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  1. SiG Lady

    Lawn Issues

    I didn't know whether to be scared or amused with this. I ended up being both.
  2. Sometimes people really DO have soul. I've had similar experiences . . . in both directions.
  3. SiG Lady

    Cancer Free

    This gentleman is a good friend of mine and I've kept track of him through treatment and other events. I am SO glad he has survived this process so bravely and gracefully. Congratulations to him entirely!!
  4. Bustelos will take the top of your head off . . . ! Tasty.
  5. We're finally in the throes of one of our traditional in-the-90s July heat waves. I can do without it. We're in BAD need of rain. Probably at least 12 inches behind on the season. Seems like Oregon is no longer Oregon.
  6. Acck! Murphy's Law wins again! For YEARS I saved your Blue Press articles. Years!! Then a couple of months ago tossed them all out (running out of storage space). They're gone. Wouldn't the Blue Press folks have records of this kind of thing . . . ?
  7. Perhaps I should've placed this in the Humor Forum . . . It's almost worth buying just for the bottle.
  8. This is real stuff, available at Macy's. (I also didn't quite know what forum category this should be filed under . . .) The fragrance is called "Wanted."
  9. SiG Lady

    Fun with guns

    Paternity tester! LOL!!!!
  10. Our lovely 70-something temps often don't last too long. It's famous here for going from endless days of 45/50-something (and 30-something nights) to 80-something-and-beyond without too much of that nice 70-something in between. We're right in the midst of that brief 70-something blip on our weather radar, though, as we'd better savor it. I have a cousin in Bloomington, California, and it gets hot and stays hot down there. Not unusual for stretches of 100-something there--I could NEVER live with that.
  11. What Mcfoto said. The month of May in Eugene, Oregon is our orgasmic reward for living here year-round. Trees are virtually dripping with leaf (and getting bigger every year), the rhododendrons and azaleas are in full bloom, temps in the 70s, poofy white clouds in blue skies, and the birds are singing. My, oh My. (The other nice moment here is October, when all those dripping-with-leaf trees do their "turning" thing, with outstanding colors and sudden brisk breezes sending dead leaves skittering across the streets. Just as nice, but different, than spring.) PS--I've been to Prudhoe Bay when it's 20-below.
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