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  1. Ok, so what's the vote? Seems that many scopes are available these days. However, you get what you paid for holds true over and over again. I've been lurking the pre-owned market, doing lots and lots of research and asking lots and lots of questions because I work hard for my money and at times I risk my life doing my job I need to be careful where I spend it. I'm not as fortunate to have the means to spend 2k and 3k scopes but I definitely don't want to go budget minded and end up spending more at the end. So any good recommendations for a 1-6 or 1-8 scope out there? Let's begin!
  2. Trust me I totally get it~ But when you want something like now, you don't have time to be lurking around. But I'm in the same boat as you are, buy once cry once and be done! I just don't want to charge my American Express card for a 3k+ scope
  3. I was told that Steiner glass quality is pretty amazing for its price point, not sure about the 1-4 magnification though but I was told that this scope has holdovers for 600 yard shots. Lastly, I was told that glass clarity beats out magnification, but what do I know... I'm new to all of this and I'm just trying to purchase a scope without breaking the bank. But it looks like that the happy middle ground is the 1k mark
  4. Need some guidance in selecting a scope for competition shooting, 3-gun. I’m leaning towards these brands, Leupold, Vortex, Steiner, C-More and Athlon, line of products. Good quality supersedes magnification, you can have all the magnification in the world but if you have crappy glass it won’t make a difference. I have a budget in mind, $1000+ give or take. I know this is not a lot of money for a scope but I don’t have the means to purchase 2 or 3k scopes. So here it goes. 1) Steiner P4Xi- 1-4X24 $666.69 this scope has German glass and it’s made here in the USA. Discounted price $499 2) Leupold VX-6HD 1-6X24 $1819.99 MSRP discounted to $1000.99 3) Vortex Razor Vortex Razor HD 2 E MSRP $1999 discounted to $1100 4) C-More C3 scope 1-6X24 $1299 discounts to $800+ 5) Athlon Cronus BTR 1-6X26 ATSR2 SFP IR MOA $989 discounted price So far I have personally seen the Vortex scopes, the Razor and the Viper PST, Razor truly does have an amazing glass and the Viper glass is about 85% close to the Razor. Another one that I love but doesn’t come in 1-6 is the Steiner P4Xi, now this scope glass is truly amazing but it’s only a 1-4 but it has holds for 600 yards. I don’t see myself shooting 600 yards in a 3-gun competition. So far the last 3 I’ve competed has been 300 to 400 yards and I was using a crappy primary arms scope. I haven’t seen the Leupold VX6 but Leupold is another company with amazing quality and superb glass. Another great option is C-More C3 scope but sadly I haven’t personally seen this scope up close and the others such as Athlon I don’t know much about them but my research and reviews many people are happy with their products. Supposedly, both Athlon and Vortex scopes are made in the same company, but what do I know… So here’s my list…. Thanks for the assistance, guidance and suggestions…
  5. I've been eyeing so many options from Vortex Razor HD II E, Vortex Viper PST Gen II, Lucid L7, Atibal 1-8, and C-more C3 scope. For what I noticed is that the Vortex Razor HD is highly rated and used in 3-gun, personally I haven't seen the C-More C3 but I'm intrigued by it, especially with the discount the scope comes out at around $800 and some change, Vortex Razor HD about $1100, and the others are budget minded scopes. Now grant it, I not want to compete with this scope but I would like to use it at night during training in various tactical applications. So what's the verdict or recommendations? Thanks~
  6. The Gen 3 model is actually en route as we speak, I was able to get it at a lower price than Osage County. I paid $1539 and I can't wait to get it, I waited a while before purchasing the MPX didn't want to get their Gen 1 or 2 so once I found did about their newest model and my dealer had it I pulled the trigger on it. I'm already using a CMMG Guard 9 PCC but I've been eyeing this MPX for quite sometime. I'm glad Sig finally upgraded its trigger, made it lighter too and upgraded a few other components. The magazines are not cheap that's for sure!
  7. It could be used in Open and Limited, no? Thanks for the assistance~
  8. Thanks for the heads up~ The G17L seems like a mini rifle pistol with that extra long slide~
  9. Yes, I'm aware of that... My question wasn't about "Production"
  10. I absolutely love my G34 Gen 5 and my 17, but I mainly use my G34 for production and carry optics. The 17 is a back up just in case the G34 malfunctions, but that hasn't happened yet. I've been eyeing for quite some time a G17L, not sure why but I'm seriously intrigued by this beast of a handgun. Curious, and excuse my ignorance but can the G17L be used in the Carry optics division? I've heard, limited and open for sure but what do I know? Also, it seems to me that for some reason the G17L carries more muzzle flip than the G34 and or the 17, not sure if its because of the super lightweight front end or what. I've been doing lots of research on the G17L, it's definitely not a need but a want, but if I do get one I want to maximize it's potential. Plus, they call it Glock's "holy grail" lol. Thanks guys~
  11. Yes for more accurate shots the 2.5 is an ideal option. However, since I have personally never seen a 7.5 I wanted to get some input... Thanks
  12. (Not sure if I'm on the right thread but if I'm not feel free to correct MODS) I'm new to this forum...
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