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  1. Going on 6 months when they quoted me 12 to 14 weeks~ smh! Anyone else? I have to admit, can't wait! Sadly, I haven't loaded any ammo for it due not having an open pistol plus I want to make sure my ammo meets or exceeds PF~ Can't do much without her
  2. Thanks, I finally was able to figure it out... One of the cables was hidden under the motor and I couldn't locate/see the cable. Once the cable was connected problem was solved...
  3. Received the auto drive yesterday, installed it, downloaded the latest software and I still can't get pass the accept/deny screen. I've disabled allow unk sources and it continues to not allow me access to calibrate the press or do anything... Frustrating AF!
  4. Issue resolved, re lubed the rocker and spring... Also, the shell plate was completely lose too, I noticed why too much play and shell plate flex. Upon checking the lock ring it was completely out of specs. By having the shell plate lose the ammo I was makining was not having consistent OAL, amongst other issues. Once I was able to securely tighten the lock ring, most if not all the issues were resolved... Little growing pains I guess... but it came without the shell plate being properly fitted from Mark7 directly so that's odd!
  5. I am not a fan of the mechanical powder drop but for now I'll have to use it... $600 isn't cheap!
  6. Loading blue bullets, 125gr, .356 profile, 3.9gr of ASP powder at 1.130 OAL
  7. Not sure what could be the culprit, but I've uploaded a few videos... Links below! Anyone encounter this issue? If so, ??? Thanks in advance!
  8. I've been using CCI #500 since day one.. But my supplier didn't haven any except Winchester primers and evern since I started using them they don't flow well in my DAA Primer collator and my Mark7 Evo press has crushed quite a few of them. I've never had issues with the primer slide block getting primers stuck in it, etc prior to me using the Winchesters... Also, at the primer station a few primers have been crushed into the primer pocket. Weird! Anyone else? Or am I having bad luck
  9. How does it compare to the none automatic powder measure ? Well, the mechanical powder dropper that is, lol~
  10. Waiting for the Mark7 autodrive to arrive this coming weekend. Curious if the Digital Powder measure pairs well with the auto drive? Thanks!~
  11. Does anyone have any experience with FFB upgraded shell plate for Dillon 1050/1100 or TNT? http://fastandfriendlybrass.com/shop/item.aspx?itemid=95 https://www.tntmunitions.com/reloading/burly-1050-shellplate.html
  12. It’s insanely ridiculous the direction that Dillon is taking... by using cheap pot metal, and other cheapen out parts when it wouldn’t cost most to use the right bolts, screws, springs etc. So much for “team Blue Dillon is the best” and all this none sense. Now I have tap and drill that bolt screw off and find some after market option. No wonder there’s such a huge aftermarket support for mods and accessories for Dillon luckily my Mark7 doesn’t suffer from the same issues as Dillon does... it’s so frustrating!
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