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  1. Both of my CZ S2's are using 9lbs recoil spring with 125gr .356 TC Blue Bullets and 3.9gr of Sport Pistol, prefer 125gr bullet as my happy medium for most applications. While its super soft shooting and flat, the slide tends not move into battery fast enough, seems to be a delay. Viewing a few slow mo video footages, it doesn't go into battery fast enough. The 13 lbs recoil spring tends to dip the muzzle downwards a bit. Haven't tried an 11 or 10lbs springs. What seems to consensus or happy medium for recoil springs? Need to test out the 12, 11 and 10lbs... Figured, I'll i
  2. Thanks for your recommendation, I'm a B Class in CO and lately in my local matches I've been pushing myself hard to get to point A to point B as quickly as possible, gun ready to shoot at the next array of targets. I've also increased the cadence of my shots, and been focusing more on shot calling. At home I try fire and concentrate on draws, reloads, transitions, movement and proper trigger prep/reset, amongst other things. I took Ben class a few months ago, Ben is a genius and a class act. Funny guy too! He asked me if I was a Class A, but I wasn't and he paid me a lot of compliments wi
  3. After doing a few upgrades and changing the handguard to a carbon fiber one I'm still at 7.00 lbs give or take... I'm using the stock foldable stock and it's heavy~ Changing it will reduce some weight for sure~ What's out there?
  4. I love my Sig MPX carbine, great platform shoots like a dream but now I want something lighter I just don't know where to look at or whom..?? Suggestions? Thanks~
  5. Interesting~ Thanks! I may experiment with a few rounds and try it out. I have Evergrlades 147gr for Open Major, they don't even make PF!~ 156PF tops on my PT Honcho Open setup and it doesn't track the dot well either but I think Everglades is using Autocomp powder
  6. I have the DAA Primer Collator, it works but its kinda slow to fill up the primer tube. By the time it fills the tube my automated press is already finishing up 100 primers, so meanwhile the Primer Collator is working I am also using the Vibra Prime, I can load 3 to 4 tubes faster than the P/C does 100 primers... Go figure!
  7. I remember surfing in the caribbean atlantic ocean while listening to Van Halen and Eddie Lee Roth "Jump, Panama" etc etc F*cking legend!
  8. Interesting, coated bullets for testing on a Major open gun? Hmm... Ingriguing... FMJ/JHP for me~ I've tried blue bullets 125grs but I'm afraid of build up so... I stick with what most use~ Which coated bullets are you using? Also, any issues? Also, what major open gun is being used?
  9. Yes, you're correct... However, I am looking for some feedback to try out "if" I decide to load a few rounds for testing purposes~
  10. Would like to get some feedback on 147gr bullets being used for 9mm Major. I've loaded over 15k 124gr JHP PD bullets, however, some major pro shooters are now using 147 instead of 124gr bullets. Don't have any experience with heavier grain weights but I'm curious to learn more. Feedback would be appreciated, thanks! My go to grains are 124/125gr for both minor and major loads~ Lastly, I am using a PT Honcho open gun...
  11. Thanks, I was able to slightly correct the indexing. Dillon informed me that the shellplate indexing is made to smoothly snap into place after the guide pins they also confirmed the new adjustment location. I took the press apart, cleaned it up, lubed it, did some fine tuning and now she's running better~ Also, I purchased a new guide bushing from Immortobot since I am going to eliminate the tool head spring and bushing since the press is automated...
  12. I don't see an index screw adjust on the left side of the Dillon press, it's just an empty hole which is missing a set screw. Reading the RL manual it states that the indexing is adjusted via the eccentric drive which is already set at the factory and it shouldn't require any further adjustment. The shellplate tends to skip/snap into place once the index guide pins come down, this snapping/skipping action spills powder all over the place. The old 1050 had an adjustment screw, not sure about this one since it missing...
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