright enough, especially when shooting in the Southern States (Florida, Texas, etc.).
  10. Please post side by side pics comparing the SRO to C-More when you can. Thanks
  11. They always answer if you call on the phone.
  12. Don't worry about. And don't necessarily assume the grip was improperly fit. Mine broke 3 years ago and the gun still shoots great to this day. I provably have 20-30,000 in it since the tab broke. Not an issue to worry about with metal grips. In fact quite a few shooters don't even bother to put a barrel nut (front grip screw) in newer custom built guns even tho they have the tab.
  13. Yeah that sounds good too. Nothing against the JP or anything, but I'm not very good at tuning stuff like that and had troubles tuning an out of the box ATI (I know now it's not that great) AR9 so I wanted something a little more "factory set", but still sporty while being reliable too, and landed into the MPX. But what I meant was there's lots of good ones out there. I think the guy that finished 3rd at this match (James Gaston) was using an MPX. And last year the match was won by none other than Todd Jarrett also using an MPX (he was on my squad), so there's a pretty good following there to tell someone "I'd stay away from the MPX". Any gun can have problems. I saw JPs have problems too. Nobody is immune to that. But I've only ever had problems with mine until "I" did something wrong (forgetting to put new springs in extended base pads) Put new spring from TTI in and it was just like brand new again.
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