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  1. I do love my Glock but.... fancy CZs and tricked out 2011s just seem like they are amazing. I totally understand if people buy a nicer guns because they just enjoy it more
  2. What my title says isn't really a new thing. Most people know that its not the gun that makes people a better shooter. I just shot my 2nd USPSA match this weekend using my stock Glock 34 in Limited. I'm only shooting Limited because I only have 2 mag carriers. Out of 18 other people shooting limited I got 5th place with my minor power factor Glock and I'm really happy with that. I'm very guilty of going on social media and almost drooling over my favorite shooters and their much nicer guns. I always tell myself that I should get one someday. But at both of my matches when I was shooting against people with "better" guns than me I knew that their is no reason to get something nicer because I'm not even close to out shooting my Glock. It almost the only time that I haven't wanted something nicer LOL. All of the mistakes were because of me and I would have shot exactly the same with a different gun. With all of that said I think I crushed it my second match. My first one I took it easy and slow. This one I pushed just a little and I think it paid off. I also took my buddy to his first match and we both had a blast.
  3. What does everyone use for targets? I know I can make a template and cut my own targets out but was wondering what everyone else does. Is their a template that I could buy to make it easier?
  4. Me and my buddies used to shoot every chance we got, at least 4 times a month. I would mix a little dryfire in there as well. Unfortunately for the last two months I've been to busy with overtime and normal family stuff. I knew I was getting a little rusty but I discovered just how bad the other day when we requalified on pistol at work. I was HORRIBLE! Top score is 250 and the lowest I've ever got was 240, which was pretty easy to do. This time however I got a 222 out of 250 and feel like I got lucky at that. Nothing felt right. Worst of all was my grip. I wasn't so upset at the actual score as I was with how foreign my pistol felt in my hand. It made me think back on all of the times that I thought about dryfiring and didn't. A little bit of dry fire every once and a while could have made a huge difference. I felt like posting this because I'm disappointed in myself and maybe somebody will see this and dry fire a little.
  5. thanks for the response. I appreciate it
  6. The op was having to load short because of the bullet profile with the coated rn. The truncated profile should let you load longer because of the bullet profile. It all depends on the barrel chamber and bullet profile on how long you can load.

  7. I've been loading 9mm for a few year but just started competing. In the past I always just started at min and tested till my glocks would run reliable, so I don't really understand why you would need truncated cone bullets and why its beneficial to load longer. if you could help explain that to me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  8. Its was brand new 5 years ago, still a lot of good miles left. Ill wait to get a new one for a couple more years. She wont have a problem with it really, but she works that day so ill have to find a sitter for the baby. Reminds me.... I need to give my sister a call
  9. Thanks guys! I found another match this weekend. I just need to make sure it's ok with my wife
  10. This past weekend I finally shot my first match. It is something I have wanted to do at least 4 years, but kept putting it using different excuses each time. This year I finally had enough, and decided to just do it. I kind of had the feeling like I just needed to get the first one out of the way. My only goal was to not DQ, which I accomplished. I was very nervous the first stage but after that everything was great! It felt like when me and my buddies go to the range. I couldn't believe that I had put it off for so long!!! I used to use the excuse that I didn't have the right gear, but I wasn't going to let it stop me this time. I only have 2 mag carriers so I shot my stock G34 in limited and loaded the mags full. I had no aspirations of placing well at all, but to my surprise I was 7th out of 21 in limited. I couldn't believe it. It did help that I have been shooting with a timer for over a year now and me and my friends will incorporate movement into our shooting often. Since it wasn't my first time doing it I did feel somewhat comfortable. Really I want to make this post to tell all the new shooters to just go do it. Don't put it off any longer. Just take it slow and focus on safety the whole time and you will have fun.
  11. Where at in Kansas? I live in Coffey county. Also, why did you stop shooting years ago?
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