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  1. I've been told that Sellier & Bellot ammo runs pretty hot? Almost 1300 fps 115gr which is not bad to shoot for an open gun... Until of course I get my press all setup and ready to go in the meantime I need ammo like asap. Yes, I'm aware or Everglades, Atlanta Arms, etc etc... and finally, it'll be shooting minor for the time being until things are settled it so whats the verdict? Thanks~
  2. Team blue is the ONLY way to go~ and yes you can't go wrong with either choice~
  3. I actually was looking at this Calipers since they're Japanese quality and not some chinese crap~
  4. In need of a good quality calibers, digita also a Chrono... Go! Thanks in advance
  5. For a $65 price difference I went ahead and ordered the Dillon 750 the 650 was on sale for $549 and the 750 for $649, minus the $35 off coupon and free shipping so I went ahead and got the 750 since Dillon will be phasing out the 650...
  6. New to reloading well not new to reloading but I was using a Hornady Lock & Load progressive press in which I want to upgrade to a Dillon, currently undecided between the 650 and the 750, so which one do you guys recommend? Looking to load minor and major ammo in 9mm, however, I've been told that the 750 is so much nicer than the 650 and its basically $100 more extra compared to the 650 press... So what's the verdict? Buy once cry once? or be frugal?
  7. Need to star reloading for major power factor, usually the ammo I purchase comes from Everglades, however. It's pricey so I want to venture of to start loading the ammo myself. What's the best place to purchase a Dillon 750? Also, besides the press what other components are needed to get me on the right track? Thanks~
  8. http://gparms.com Contact Gilbert Perez, a super awesome guy who's now the U.S Distributor for Bul Armory, I just picked up their SAS II UR, super awesome pistol! I almost purchased an STI DVC-O but decided not to after verifying some info with my gunsmith and other experience shooters. I actually canceled my purchase with STI! Not saying that STI is a bad brand of pistol but with todays endless options and custom builders, you can do better!
  9. Any updates on the Teklead major ammo? There website is not operational? Updates please, thanks~
  10. I did contact Hellfire Customs but ??? Anyway, I think I found a solution...
  11. Yup, I know~ Sent the guy a PM about the CK, he hasn't responded
  12. What a beautiful peace of work~ Congrats, what was the damage, cost wise?
  13. I shot for 2 years in USPSA before jumping into a new venture... Shoot more than a few matches, see what others are playing with what spikes your interest don't forget to ask questions, learn from the pros and better shooters than you are. Also, open is not a cheap sport get ready to spend a goog amount of $$$ on a good open quality pistol and do yourself a favor, don't be that guy with an "open glock" 2011 or CZ Czechmate if you want to go the affordable route try to venture into the pre owned market as well. But the best advice would be to shoot as many matches as possible, before taking a dive into the abyss~
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