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  1. A redding expander die may be worth a shot.
  2. I spoke with sales today and the sales rep indicated that it would be the first week in September. Since the 1050 and the 1100 are so close and share many parts, do yall think there will be bugs to work out on the 1100?
  3. I thought the same thing, especially with Carry Optics catching on around the same time. I borrowed one and shot it quite a bit and there was something about it, I dont know it felt really tall in the hands. Youre right, as you progress and become a better shooter the margin of how much the gun impacts the score becomes narrower. I will have to take a look at one at the safety table. I really do like the Gen 4 34, so we shall see. I do wish the magwell on the 34 had a bit more flare. Yall be good this weekend!
  4. I agree with all of you. In the end I think it will have little impact on the results page.
  5. Youre probably right. I have not handled the new Gen 5, is it a let down?
  6. Unfortunately we did not.. It would have been a 34/35 with a set of Sevigny sights, ready to go out of the box.
  7. Do any of you know if Glock has development plans to release a Tungsten infused frame? It seems like an argument could be made that the competition market could be be too narrow/niche for something like this. However Sig and Walther seem to think the space is interesting, who knows the general public may like a little heavier Glock also. I am curious what y'all think.
  8. I recently made the change from only ever shooting limited to CO. My work schedule this year has not allowed for much shooting, so having something new to work on (mainly dryfire) and something to shoot with little to no pressure has been good. I shot my first club match of the year a few weekends ago and I am not sure that I would have finished any better with my limited rig. There are two things I find really interesting about CO, the first, I have many rounds behind a shotgun where you use a target focus, which is very similar to shooting the dot. I was really surprised with how fast you can shoot a steel array, and how much easier swingers become with a dot. The second thing I find interesting is the fact that you can run a stripped down stock gun and still feel absolutely competitive. For some reason its refreshing to run a stock G34 and get back to the basics. It is easy in Limited and Open to get caught up it the rat race of a 2011... These are my simple thoughts anyways...
  9. I recently just bought some AC Zone targets from Red Stitch. I have also had good luck with Carl at GT Targets, super great guy. You may also look at Blue Steel.
  10. Ill tag along with these, not the being a jerk part, but Id be curious to know how your match performance is? Do you find yourself needing 3-5 stages before you're comfortable, and seeing what you need to be seeing? If at matches you are shooting what you would consider your "match ability" out of the gate, then perhaps it does come down to being distracted during the times you have for practice.
  11. I agree with this as well. The micro drills ben lays out have always been helpful.
  12. Dot drills are always good for shooting groups. If I don't have a page of dots, a paster works just as well. What is this doubles drill?
  13. I like an aggressive grip texture. That being said, if you get your initial grip wrong or slightly off, the ability to shift the pistol and make the correction is more difficult.
  14. I have noticed open shooters doing this, but not carry optics shooters as much. I don't know that the extended vs. bent arm is a correlation to the optic or to the comp. I shoot limited primarily and have recently started shooting CO. For me, shooting a limited gun with extended arms gives me a consistent index and sight alignment, and a rigid platform to control the gun. With the CO gun, although the index is important, the optic allows for a pretty generous sight acquisition. The shooting position with the CO gun is also relatively the same, largely to maximize control. In the end, I don't think there is a right or wrong answer for you. If you are posting faster times with more points the answer is clear. If the times and points are roughly the same, make a decision on which is the most consistent.
  15. I start slow for a period of time (time v. reps is easier for me to track and keep consistent), and then do the drill in 1 min increments speeding up each increment. I also like the way ben's books break up the drills into micro drills.
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