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  1. Are the non-Legion P320 coming with the same taped holes for RMR sights?
  2. You are searching for a solution to a problem that does not exist
  3. Confirmed, mine is Satin
  4. Can’t remember, definitely not matte, I believe satin. I might be able to track down the paper tomorrow, if I can find it I will confirm
  5. Black ION Bond. I liked the idea of other colors, but the black is the hardest and most durable of the finishes
  6. zhunter

    P-09 Optics Ready???

    Stuart, do you guys mill the P-09 slide for a direct mounted optic?
  7. http://clubcustomguns.com Great job and quick turnaround
  8. zhunter

    P-09 Optics Ready???

    I am not looking to compete with it, I use a P320 Legion in CO, I am looking to put a dot on my carry gun which is a P-09
  9. zhunter

    P-09 Optics Ready???

    I see there is a P-10 OR, but why no P-09 as it is a much better competition platform? If there is a P-09 Optics Ready can anyone point me in the right direction?
  10. I Legion slide showed excessive wear after only a month of dryfire, so I sent it to get a DLC coating ($100) and from past experiences with DLC coated guns it will not show any wear. Does a slide with the finish worn off shoot different? Nope, but then again I don’t want to have to baby that slide in a humid climate or a rainy match to not get messed up. I have ZERO problem looking at a chewed up magwell as this does not cause any potential long term issues. DLC is a great way to go
  11. I removed my front sight just leave the dovetail empty. What is the need to do anything?
  12. Thinking about getting one, shot a few rounds with a buddies X5 Legion that had one and it seemed nice. Has anyone tried one and not liked it on a X5 platform?
  13. I have shot maybe 30K coated bullets, and have never had a leading problem, matter of fact they have been super clean in my barrels.
  14. Besides the .355 and .356 diameter, are there any differences between brands assuming you are comparing the same diameter? I am wondering if some are better than others for accuracy, or if it is just a buy the best price? I am getting ready to purchase a case or two and trying to find the best deal without giving up accuracy. Are Round Nose any more or less accurate than Conical Nose? I have been a long time coated bullets guy, early days Blue Bullets and then SNS Casting due to my former CZ’s being better with the .356 diameter. I have no loyalty, just looking for the best price/accuracy combo
  15. Change it on your birthday every year and you should be good to go
  16. I have been around for a long time, some on and off, but in total since about 2004. Back in the day there were a lot of high level shooters that shared a LOT of info, over time they gravitated towards monetizing their knowledge on other platforms. Benos is still a great site for gear info and idea exchanging, but it seems the high level shooting stuff has gone by the wayside. It is still there if you want to search for the old stuff, drills and technique are still similar today. Sadly, I can see the end in sight. Ads in the future? I use an Ad Blocking browser so I don’t see ads and I am not tracked for spam stuff so have at it.
  17. I don’t sell things often I posted I would donate if there is a creation of a CO Sub-Forum I don’t want to be a part owner of a highly moderated forum when I have no control and disagree with some moderating guidelines Benos has been an incredible source of information over the years
  18. I am not a GM level hoarder
  19. zhunter

    23+1 wont run

    Just checked all mine in the gauge, and..... It was a perfect fit for all 5
  20. IF ONLY it fit the X5 Legion without needing a mounting plate. I am mounting plate averse Looks like a great product
  21. https://benstoegerproshop.com/sig-sauer-romeo1-pro-6-moa-red-dot-optic-sight/
  22. https://benstoegerproshop.com/sig-sauer-romeo1-pro-3-moa-red-dot-optic-sight/
  23. DPP and Romeo Pro 1 don’t need a plate
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