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  1. HPPS upgraded to Palm Tungsten C's. $115 each from this guy's e-bay store. They included upgraded glass and new batteries. These machines are smoking fast. Startup alone is less than a second compared to the 505's 7-10 seconds. Screens are clear and bright!
  2. This seems like an extremely powerful visualization tool. Not only are you visualizing the stage, but you're applying a subconscious ovelay of actual memories/experience to the whole thing. WOW
  3. Where did I mention that this was for a new shooter ? I was responding to a question from Lugnut. If my opinion is just going to be trashed each time then I'm done with this forum. Paul Yes, I was challenging your assumptions, but that does not mean that I meant to trash you or that I want you to stop playing. Quite the opposite. I firmly believe that we all get better if we are willing to challenge each other to more clearly state what we are saying/conveying. Hope you can take my comments in that spirit. Todd
  4. I think it's mental... Try this experiment; While this sport has a massive mental component, it's not JUST mental. A new shooter can't just take his or her first ever shot at a match, go home and picture that draw for the next year and magically come back and shoot a one second draw on a 15 yard plate. Even if your brain may not be able to differentiate between real and imagined, the brain...and the body...must first learn the process and movements otherwise the brain has no way to fill in the myriad missing pieces. While it is theoretically possible for the brain to magically imagine the correct process and physical mechanisms, that doesn't appear to have happened for anyone yet.
  5. Huh? You mean I never have to practice? Why dry fire? Why watch video?
  6. If one never takes the time to get it right in practice, is one practicing or is one just playing?
  7. If the goal is to hit some magical hit factor then you're absolutely right. But, if you're shooting something and you know you're not doing it to the best of your ability, then changing to something else before getting it right might just be running away from a problem. No, I'm not saying that's what you're doing...and I've never seen you run from a problem, so get over it
  8. Don't you still have the 10 - 15 RO's entering scores? All you're doing is duplicating their work AND trying to fix any errors after the fact, right?
  9. Moving, shooting and times on par? Huh? Here's some tough love.... Remember, this was a match that "counted for something", not just a throw away practice match. Shooter A: 476 of 525 stage points in 55.12 seconds, HF of 8.64 Shooter Cha Lee: 323 of 525 stage points in 61.49 seconds, HF of 5.25 or about 61% of Shooter A In other words, to feel like you were shooting on par, you were still 12% slower than Shooter A, had 90 penalties, and had terrible hits. Here's an easy example of what slowing down just 10% (6.5 seconds for the match) could have "gain"ed you: 476 of 525 points in 68 seconds and the Hit Factor goes to 7.0000, that's 81% of Shooter A. That's a 20% difference in percentage and a 33% "gain" over your original hit factor. Now, none of this means I'm saying you should go slow or even care about your times in any way other than to figure out how to see and call every shot as absolutely fast as your eyes/brain can process it...all while moving like a giant Panda.
  10. You were on Squad 3 too? Wish we'd have known. We kept Eric and Brett entertained.
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