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  1. I know someone that has one, well the guy has the top of the line Mark 7 Revolution and yes it’s more robust, runs smooth as butter, it’s very well made CNC vs Cast parts of the Dillon. More stations, it’s a serious serious machine but at 10k it should be! I’m just interested in the manual one for now. I know that Dillon came out with the 1100 but it’s still a cast made press. Dillon has one thing going, it’s name and reputation but those days are over.
  2. I've been eyeing the MK7 Evolution for quite a while, seems to be more robust, without the kinks etc of the 1050. I've been using the 1050 for a while, tons of mods have been done and there's absolutely nothing wrong with my press. A friend of mine is telling the Mark 7 is a total waste of time and money because it's essentially the same machine as the Dillon besides a few upgrades, probably better CNC etc, etc. Well, it's my money so I can spend it how I please lol. I am not fully sure about his statement but I am looking for some suggestions for those that have made the jump from the 1050 to the Revo? Down the line I am looking to fully automate~ Pros/Cons, regrets, etc etc.. Thanks in advance~
  3. It’s extremely interesting many spend far more than 5k on an open pistol but have a problem spending 5k on a new innovative platform. Sure the Alien MSRP will be 5k but the street price will be far lower than 5k. You’re getting a lot of a gun for the money, optic, etc etc for 5k. Most custom built 2011 you get only the pistol for far more than 5k, 7k+ without optics, mags, etc etc I’m intrigued by the Alien pistol and it will be a nice contender in the Carry Optics division, of course without the magwell installed! Also, a nice contender in the Limited division even though you’re limited to 9mm minor
  4. Curious to know how you can discern the difference between a new Innovative platform and a open pistol? You have stated that this new Alien pistol will not outperform a 2011? Where exactly do you get your facts from? please share!
  5. CZ owns Dan Wesson but it’s nice to see a marriage between the CZ and a 1911 cant wait to see the Dan Wesson DWX. Anyone else?
  6. While helpful, factory specs are not always a good thing. It's a start but not definitive per se. You still have to do your own homework, plunk test, chrono, barrel length velocity numbers to see if you're even making PF. Factory specs is a start though, but I highly suggest you do your personal homework and testing prior to using your ammo... Just my 2 cts!
  7. I use ASP powder, 3.9gr, 1.130 OAL, 125gr bullets from Blue Bullets and I'm yielding 131/133 PF~ I may drop the powder charge to 3.8 to see what will be my PF but I'm happy for now and they run great on my CZ S2 and other pistol platforms..
  8. Thanks, I actually have "some" free time, single, no kids, own my home, work only 8 days a month but those 8 days consist of 24 hrs shifts. I have several hobbies that I'm involved with such as mixed martial arts, pursuing another degree, traveling, riding my motorcycle, shooting, reloading ammo, etc. I guess that I don't want the hassle of doing a mundane thing but I can't truly comment since I've never truly processed brass but I've been leaning towards purchasing a few items to start processing my own brass. Such as a tumbler, media separator, looking at the new Lee APP press to process brass. Personally, I don't like to pick up brass so if I can get 5k to 6k for $100 from a police range than that's worth it for me. Consistency is everything when it comes to shooting open, due the fact that 2011 are finicky but presently I haven't had any issues "knock on wood" with mixed head stamps, I've loaded about 2k rounds thus far with no known issues besides some crappy brass that I was able to remove prior to loading them. Yes, I do have the Dillon 1050, I LOVE that thing!
  9. I shoot open and also minor division in USPSA, I've been told many things about brass such as processed, one head stamp is the only way to go for open. For minor loads you can do mixed headstamps, etc etc and the list goes on. Fully processed brass can cost anywhere to $260 for 5k pieces of brass, ouch! Is it truly that much of a deal to get one head stamp to shoot major? Locally, I can obtain 5k pieces of police range brass for about $100 and I've been seriosuly debating to start doing my own processing due to the fact that spending $260 etc gets pricey in the long run. Today I was fortunate enough that my local guy that sells primers, powders, bullets, etc has brass for sale also so I picked up 5k pieces for $100 from him but he actually gave me more than 5k pieces I dropped the brass off at my friends how to have it cleaned, polished, etc. Personally, I've been given mixed reviews and information... So what's the consensus is it mandatory to use fully processed brass one head stamp to shoot major? Or? I am new to loading so I want to make sure that I am doing the right thing for its applicable purpose, meanwhile keeping cost reasonable... Well, if there's such a thing! Thanks for the guidance and assistance~
  10. So about 3.5gr? I will try some for sure, thanks for the assistance!
  11. ASP provided a load data sheet for ASP powder, however, I don't see any load info on 135gr Extreme bullets, except the 165gr. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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