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  1. Congrats. I'm also new to the PCC game. I settled on a Nordic Components complete rifle since all the part to build on to my several other pistols wasn't an option. I'm really stoked with it so far. But if I was to do it over again, I coul have saved a bunch on just a barrel and stock. I am running same main optic with great success and a Firefield secondary optic at 2 o'clock position. Enjoy the ride, I know I am.
  2. I've been using the techwell with great success. One if the only places to get one one in virtually and brand lower. Fits tight and rather seamlessly.
  3. Thanks again. I got my old acct reinstated. The ”35" had to do with my first limited/limited 10 gun. But soon moved up to an STI Edge. Then a custom 6" STI built out by Cheely in the picture. Then of course an STI Trojan in .40 for SS.
  4. Thanks all. Ya spell check did me wrong on PCC thing. I got divorced and sole custody of my 3 kids. With primers unavailable and the cost of everything else, not to mention the kiddos, it was time to hang it up. I was doing videos b4 it was cool and made cameras on the hat the thing to do!
  5. Getting back to shooting competition...

  6. If I overstepped my boundries I appologize.
  7. Welcome Luis. What sport have you been shooting?
  8. That is some fine looking hardware!
  9. Happy Holidays to all- I am working and the wife and kids are up in CO visiting family. Something wrong with this picture.
  10. WTG Nemo! Wish I had been as successful this weekend...
  11. Thanks Nemo, I am honored to join a great bunch of folks.
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