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  1. Thanks for the reply. I think I'll just order up some more Grams kits rather than try to mess with the new guts. Was hoping not to drop that coin, but I will do what I must.
  2. Negative. Let me elaborate. I have and old set of beat up STI gen 1 140mm mags with stock followers, springs, and base pads. The guts are not in the best of shape. When the price of gen 2 mags came down recently, I bought four. I also have four new grams FKS-11 kits. My plan is to take the guts out of the new gen 2 mags, install the grams kits in them, and then use them as my match mags. I was hoping that the brand new guts that came out of the gen 2 mags could be installed in the old gen 1 tubes to breath new life into them. They would make a good practice set.
  3. Hello all, Does anyone know if the newer STI gen 2 follower (.40 S&W) will work in the older STI gen 1 mag tubes?
  4. My club is looking to buy some quality USPSA legal falling steel targets. Besides MGM, anyone have a recommendation for where to get them? Would like to get a couple of quotes.
  5. I completed my NROI re-cert test this past weekend. Worked great. I enjoy the new site.
  6. Bingo! http://loadingdocksupply.com/extruded_dock_bumpers
  7. They do. But I could swear that I came across a cheaper parts retailer at some point. I will definitely get a quote from MGM. Just wondering if there are any other options.
  8. Anyone out there have a resource for replacement parts for poppers and maybe plate racks of the MGM persuasion? My club needs to replace some of the rubber bumpers on the back of our poppers. Plate rack plates are looking rough too. Budget is tight, but don't know where to start.
  9. Most recommend changing the firing pin spring whenever you change the recoil spring. Wolff springs are great. The extra power firing pin spring that comes with their recoil springs are perfect. The more important relationship is the recoil spring and mainspring. I typically recommend a Wolff 17# mainspring. Then you want the lightest recoil spring that will function 100%. Here is a chart from Dawson precision that is a good place to start for recoil spring weights.
  10. I don't know much about the tech specs, but I can tell you that I have two guns with the SVI installed and I really love the the way the sight presents. The sight blade shape is awesome. It is also much more rigid than the typical Kensight/Bomar sights on most other guns. The SVI adjust with a hex key and does not budge otherwise.
  11. As I recall, before the Shadow 2 and Stock 2 craze started, the CZ SP-01 was the jam. Seemed like all of the prod folks were running them. With that in mind, I'd say it is still an awesome option.
  12. No argument there. I agree that if you can see it, you can shoot it. If I see a viable target presentation, I'm going for it. But out of respect for our volunteers, most shooters will not risk destroying prop walls at our club matches. It's one of those range etiquette/curtesy things.
  13. Yes it will be better if fit correctly.
  14. If the RO gave the 'Range is Clear' command it is not a DQ. If the gun fell during the course of fire, prior to the 'Range is Clear' command, it is a DQ. In this case, it sounds like the RO made the right call.
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