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  1. Oops. Just did a search and found my answer.
  2. Yes. -Chet Some close-up pics, as requested: -Chet
  3. I did some repairs/maintenance on all my presses the other night and finally added the spent primer upgrade that so many (read: shred) have evangelized about here. Wow! What a fool I've been for waiting so long! No more painful spent primers digging into my bare feet when I reload. Thanks, y'all!! -Chet
  4. Shooter-Monkey! Great to see you here (finally).

  5. I don't think CSEMARTIN was the patient diagnosed with cancer, I believe he was the doctor making the diagnosis. -Chet
  6. Dood! SWEET avatar!


  7. Holy cow, this one is legit. You can actually find the application and match info on the IDPA website. it was ???.....holy cow ..IT WAS...to late to plan it out................ Bummer. You may have already won! -Chet
  8. Bulk powder, primers and bullets are kept in the grey metal cabinets beneath the presses. Primers and powder for loading are on the shelves behind the presses. Bullets for loading are in the KISSs. The sloped countertops is for the sole purpose of keeping spilt powder off of the work area. Dave hates cleaning up the powder that inevitably spills (especially with 9mm Major loads), so this is his practical solution. -Chet
  9. More: This last image is the 50 yard gun range outside the reloading room's back door. -Chet
  10. I'm stuck at Dawson's in a crazy rain/thunder storm with my Jeep and no top. So... Here's some pictures I just took of his New and Improved reloading room: -Chet
  11. Hmm... I, too, use an Olympus camera but have never used the software that came with it. I do PPI changes in Adobe Photoshop. I realize that it's an expensive application, but it's my most used tool at work so I'm 100% comfortable in it (for many other tasks than resolution changes). I wish I could offer more specific answers based on your Olympus software, but I'm just not familiar with it. -Chet
  12. The photo has to be hosted on a web server. For example, the picture below is hosted on my business web site at http://www.austindigital.biz/Polo/Lobsters.jpg. When posting a message on the forums, just click on that little button that looks like a tree. It opens a window where you can enter the picture's web address. I hope this helps. -Chet
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