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  1. Hi Everyone - I wanted to see what options exist or if someone would be willing to (ideally) volunteer a small amount of time to help my daughter progress with USPSA and steel challenge. Background: She's currently 14 and has been shooting steel challenge at local matches for fun since she was 11. She's progressed a lot in my opinion (5 steel targets in 3.21 seconds has been her best so far with a 9mm) and she started doing USPSA last year but we only got 2 matches as we started late in 2019 with USPSA. She definitely liked it and she was totally excited about competitions this year but with the pandemic a lot of matches got cancelled and even though they are starting up again now, we're on the cautious side still (not looking to get into a pandemic debate....) I'm a NRA basic pistol instructor (I mostly did this to teach her proper safety as well as any family/friends so they are getting the standard best practices) so she's good with pistol safety but I'm not an expert at USPSA or Steel Challenge. I was taking her once a week last year during summer to work with a coach on steel challenge which she loved (even though it was 3 hours of driving for me as he was a distance away) and he coached her for free as she was a junior. She thrived on picking up tips and tricks from him and really progressed. Current status: Doing as much dryfire as possible and I even invested in a simulator (smokeless range) that we are both using and she is definitely enjoying the simulator as it's about as close to the real thing as we can comfortably get right now. Request: Looking for a coach who wouldn't mind volunteering a small amount of time each week (maybe 30 minutes) just to check in and offer some suggestions. I understand being in person is ideal, but with the circumstances currently looking to do remote. Technology isn't a problem, I can set up a screen share so they could view the simulator screen as well and have a camera on her so they could observe stance, grip, etc. Looking for someone who has some time to give back and help a junior along so her skills stay sharp and can keep her improving with the fundamentals until things get back to more of a normal situation (hopefully 2021). Even if you read this and you're not that person, maybe you know someone who you could ask? I figured with a world wide group, maybe there is someone out there who would be interested in helping her along. Thank you!
  2. I had purchased some of the henning pro base pads for my shadow 2 but ended up returning them. I bought the red ones, but the red wasn't really a red, more a dark maroon and it just didn't match the cherry red of everything else....you can't shoot good if you don't look good darling...LOL! I'm just going to either 3d print some red base pads or just hit the plastic factory basepads with some cherry red spray paint and call it a day.
  3. Hi, I did a quick search but couldn't find anything directly applicable. Could someone advise as to best way to mount a small IFAK with MOLLE to a DAA competition belt? I see there are malice clips, but not sure if this is best way to go or something like this from WilderTactical: https://wildertactical.com/products/molle-belt-clip-adapter?variant=8684475449450 Thanks!
  4. I was able to finally find someone who had the Rebel 17 and I've been able to make the grips for the Extreme Tumblers Rebel 17 now. Video review here:
  5. Hi, the LGS has one of these: CZ CUSTOM SP-01 SHADOW ORANGE 91764 SP01 However they had it listed as a CZ Shadow 2 Orange, which after looking further, it's clearly not. It is a really sweet gun though. My question is though, can this be used in USPSA/Steel Challenge/IDPA? I was interested in using it for Steel Challenge, but also looking at USPSA in production class. I'm guessing I couldn't use this in production class since it's CZC, is that right? Would it be allowed in IDPA since it's not as heavy as the Shadow 2? Thank you!
  6. The 10” target actually isn’t the best picture to post because I was doing some drills on there that weren’t slow fire now that I think about it. But I’ve noticed when I do use a timer it makes the anticipation worse and therefore shots go lower as seen on 10” target. The 7” target would be a good one to analyze because all of those were slow fire. Sorry for confusion. Also I’m sure it’s not sights. It’s just me anticipating and shooting low. So really just looking for advice on getting over that.
  7. Yes, I know I'm doing this (subconsciously breaking the wrist down), confirmed with ball and dummy drills and my MantisX. I have been gripping hard like you mentioned, but that's not fixing the problem. I still find myself doing it even after much practice. I'm hoping someone who had this same problem can tell me what worked for them...I'm hoping the answer isn't that it's too ingrained in your head and there is no fix...
  8. I hoping someone can offer some advice. I've been practicing a lot with dryfire, .22, and 9mm. The targets I attached are from tonight using a SA XDM 5.25 9mm 10 yards away from the targets. I'm sure that I'm breaking my wrist down during the shot (self diagnosis from ball and dummy drills). I've been working hard to eliminate this but it still persists. When I'm shooting my Ruger 22/45 I can get all center hits and shoot out the red center (minus a flyer or two). During dry fire I'm dead on as well using a laser trainer 9mm cartridge. I'm pretty sure that I am not breaking my wrist down at all with the .22 but with the 9mm you can see where there is a nice group and the paper is missing, it's roughly about 1 to 2" low from bullseye. Can anyone offer some advice or tips on how to fix this? While I'd like all my rounds to go through the same hole, I'll settle for them touching each other or pretty darn close in the bullseye. Also, this is slow fire shooting, taking a second or two to aim and then taking the shot. Is it just more practice and trying to mentally break myself from flinching/anticipating/breaking wrist down? Would getting a heavier gun like a CZ Shadow 2 fix (or mask) the problem because it would be softer shooting? Thank you!
  9. Hi Everyone - I designed and made an accessory for the Thumler's Tumbler Model B to make it easier to carry, especially when it's heavy. It's received great reviews from Thumler's Tumbler Model B users, but I'm curious if it fits the Rebel 17. The Rebel 17 looks to be the same dimensions, but is there someone with a Rebel 17 who is located in the US that would be interested in receiving a free pair to test them out for me and maybe do a review? If someone is interested, please PM me and I'll send you out a pair to review on your Rebel 17. Here's the YouTube link of one guy who likes them a lot and has the Thumler's Tumbler Model B. Thanks!
  10. Hi, joined a little while ago and just doing the official hello now. Getting more active and interested in competitions. Just upgraded from a Lee Turret press to a Dillon 650 to make 9mm faster. Working on Steel Challenge now and looking towards USPSA in the future. I've been reloading for a few years and speaking of which I developed an accessory product for the Thumler's Tumbler Model B to make it easier to carry when it's heavy. I'm not sure if I can post info about it, maybe someone can help me out there. I looked around, but I'm not a big dealer or anything, just a guy who had an idea and makes these himself for now. It kind of falls between a classifieds and dealer thing I guess. Any guidance on how I can make people who use the Thumler's Tumbler Model B aware of these without violating any forum rules? Thanks!
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