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  1. How did it become "illegal" in production by a CGW bushing? No one can tell if the bushing is stock or aftermarket so?? Unless of course you tell the R/O checking your firearm
  2. The best way to truly test accuracy is by using a Ransom bench, at longer distances the S2 Orange should outpace the S2 with the 10X bushing. However, I have both platforms and the regular S2 is a bit lighter than the Orange which weighs about 2 more ounces due to the bushing and the fact that the dust cover can't be machined to remove some slide weight. Whereas the regular S2 can.. I shot them both, both perform equally well but at longer distances the Orange wins. One thing is for sure, that 10X bushing does an amazing job comparing to the stock bushing, much, much tighter groups and the
  3. But why? A light is not needed! The pistol was designed to shoot flat as possible especially with all that dusk cover, adding a light will add more uneccessary weight which can hurt transitions and target acquisitions... But whatever makes you happy do it!
  4. Yes, correct.. But many people still do it anyway...
  5. True, nothing is guaranteed and buying/selling online is a gamble. Reputation would be nice or at least "something" to work with, selling 5k primers for $450 seems like too good to be true especially when gunbroker has them listed at $1200+
  6. I wasn't referring to sellers from this forum, but other online sources...
  7. How do you protect yourself from buying from a private seller? Many private sellers are not local so you can't meet face to face. Paying with Zelle/Venmo does not offer buyer protection and most of the sellers are unwilling to use PayPal to protect the end user so how can you move forward and secure a purchase?
  8. I'm so tempted! Like the features of the Apex 10, not that there's anything wrong with the Evo, works beautifully but the Apex 10 has a few more features that strike my interest, anyone else??? Thanks~
  9. Hmmm, Dillon is releasing a ten station system? Ammobot was purchased by Dillon and they have yet to release anything meanwhile everyone else is surpassing them. Love Dillon brand don't get me wrong but they could do a lot, lot better. Luckily for them Dillon has loyal followers.
  10. I used Karls bullet feeder, never had an issue and it worked like a charm. Give a try or contact Karl directly with any question, he's a super nice guy and willing to accomodate just about any customer~
  11. Like I said, maybe Mark7 will do away with the Evo all togethere... But who knows
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