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  1. I am not an expert by any means and my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt but 2 things concern me looking at the pictures. The screw holding the hanger to the belt appear too long. Looks like you might scratch the hell out of your arm. In my experience the more moving part you have on a piece of equipment the more things that can go wrong. If I bought one I would set it up the way I wanted it and loctite everything with the strongest loctite I could get.
  2. Always thinking about improving!

  3. Made "A" class

  4. "honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made" +1.
  5. I made a deal with my wife that if I paint the living room she and I would go clean up the basement so I can get my bench in the house. It's going to be a lot of work but it will be worth it to get my little "Man Cave". It will take a week or so do get started but I'm going to get it done some time this year if it kills me.
  6. Thank you Dan,

    My wives are very supportive of me in this sport.(thank God) I'll see you down there in May. I look forward to making new friends at the Buckeye Challenge. It sounds like a good time.



  7. When you just shot the suspect trying to kill you and you unload and show clear.
  8. I hate having to police this stuff, but I'm seeing more and more of it on the forum. It seems to be slowly snowballing. Wow, Someone else with policing problems. Now you know how I feel Flex.
  9. Shot this Sunday at MRPC. Hit factor of 6.6708 will bring it to about 70%. I guess I need to shoot this one some more.
  10. Wow, lots of space you have there. Nice looking setup.
  11. Very nice set up! I could only dream of such a space.
  12. Top notch shooter. Top notch attitude!

  13. Looks like it's time to look back in this thread and learn how to make a new bench.
  14. This is very cool! I think someone should start a seperate map for ranges along with dates and times of regular matches. If you are traveling this could be a very helpful.
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