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  1. That is damn sexy! Nickel bottom feeders are butt ugly, but a nickel revolver...wow!
  2. Well, new front is in (0.115 Dawson), lock deleted, Apex hammer/springs/firing pin installed, stoned rebound block etc. Don’t own a working trigger gauge but it feels about half or less what it was. Chamfering is next after I defeat this cold so I can tolerate being in the unheated shop. I leave the toothpaste for its intended purpose and I’m out of Flitz so just the Arkansas stones. Whole job took less than 90 minutes and most of that was making up new ways to string profanity together fighting the stupid lock, whilst not losing the damn spring, again.
  3. At least some 627s are DX fronts. Push them to the rear and tilt the front out. I found a drop of oil in the sight channel helped loosen things up. if the pin is to the front of the sight you have a DX. If it is centered it is pinned.
  4. Figures, I place my order and new things get announced. May have to ping them and see about exchanging, if they are really available now.
  5. The only mass drive hammer I see on the Apex site is for L frame. Unless the description is misleading or I’m missing something.
  6. Just got one myself. Was going to send it to TK, but budget won’t allow for that and the work I plan to do isn’t out of my comfort zone. Mine will get: cylinder chamfer - has some but not quite enough and none under the ejector star Apex hammer, firing pin, and spring kit new front sight immediately and likely a new rear as well smooth up the action. I’ve done a couple others and they came out well lock delete hogue grip - already done May crown the barrel at some point. Mine isn’t even chamfered. Forcing cone is rough like it just came out of the chop saw. Might have to work on that...someday, unless it proves to be an issue. Timing is good, lockup is okay but eventually will deal with that, probably when I replace the trigger and rebound bar on down the road.
  7. I am probably an idiot but am in the process of tooling up for revo. Why? Because I grew up shooting revolvers and enjoy shooting them. And, well, I love a challenge. My uncle used to shoot PPC and showed me that game at around age 12. Took 28 more years for me to find USPSA but it stuck and here I am. Adding an optic won’t do much, IMHO. It won’t bring in any more than it sends away. It’s a wash. I don’t have ICORE or IDPA within reasonable distance to me so the only game is USPSA. I would support adding Revo Optics to CO and can’t see any reason not to. It’s a very simple rule changes and gives folks that want to play that game a place to do it. A lot of us still carry revolvers, at least part of the time and the evolution of the carry gun seems to be to include an optic. I’m old enough now with a decent job that I don’t care about plaques, prizes or whatever. My only competition is myself...do better than I did the last time. Master the discipline because I want to do it, not because of any other reason. And, sadly, as more and more states go down the round limit road the overall game will change. Although apparently the 10 round limit in Canada hasn’t helped Revo out. Maybe Oregon and their five round limit...oh never mind.
  8. Apex kit and look up Yoda trigger job on YouTube. Took me about an hour to do the whole thing going slow and careful and the trigger is phenomenally better.
  9. I agree but so are stock guns from STI and others anymore although those aren’t billed as semi-custom and it isn’t a quality control issue.
  10. Question: For 38 Long Colt, size with 38 special then seat and crimp with 9mm dies or some other combo. For load data start with 9mm and work it up? Joining the wheel gun side shortly and 38 Long Colt has me intrigued. Too many know issues with 929s and not really wanting a 6.5” barrel so headed toward 627pc 5”.
  11. Posting always picks up before Nationals and the various TV shows are driving growth in the shooting sports like never before. All in all, it's great!
  12. Good stuff! Confirms what I have been thinking for the next kitchen faucet. The Price-Pfister that has been in there about 7 years is dying and I can't find parts for it locally. Of course the wife thinks we should replace the cabinets, sink and counter top at the same time. And you can't just put the old dishwasher back in with all the new cabinets... Sigh... Guess I know what she's getting for Christmas.
  13. 5.1.6 just removes the handgun until repaired. A backup gun can be deployed. The competitor is not removed under 5.1.6. The problem is that a shot fired during remediation of a broken gun is still a DQ. You don't get relief under 5.1.6 after the shot is fired. That help?
  14. Always remember that qualifiers like "...I think I saw..." and "...I'm pretty sure..." (and so on) are not part of a DQ call when you are the RO. You must be 100% sure.
  15. SPPL, INAS, Lewiston and Tri-Cities all shoot monthly year-round as nearly as I can recall. Lewiston shoots 1st Sunday (USPSA) and 4th Sunday (Steel - format varies). SPPL and INAS both shoot on Saturday I believe (check to make sure) but I don't recall which weekends. During the winter they shoot indoors. I believe Tri-Cities is 3rd Sunday. Since gas got so damned expensive I haven't been traveling to monthly matches much outside of my home club (Lewiston). And I miss it.
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