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  1. Come on back to the forum, Pharaoh Bender...

  2. This is the happiest part of the year for me: When local matches in Ohio start up again Thank you for having a match in March Conrad!
  3. Sorry I have not been posting here much lately...been trying to perfect my tactical velcro skills;
  4. I have used Berrys, Bayou, BBI and Precision moly-style bullets, and out of all of those I prefer the Bayou. The covering on them is so hard, it is almost as if it is plated. The Bayou bullets are the cleanest in the barrel, as well as the cleanest in the air out of the rest.
  5. Shot a match today...first live rounds that I have shot in over a month. I feel that I did pretty well, but I have two major takeaways from the day: 1) Holy freaking crap I need to be practicing strong/weak hand like my life depends on it! 2) This is the first tobacco free match that I have EVER shot! That's ten years of shooting. I *might* have video...I hope I do...it would be the first time you've probably seen me shoot without a fat chew in my lip.
  6. The more words you use, the more you will get gamed.
  7. ^ You are absolutely right! Actually, there was no incorrect answer. Balance, zen, concentration, having the ability to perceive things that few people can...it all fits. Already half way though January...nothing has really changed routine and ritual-wise...still focusing on dryfire and physical fitness. Spare time has been shifted from perusing the forums to reading scholarly articles and research binders heavier than a bullet order from MG. All of these things in perpetual tandem of wishing away winter.
  8. I will leave you to ascertain the function of posting this video:
  9. I'm certainly utilizing some of that "found" time to extend gun handling at home Corey. It's funny that you mention the backup SP-01...the finish is still so new and unfunked by holster wear and tens of thousands of maligned reloads that I have not given it a proper dryfiring. I need to take an Ativan or two and just bang it up.
  10. Much thanks gents! I add up the money saved each day and tuck it away for something big like Nationals
  11. Still tobacco free after 8 days...today I discovered the extra time that I get in the mornings NOT having to pop in a chew and wait 20 minutes before going to the gym. Might shoot a match this Sunday....15f...hope it's sunny! And wouldn't you know, the 1st darn trigger pull this morning during dryfire broke the trigger return spring. I checked my gun log and the last one broke exactly 1 month ago. It would seem that the spring needs replaced quite often if you do a lot of dryfire. To combat this issue presenting in matches, I will have a MATCH ONLY spring that I will use for...um...matches, then take it out and replace it with a dryfire/livefire/who cares about results club matches spring.
  12. Thanks guys old506, it is still under development, but below is a link to the basic idea:
  13. Happy almost New Year guys and gals! I have not been up to much during my time off: just working out, yoga, and this new shooting workout homicidal program for shooters. I pledged at work that I would be one of the very few to return having lost weight, as opposed to gaining it. The 2012 season was a difficult, but exceptionally valuable season for me. -Finally saw the end of my divorce, and just very recently paid off the remaining balance of "divorce dues" -Began to find the joy in shooting once again...something that was completely lost for far too long -Lost a crap ton of weight -and at the end of the year, COMPLETELY switched platforms. All it all, I got my butt kicked infinitely more than kicking butts, and that is a good thing: It enabled the learning for what needs to happen in 2013. Page break for a picture of myself and soon to be wife during "Christmas Eve" So, what does 2013 have for me? -Moving in to a new home -Beginning ANOTHER PhD program -Getting hitched -Instating a no tolerance for BS in my shooting or shooting surroundings. If you take away from my self image or are corrosive at all, we will not be interacting any further. -Winning matches like it is my job using my knowledge, experience, fitness and desire to excel. On, and I want to be able to flip up like a ninja from start positions that require us laying flat on our backs. I've been working on it, and so far=OUCH! (and plus, I am tobacco free and will NEVER allow myself contact with it EVER again. Not ever NEVER ever! DONE) Happy New Years to you all, and may 2013 be the best year of your life to date
  14. In a worst case scenario, hopefully you have enough mags to get through until the law changes back. If not, our community of shooters is so vast and friendly that I am sure SOMEONE would be happy to lend you their extra gear. For example, given a worst case scenario, I have plenty of CZ and Glock mags that I would be more than happy to loan out.
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