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  1. I cut some slots into an RCBS reloading Die box holds 6 or 7 if you really wedge them in depending on basepads from back in the days when open guns were singlestack
  2. And now S&W Performance Center has gotten involved so, if I didn’t already own a partially doctored 10/22 I’d be likely to look into one either a TC or a SWPC TC
  3. Dawson Arms has a video on tuning mags with extensions worth a watch...
  4. Strategic Edge has matches down in Chapel Hill very new shooter friendly Look up “Strategic edge uspsa” on FB Usually 6 stages 150-175 rounds per month.
  5. Did a whole test of this when I got my Fiber optic sight setup with red,green, and black insert shot with and without prescription for me everything went into a 5” group at 25 yards composite and individual overlay targets (per setup red with prescript then fresh over target for red without prescription etc. ) show no noticeable shift now between different shooters that may change also shooting style so we could safely say it is probably a combination so rezero it and run it like you stole it.
  6. I just skip the top most loop on the pouch and it leaves a large enough loop on the tabs to run my belt through on my 5.11 dump pouch when I practice. It has “speed strips” built in like the pouch they show adding this to. For match shooting extra pouches (IFAK) can stay back with the range bag /RO team.
  7. You could trim the rim on a .38 Super a bit also but SC would be an easier donor I believe
  8. It is a bit of trial and error to get it “just right” but it isn’t too critical, I guess you could measure your cardboard and add 19mm to the measurement from barrel hood to chamber mouth. I just trimmed until it worked then seated an old spare BBI head I had (my match ammo is a Falcon coated red bullet) and drilled and sharpie marked to make it as “unique” as possible to avoid confusion with a possible live round Sorry for earlier confusion Paul49
  9. I just cut a .38SuperComp brass down to 9x20.5 or so and made a dummy round (sharpie marked and drilled casebody) with a spare projectile easier than cardboard I just have a stock trigger though.
  10. Paper plates the small ones about 6” diameter get good at hitting them and you have no problem with larger targets you just visualize a 6” plate where you want to hit I have also used various bits of junk mail folded/cut to squares. Business cards for upper A when the range doesn’t like human shaped targets Years ago I used to work retail and they had 4x6” shelf ad signs in various colors check and see if your local auto parts store uses them and at end of ad save them for ya. Ritz crackers(or cheaper store knockoff brand) for new/younger shooters is always fun as well I also cleanup after the match and get the less shot up targets both USPSA and those IPSC “Turtles”
  11. JP has one I believe as Vortex is a Docter footprint ? Looking at going from JPoint to Vortex on my M&P and that is what I found when cross referencing the footprint chart.
  12. I did the TTI set on my 34Gen4 , however I ended up with a Dawson front due to my setup hitting some 5" high at 25 yards. I used Dawsons sight calculator on the website and I am now hitting POI of top of Fiber Optic at 25 Yds. ( about 1 1/2' low) not sure I will shorten or just run it using the front sight like a red dot....Last match seemed to favor using it like a dot. Dawson has the black rear/FO front and a guarantee for a replacement front sight if it doesn't hit where you are pointing and also mentions Gen5 is a different sight ,something about the lockup IIRC. for a fixed rear I really couldn't tell the difference between the offerings and Dawson also has adjustable rears I think
  13. They have that already, its called GSSF so they would need CZSF,S&WSF,CSF,SIGSF and PCCSF to round it out,.. or we could all go USPASSA "United States Practical Air Soft Shooting Association They would have a heart attack if they saw some of the things that got done in the early days of this game..
  14. Thanks for sharing this, I may be adding a CZ75 SP01 to the safe soon and this could come in handy in combination with or pre-cajunizing if I decide to lay up the G34 in Production and then the eventual move to CO ( 48 year old eyes will decide that I guess) This is one of the many reasons I love both the sport and this forum,the willingness to share and or pay forward.
  15. I used a small piece of tubing To keep the white wheel against the snap ring and away from primer housing and plate I have seen others use a small spring or as Sarge said bend/tweak the rod or adjust the housing to pressure the wheel to the right. I also use the JW bearing plate, even put a sharpie dot on the bearing so I can see it spin while I cycle the press ( no particular reason but it does indicate it is moving with the primer slide)
  16. the dot is still same height/lower than an open gun so just run it until you are ready to cut the slide or buy a second top end. Any way you go it will take time and practice both dry and live to get used to any dot system/setup to retrain the grip and recoil control so it tracks back to start point. Much like when you switch from a 1911 to a Glock to a S&W M&P the dot just accents it more as it is a little glowing ball vs a set of sights coming back from recoil
  17. Dawson. You have to read the descriptions because he has several sight heights. (Gen5 sights also as they are slightly different) Usually solid rear and FO front but some glow in the darks as well you can use a black nylon broom bristle in a FO sight if you want all black sight picture. They also offer sight replacement if you put it on and have to adjust impact they will swap out for proper height sight and he even has an online calculator to help with correction.
  18. safety pin and put a small magnet on the top of the funnel to act as a counterweight to help it close when not at the bottom of the cycle.
  19. My G34 in Production Division is sighted for FO dot on at 25 yds. I can hold a 5 1/2” group or so. 125 coated at 134 PF if I miss it’s me.
  20. Burkett reload drills. Some in “Tai Chi” mode(slow and observing) or in reverse sometimes helps as well. Of course weighted with dummy rounds to simulate range day. I would like like to see some measurements between the Glock and S&W well openings stock. Thinking it might be an angular issue as well, sometimes it takes a bit for me to go back and forth from my G34 to my 1911 (with a well) to feel as smooth
  21. I have one on my G40 in 10mm and use Arredondo +5 (the pin from a TTI would hit the screw that mounts the well to the plug,so does the Cain Arms retainer bolt) which give me 20 reloadable. Just remember to see Dawson's video on setting up Glock mags with extensions there is some work to be done at the junction of mag and follower It is one of the few large frame magwells out there.
  22. Bring at least 2 x amount of ammo than match lists my local club is 170-ish so I bring 300 and preloaded magazines sometimes I just toss the whole ammo can in the trunk for practice afterwards (club membership perk) Double up on ears, foam plugs and headset. Depending on weather lots of water and a light snack or two. Show up early to help set up if you can you get to meet and greet and get acclimated while you set up and can get an early view of the stages, also help break down if you can, it is greatly appreciated. Welcome to what may very well be your new addiction Be Safe,Have Fun, and Relax it’s just a game
  23. Rubber fuel line works well depending on screw size and is less likely to collapse vs o rings learned that years ago with a Safariland 007 and a Highlander plate system don’t forget your blue Loctite when you finally get it where you want it
  24. Probably one of those Glock 7's I keep hearing about... think he meant it to go one line lower, check post below in the main subforum: I went ahead and got DQ'd today
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