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  1. A number of gun-related items were left on stage six at the 2013 SureFire/STI Texas State MultiGun Championships. If you're missing something from the match, contact me via email and describe what it is that you lost and any identifying marks on the item(s) and I will get it/them returned to you. -Chet cpolo@austin.rr.com
  2. I am running the C-More Railway. I like it for the familiarity aspect in that it's what I have on my pistols.
  3. DJPoLo


    Let her go. Find someone new and better. I've never worked a job I hated. I've never kept a relationship where we couldn't each do anything we wanted. You get one chance at life. Make it the best it can be. -Chet
  4. Dawson Precision sells a nifty kit and video so you can do the job yourself. -Chet
  5. Despite our best efforts, he STILL managed to win Steel Master! -Chet
  6. So, if someone signs up for three divisions (which is encouraged in the application form), will the competitor shoot all three on Sunday? And will that be all eight stages in one division and then all eight in your second division and then all eight in your third? I'm just trying to figure out the logistics of how this is possible... -Chet
  7. I just ran out of Dillo Dust this week. Looks like I need to by another mount from LaRue! I don't need another mount, but I sure do needs me some Dillo Dust! I like it on pork ribs and beer can chicken. It's the best pre-made dry rub I've found yet. -Chet
  8. Hi, I'll be visiting the Houston area this weekend and would like to shoot the Steel Challenge match in Friendswood on Sunday. Looking to share a ride with someone from the North Houston/Aldine area. Will gladly offer gas, coffee or grip tape. -Chet
  9. DJPoLo

    I Pad

    The iPad will never run Adobe Flash (according to Steve Jobs). -Chet
  10. I watched the preview too. I was supprised how much the scope/mount bounced in recoil. I wonder if Johnny has seen highspeed video of the gun being fired. I was thinking the same thing watching the movement in the optic and mount it seemed to bounce all over the place. I would like to see others in slow mo, other platforms also. It would be interesting to see how solid some of the mounts actually are. They all bounce around and wiggle like that. Check out Shred's videos on YouTube. -Chet
  11. Would this be Bianchi Cup style stuff? Yes. NRA Action Pistol = Bianchi Cup. -Chet
  12. DJPoLo

    Jazz apples

    My daughter picked out some Jazz apples at the store last week. We had never heard of them. From bite number one we were sold. Fantastic! -Chet
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