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  1. Polish the inside of the measure...the cast part’s surface is rough. Certainly helped out my measures. Some folks report improved consistency with an aftermarket powder baffle. Spherical powder like TAC dropped with improved accuracy after I polished mine. Still would vary .3 at times. How hard you run the machine matters as well. If you care about accurate powder throws, you have to slow down. As an aside, I rigged a Hornady powder measure with their case activation accessory to throw extruded rifle powder. ETA - Google precision ammo loading on a Dillon or similar. Quite a few detail forum threads out there...
  2. Middle Man

    Talo Glock

    Most current run (last four years) were equipped with steel Ameriglo night sights. TALO wholsalers had Glock produce them in Gen 4 17's and 19's (supplies of which have been exhausted at wholesale). TALO G42 and G43 models also come with Ameriglo sights, G43's are widely available. http://www.taloinc.com/glock-firearms/gen-4-glo-pro-model-19-17 http://www.taloinc.com/glock-firearms/glock-43-glopro
  3. Depends on the brand...40gr lead 550 bulk pack versus 325 pack of CCI Mini-mags perhaps?
  4. FYI - a very, very small number of 5" PC 986's were delivered last week.
  5. Compensator and a trigger are easy, basic improvements. Dig the Kryptec camo... Try moving your Magpul AFG out to the end of the handguard. Driving your rifle with your support hand out at the muzzle gives you more leverage, range of motion, and control. You'll have better, smoother transitions with pracitice.
  6. No way a retailer can give y'all a firm delivery time. Trust me on this...be patient.
  7. Word on the street is they lost the distributorship I'm planning on going in to a couple local shops to see what they can come up with. Not a rumor...S&W and VF Grace have parted company.
  8. Yep, the Burris price point is much more attractive and doublessly aimed at competing the Vortex and mid range Leupold products. Burris is able to pull/share engineering and developement with Steiner...
  9. Precision rifle matches appear to fall more along the lines of outlaw type matches with each match director constructing rules and shooting challenges in any form they choose. Bolt or gas? Depends in the match and the challenges they present. We saw several 3gun shooters do quite well locally running gas guns in 223 and 6.5 Grendel back in November. Biggest thing is to know the dope for a given rifle/cartridge/scope combo...
  10. No locktite on hex nuts. Torque for the hex nut pic rail fasteners is generally 65in-lb. 8-32 screws holding the rings around the scope tube, most mfgs spec 35in-lb Smaller the the fasterner, the less torque...says the guy that's broken three screws lately ETA: I've read guidelines that recommend lowering the amount of torque applied when using a threadlocking liquid compound.
  11. Yep, the shooters finishing in the top twenty in precision matches are shooting 6.5 and 6mm rounds. Easiest route would be 6.5 Creedmoor. You have factory match ammo from Hornady as well as factory brass so no laborious forming. But everyone needs a 308...
  12. Both models are standard Performance Center offerings. All S&W distributors will have the opportunity to order these models.
  13. CA list is a revenuers racket...manufacturers pay yearly fees, plus the cost of at least four test samples. Each and every model variantion has to be tested and fees paid (even if the model only has a different cosmetics). Hence, fewer and few new models get listed in CA. Unless the model has a wide, large potential market the costs involved are not neccessarily justifiable from a manufacturer's perspective. Glock has not paid (and doubtly will pay) for Gen 4 guns to be listed.
  14. Appear to be standard Performance Center production... SMIT PC 986 9mm 5" S MFG # 178055 SMIT PC 929 9mm 6.5" S MFG # 170341
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