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  1. N105 is comparable, but only available in 1 pound cans, and sometimes hard to find, like all VV powders. I've tried AA7 and it's easy to find, cheap, and similar to 3n38. But it is a little dirtier.
  2. Yeah Shooters Connection is where I get replacement pins from. I have lost a few over the years so I keep a few spares in my range bag now.
  3. I like HS6 or Accurate 7. Nothing will ever be as clean as VV powders, but if you want comparable, plenty of gas, and easy to find powder you can't beat HS6 or AA7.
  4. I had a 6 moa RTS2 on my Open gun & recently purchased an 8 moa RTS2 for comparison and found the 8 moa is not only bigger, but much MUCH brighter than the 6 ever was. Tried new batteries, tried cleaning the diode, but always felt like the 6 moa RTS2 wasn't bright enough, especially when shooting in the Southern States (Florida, Texas, etc.).
  5. Please post side by side pics comparing the SRO to C-More when you can. Thanks
  6. They always answer if you call on the phone.
  7. Don't worry about. And don't necessarily assume the grip was improperly fit. Mine broke 3 years ago and the gun still shoots great to this day. I provably have 20-30,000 in it since the tab broke. Not an issue to worry about with metal grips. In fact quite a few shooters don't even bother to put a barrel nut (front grip screw) in newer custom built guns even tho they have the tab.
  8. Yeah that sounds good too. Nothing against the JP or anything, but I'm not very good at tuning stuff like that and had troubles tuning an out of the box ATI (I know now it's not that great) AR9 so I wanted something a little more "factory set", but still sporty while being reliable too, and landed into the MPX. But what I meant was there's lots of good ones out there. I think the guy that finished 3rd at this match (James Gaston) was using an MPX. And last year the match was won by none other than Todd Jarrett also using an MPX (he was on my squad), so there's a pretty good following there to tell someone "I'd stay away from the MPX". Any gun can have problems. I saw JPs have problems too. Nobody is immune to that. But I've only ever had problems with mine until "I" did something wrong (forgetting to put new springs in extended base pads) Put new spring from TTI in and it was just like brand new again.
  9. I meant in the overall dimensions. There's no reason a standard 2011 magwell shouldn't fit without modifying it. Unless it's a proprietary design magwell such as Infinity or Cheely.
  10. That's odd. I've got over 10k through my MPX and it runs like a champ. Just finished 4th place at the JP Midwest Championship in Indiana last weekend. That says more about thethe MPX than it does me, since I only shoot PCC once or twice a year. Saw lots of other guns have malfs during the 13 stages but not mine.
  11. Yeah there's been no change to the EVOs since their inception.
  12. Looks allot like yours, except I only shoot PCC one or two matches a year, so I haven't replaced my rings or my firing pin yet. I had a firing pin break last year and Sig replaced it at no cost. I do clean it after every practice or local/major match, and I always clean the gas valve & tappet. So yeah I think keeping it clean is a big part of making it run reliably.
  13. I understand everyone is different, and there will always be anomalies among different platforms, but I've never NOT seen an MPX run well. I've been shooting an MPX Gen2 for going on 3 years, and it's been flawless. I run 135 PF reloads with CMJ type bullets, and mixed range brass. No issues as long as you keep it clean, which isn't really any harder than a standard AR to clean. And replace the mag springs once or twice a year. Last year at the JP AREA 5 match I was squadded with Todd Jarrett and we were both running MPXs. Lots of other shooters had at least 1 or 2 jams at some point during the match, but not our MPXs. Flawless. Long story short, Todd won the whole match & I came in 3rd right behind Max Leograndis.
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