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  1. Nice! how's it working? and why a spacer since Dillon doesn't use one... I'm curious!
  2. I saw that but I decided to just go this route and try it out... I'll report my findings and upload a video soon!
  3. I've tried using the DAA powder check and Dillon's one, decided to send them back due to them spilling powder. No matter how much I cleaned the plunger it still allowed to spread a lil powder from the casing and that's not acceptable especially if you're loading 9mm Major. Once the powder drop is verified you can from time to time verify powder to make sure your dropping the correct amount. It's a lil more work but it beats having to waste powder all over the place~ and yes the Evo is on another level to be honest and Dillon while an excellent price has been showing it's aged. Sadly, Dillon slightly makes improvement but they have the capital to go all out and totally re-design their press from the ground up. However, I get what Dillon is doing... They're marketing for the affordable press market and quite frankly for the price you can't beat Dillon. But at the end of the day you get what you pay for!
  4. Visited my local Home Depot and picked up 2 pre hardened bolts 1/4-20, did a lil magic and this is what I came up with~ I have yet to fully test it out but so far so good, basically my own Cam Guide Bolt DIY~ Now the question is if the metal of the bolt will be too hard for the primer assembly mechanism, not sure if Dillon has a safety feature for their Cam Guide bolt, causing it to break/snap off when things go wrong. I'll report back the results soon! Photos below..
  5. The MK7 Evo is a hell of a press I own the Dillon RL1100 and the Evo, both automated... While the Dillon is an excellent press, the Evo is vastly superior but with that being said they both have their own unique quirks but once they're dialed in, you'll be golden~ I use the 1100 to process brass and ocassional relaoding, while the Evo is my dedicated press... Here's a short video~
  6. I had the 1050 and upgraded to the RL1100, trust me do yourself a favor go the 1100 route and don't look back! Buy once cry once and be done
  7. I agree with the above, definitely go with the RL~ and don't look back, you can get the MBF later on or buy one from Karl Bibb on Facebook which is a 3D printed one and works well~
  8. Does anyone make an aftermarket cam bolt guide for the Dillon 1050/1100? I believe its part number 12486, however, an upgraded one not a Dillon part..? I'm debating wether to DIY a 1/4-20 bolt myself Thanks~
  9. EGW is the exact same die as the Lee U die only factor is that you'll end up spending more. I contacted EGW and they confirmed that it's basically a rebranded Lee U die
  10. I've been using SP for a while now, one of my favorites 9mm minor powder and it's basically the poors mans N320. I've never or American Select
  11. Thanks, I loaded about 200 rounds at 3.4gr~ Chrono next to see what PF they're making~
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