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  1. At the end of the day it's all about user preference. My vote goes to Sport Pistol, LOVE IT~
  2. My go to powder is AA7, I've tried a few such as SWMP, HS-6, Autocomp, etc etc. AA7 tracks the dot extremely well, with less perceived felt recoil...
  3. Finding primers is like finding gold nuggets at the end of the rainbow these days. I have about 3200 primers left if things don't chage its going to limit not only practice but also competition. I know this topic has been discussed before but will things change anytime soon? Hopefully after 2020? Gunbroker, etc selling primers for a ridicolous amount of money, ammo is being sold at 3 to 4 times the price even from reputable places. Sucks to have all this reloading equipment and not put it to good use~ I refuse to pay $1,600 for 5k primers that's just insane!
  4. You're correct the dot sights much higher on the Honcho open setup than the CZ Shadow 2 and to my mistake I didn't do enough dry fire before jumping into a match thinking that the fundamentals were all the same. Indeed they are but dot height, different ergos, weight made a significant impact on my performance during that match...
  5. I'vce been most stuck with one platform for the most part CO 3 or so years ago I was all over the place, one week I would shoot a Glock, the other a Sig etc until I decided to stick with one platform and progress was made to the point that I didn't see myself going back to other platforms. Fundamentals are just that, fundamentals but each platform is different to a degree, trigger reset, felt recoil, weight, and the list goes on...
  6. Some people work better under pressure whereas others do not~ Many good pointers and advice were already provided, use the advice for your own benefit..
  7. Thanks~! I'm about to sell the DAA holster and stay with the Everglades.... I ordered the MRH, installed it and used it during a match and yes I'll never be going back to DAA and the hassle of buying inserts is a PITA!~
  8. Whats the consensus of switching platforms/Divisions? I normally shoot CO Division and decided to go Open after I got my Class B in CO, but many of my friends and shooting associates keep telling me to just stick to one platform, master it and then later down the line move to a different division. I'm sure the response to my post will vary, but a fellow Production GM, Limited GM's, Class M keep telling to just stick one platform because if I don't then I am not serious about the sport thoughts? My first love is CO Division but shooting Open is FUN AF! But with that being said,
  9. There's a difference between the regular S2 and the S2 Orange. The S2 Orange is hand fitted and with a custom built barrel bushing. Regular S2 is not~ There's a difference! However, you can get a regular S2, get the 10X bushing from CGW, plus upgraded trigger parts, etc and you'll be good to go. I have the regular S2 with the 10X bushing, Cajunized, etc and I also have the S2 Orange. The S2 Orange shoots tighter groups but honestly speaking the regular S2 Blue does very well too. Also consider this. If you ever decide to sell your pistol down the line what holds more value
  10. You can't buy performance without putting in the hard work, dedication and range time. But having expensive guns is kinda cool
  11. Yes, the bushing is made for the Shadow 2 platform. Requires fitting, etc. I had mine done by CGW since my slide was there getting machined for an optic figured why not get the bushing installed as well... Best money spent thus far!
  12. Thanks guys, I purchased the MRH That Safariland 015 is nice too and cheaper... Maybe in the future I'll look into it, now time to sell the DAA Alpha X holster
  13. Funny I was thinking the exact same thing...
  14. Judging from my own personal experience the S2 Blue with the stock factory bushing works very well but if you want to take it to the next level get the Cajun 10X bushing the the groupings will become a LOT tighter! But with that being said, it all boils down to shooting fundamentals and the pistol is just a tool a nice tool at that but I've always said that you can't buy performance. Now I have the S2 Blue with the upgraded 10X bushing and the S2 Orange both super nice pistols and the Orange has a "slight" advantage to the S2 Blue 10X bushing. Personally, I don't think the extra cost of the
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